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Obama was the secret candidate of the Atlantic Bridge in 2008. The power elite's ace against Hillary Clinton, which apparently was not trusted. Long-term political programs had to be continued with a willing puppet. Obama did not have to do anything for his political career, everything was arranged, funds raised, including fake birth certificates, which were supposedly born in Hawaii in the United States. He became the first black President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize winner, which will go down in history as a farce given the long list of his wars.

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10 years "Nobel Peace Prize" for warmongering Obama 2019, the greatest misjudgment of all times by the Nobel Committee. Under the words: "War is sometimes necessary", he received the prize on December 10th, 2009. He was at war for 2663 days during his presidency, more than any other US president before him.




CIA/ FBI Operation CROSSFIRE-HURRICAN: Obama used intelligence conspiracy theory against Trump!


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It came at a time during the 2016 US presidential campaign when there were serious doubts about the success of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Trump would endanger the continuation of the USA-China NWO plans and, with his America First Agenda, bring the USA back to a purely national economy and turn back globalization, the central project of the power elite.

President Obama then abused the entire state apparatus from the FBI / CIA with the help of the old media network of the Rothschild banking house in order to pin the presidential candidate Trump a bit. An anti Trump-FBi investigation is said to have been approved by Hillary Clinton on a suggestion from one of her foreign policy advisers. Targeted denigrating Donald Trump as a candidate by sparking a scandal alleging his election was "manipulated by Russian hackers". Donald Trump was elected as Obama's successor to the office of US President on November 8, 2016.

Trump promised his constituents to drain the "swamp in Washington" and to expose "Crooked Hillary" as the greatest impostor of all time in the role of presidential candidate with the help of his predecessor Obama. Trump declassified secret documents for the first time, and announced this publicly on Twitter on October 7, 2020.

Trump drops the bomb by publishing secret documents and exposes how corrupt the Obama administration was.

Image Source: Brooke Singman/ Fox News

On September 7th, 2016 ex-FBI boss James Comey (picture) got the order from ex-President Obama to develop the conspiracy theory with the operation "Crossfire Hurrican": "Trump is a Russian doll of Putin". This is a planned diversion from Hillary Clinton's email scandal, which would have exposed her criminal activities in the satanic child pedo network.



The American broadcaster Fox News was the first to receive handwritten notes from former Intelligence Director Brennan, which were made after he informed ex-President Obama of what he had received from CIA material against Trump and that officials would refer the matter to the FBI for investigation .

In the notes of the CIA director (picture) the abbreviations "JC", "Denis" and "Susan" can be found. The notes do not give full names, but "JC" could refer to then FBI Director James Comey, "Susan" could refer to the nat. Security Advisor Susan Rice and "Denis" could mean the then Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

Trump's release of these documents came after National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe handed over newly released information to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

Allies of the president, including Republicans on Capitol Hill, the seat of the U.S. government, who have conducted their own investigations into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, have officials such as FBI director Christopher A. Wray and the CIA director Gina Haspel criticizes that she blocked the publication for a long time in order to help the Democrats and thus hushed up her authorities' own involvement in the crime.

Last year, Attorney General Barr gave Barr the power to release all documents related to the surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016. At the time, he also ordered members of the intelligence community to collaborate with Barr's investigation.

Blackened parts of the documents because of objections from the Counterintelligence Mission Center. For the time being, the documents may not be used in any legal proceedings without prior approval. The Counterintelligence Mission Center (CIMC) is a "component" of the CIA. So a state in the state of the deep state.

Involved in the "CROSSFIRE HURRICANE" operation: Ex FBI chief James B. Comey, Deputy Counterintelligence Director Peter Strzok, Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, CIA Director John Brennan, Ex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ex-US President Barack Obama.

Statements by President Trump about this scandalous case: "I have fully approved the full release of all documents related to the Russia investigation and the FBI investigation into the use of a private email server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Which relates on the greatest political crime in American history ".


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Image Source: Vineyard Gazette

As a reward, the company financed its luxury home on Martha's Vineyard Island for $ 11.75 million in 2019.

Obama's war project "Islamic State" not only raised the share price of the US armament giant and drone manufacturer Raytheon to unprecedented heights.


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Obama and his friend George Clooney most likely entangled in the pedo-criminal child trafficking of the Clinton / Podesta network





Rothschild's old mass media had to pixelate a picture of an Asian girl in a motorboat during a visit to Obama's Hollywood actor Clooney on June 14, 2019 in Italy on Lake Como. Allegedly a friend of his daughters Sasha and Malia. The same girl has now turned up dead in a moving box in the course of President Trump's investigation into global child and human trafficking rings. The connection to the pedo-criminal Clinton / Podesta network is obvious. Further investigations are ongoing!


Obama FBI ABUSE against Trump When, in the course of the US election year 2016, it became increasingly clear that Donald Trump would become the great political opponent of the elite candidate Hillary Clinton, President Obama abused his power. With the help of the FBI, Trump should be given anything that should cause him great harm in the election campaign so that he will not be elected. A political witchcraft to turn Trump into the "public enemy No. 1 of the USA".



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The British secret agent Christopher Steele was commissioned to gather material against Trump in Russia. The so-called "Steele Dossier". A few "samples" of this embarrassing "glossy Fak News investigation": Trump allegedly paid Russian hookers in 2013 to piss on a bed in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow where Obama had stayed. Even Putin said: "Trump wouldn't need that at all". The Democratic Party was too embarrassed about the "pee tapes" and then they weren't used in the election campaign.

When "Steele's work" didn't work out, the CIA was abusively brought in to develop the conspiracy theory of the influence of the Russian President Putin on the election. And Trump was illegally bugged in Trump Tower. FBI Director James Comey served as Obama's right-hand man to "destroy" Trump with investigations. Comey was supposed to collect as much material as possible in the so-called FBI memos to support the work of the later special investigator Robert Mueller, who was also appointed by Obama and who led the "Russia investigation" against Trump.

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The FBI Mueller investigation was 100% politically motivated! On Mueller's team, 13 of the 17 lawyers registered were members of the Democratic Party, even someone who helped Hillary Clinton cover up her e-mail affair. Many also worked for the Clinton Foundation.

It was perfectly understandable that Trump fired FBI boss Comey as one of his first acts after his election as president. Former President Oabama is guilty of the most unprecedented abuse by state authorities against a candidate who was 100% innocent: Donald Trump!

The FBI's involvement in Trump, ordered by President Obama, is still under investigation today. Trump deploys Justice Minister Barr.



Obama NOT born in the US, according to his Kenyan half-brother Malik

Also embarrassing for Obama, he supports Donald Trump, his biggest political opponent in the United States. Malik is himself a Republican politician who unsuccessfully ran for governorship in the Kenyan county of Siaya in 2013. Obama's half-brother released his real birth certificate, which shows that Barack Obama is said to be from Mombasa, Kenya. Only the birthday is August 4th, 1961.


Who Are Obama's Real Parents?

His real mother was an American Jew born in 1937 with Lithuanian roots from Newton, Massachusetts and was called Ruth (Baker) Ndesandjo. She is said to have been married to Barack Hussein Obama Senior, whom she claims to have known at a "party" in the United States, a Kenyan economist and government consultant between 1964-73. Obama Sr. died on November 24, 1982 in Nairobi of a mysterious traffic accident. This smells like "tutoring" from the Mossad (the Jewish secret service) without natural evidence. However, car accidents have been a popular tool of the Israeli secret service, according to the Israeli author? Moshe Schwartz, to eliminate opponents or "dangerous" people with too much knowledge. Ruth Ndesandjo is a teacher and founder of the Madari Kindergarten in Nairobi, Kenya. In the pictures (picture 2) she can be seen with her son Barack Obama (see red arrow) whom she approved for adoption.


The "wrong" mother for the American public

Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Kansas in 1942 and worked as an American anthropologist (science of humans) who specialized in rural development in Indonesia in the country in far Asia. Most likely, Barack was taken over by his father during a diplomatic trip and "forgotten" there. The only picture that proves that Obama senior and Dunham knew each other was also usefully at an airport (picture 3).

His alleged American mother Stanley Ann Dunham gave contradictory information about her alleged son Barack in her passport application in 1981: According to American law, the alleged birth could only be classified as "not natural".

Barack Obama was registered in the mother's passport data as Barry Soetoro, who was an Indonesian citizen who attended the Fransiskus Assisi School in Jakarta.

The U.S. State Department (image 4) was unable to confirm on January 12, 2009 (8 days before the swearing-in of the first black US president) that a certain Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's alleged mother, was outside the United States in 1960-63 had stopped. On August 4, 1961, she claims to have given birth to her son Barack Hussein Obama. Place of birth: Mombasa, Kenya. THAT PROVES THAT OBAMA HAS ANOTHER MOTHER, THE ABOVE!


Holidays in Haiwai and the Subud cult

Ann Dunham spent many years of vacation in Honolulu on the tropical island of Hawaii (Photo 5). Therefore, a false birth certificate for Barack Obama was later issued there, which was to serve as "proof" for many years that he was born in America to legitimize himself as President of the United States.

The Subud cult emerged there in Hawaii in the 1960s.

The Subud cult and its brotherhood was a Javanese / Islamic mystical movement in Indonesia led by Muhammad Subud, similar to the Masonic secret societies of the Rothschilds in Europe. On vacation, Dunham met Indonesian Lolo Soetero (photo 6), a preacher of this movement there. The two married there on March 15, 1965. A year later they moved to Indonesia: Barack was adopted and is now called "Barry" Soetero.

The influence of the radical sect of the Subuds caused Barack to change. He was given the nickname "Hussein" and also became more and more like the spiritual leader (Fig. 7). The radical ideology of Islam in Indonesian style during these years was the cornerstone for Obama to later come up with the "idea" of generating the Islamic State as US President. Interesting to know the international headquarters of the Subud sect, of all things, Obama's later main base in America: the city of Chicago.

Obama was announced by the alleged mother as "Soebarkah" (picture 8). This is Sundanese and means something like the devil or Satan. Obama was trained for this role in the years of Indonesian Islam, the devil sect of Mohammed Subud.





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Obama had sex with a Pakistani man for a fake passport

In 1980, Obama came from Indonesia to the United States under previously unsettled circumstances. Apparently only with a tourist visa. In a shabby apartment with many roaches as roommates on East 94th Street in New York, he lived in a flat with 3 Pakistani men who were also illegally in America. Obama started a gay relationship with one of them, probably in return for staying with him: Sohale Siddiq (top right) was older than him. He "made" his money by selling cocaine, where "Barry" also took one. He is said to have had contacts with counterfeiters and "Barry" got a new identity with the name Steven Dunham in order to be able to stay permanently in the USA.


Obama's lover became a woman and "adviser" to the president

Siddiq later had a woman operated on so that he could be with his or her "Barry" (middle picture). Under the new name Susan E. Rice and a new identity, "she" became the United Nations' ambassador to the United States. From 2013 to 2017, she was National Security Advisor to President Barack "Barry" Obama.


Obama's Siddiqs drug errand boy

From 1981-83, Barry Obama also tried drugs on the streets of Manhattan.


Obama had 4 gay relationships with men

Here are the names: Reggie Love, Kal Penn, Donald Young and Sohale Siddiq.








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Barack Obama as "Barry Soetoro" studied in New York

His Pakistani lover Siddiq turned it around and Obama was recognized as a citizen of the country under his Indonesian name Barry Soetoro with a social security number. He received a study place at Colombia University in the city of New York. There he is said to have obtained a bachelor's degree in political science in 1983 (focus on international relations).

Obama's romantic feelings at university for his professor

Obama fell in love with the professor of political science Lawrence Goldyn while he was studying. He could have imagined a "gay relationship that was less demanding than a woman" with him. This later visited him during his president in the white house (picture below left).





Obama's criminal years in Chicago. From the retail star and drug dealer to the first black US president.

Obama's drug jobs as a dealer led him to Chicago in 1985. In America there is a connection in the drug network between the following cities: Manhattan (New York), Washington, San Diego, San Antonio, Portland and Chicago. Why Obama chose the latter city is unknown. In the fairy tale book "Wikipedia" it says the following: "In 1985 Obama moved to Chicago and worked there for a non-profit organization that supported parishes in the work training for residents of poor neighborhoods".

He was not a "social worker" but had to do social classes after some drug deals and burglary theft after the police caught him.

In 1996, in Chigaco, he also met Al-Walid ibn Talal (arrow), the richest man in Saudi Arabia. He probably financed Obama's rise from a small criminal and drug dealer in Chicago to the most powerful man in the world. Quote Al-Walid ibn Talals hobbyhorse is the "media industry". He owns large shares in the financial services provider Citigroup, which donated $ 755,057 in the 2008 Obama election campaign, or the Walt Disney media group donated $ 369,598 in the 2012 Obama election. The world is also small and Al-Walid is no stranger. It was precisely this entrepreneur who bought the ship, the "Trump Princess from Obama's opponent in the presidential office of Donald Trump. Obama's contact with Al-Walid may be the reason for the" Islamic State "project that he later carried out as secretary for the United States on behalf of the President .



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OBAMA THE BLACK MOGEL PACK "It is charismatic, looks smart and looks good in a suit". And because of his black skin, you might think he was Martin Luther King. This was enough for the power elite, especially the Atlantic Bridge, to promote this presidential candidate. To plan a man without skills, experience and talent with dubious origins on the drawing board.

Image Source : Obama White House Archives

Obama verkauft die alte und verbrauchte Idee des Sozialismus als "besser für Amerika"

First speech in Springfield / Illinois on February 10, 2007, he stuttered and announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential campaign and was always looking around. What if he was afraid !?

Apparently he wasn't sure of himself. What kind of people he got involved with, what kind of program he should now stand for. He spoke of "Hope" and a "One Nation" to "build a better America". Hope socialism would arrive in America.





A power struggle was raging within the power elite between the Clinton / Epstein network and the Atlantic Bridge Even Hillary Clinton was cheated when the black boy from Chicago showed up with the fake birth certificate. Obama the secret candidate of the power elite because you didn't trust Hillary Clinton !? His sponsor, who created him as a media figure, was John Kornblum, former US ambassador to Germany and in the Atlantic Bridge.

What is the "Atlantic Bridge"!? The Atlantic Bridge is a "nonprofit association" and was founded in 1952 with the goal of building an economic, financial, educational, and military policy bridge between the United States and Germany. Its registered office is Am Kupfergraben 7, 10117 Berlin.

A network of the power elite to plan political systems and create politicians. "The boy does it well": Kornblum raved about Obama's appearance in Berlin.

The concept was to install a European-friendly US president so that the EU could become strong by deliberately weakening America economically.


Proof Obama candidate of the Atlantic Bridge His speech in Berlin on July 4th, 2008 at the seat of the Atlantic Bridge in Berlin / Germany. Obama spoke to 200,000 people in front of the Victory Column. Many thought a second John F. Kennedy was coming. Nothing was that. After 35 minutes, the spook was over again. "Change we can believe in" was brushed onto the fuselage of his plane.

"Because words seem so patient to us, we are often very wrong in them," said librarian Martin Gerhard Reisenberg so aptly. It was completely unusual to let a candidate speak to so many people before the president was elected and to give him such a reception. In another country, too. It was an attempt by the power elite to "test" a candidate in front of an audience. The result was terrific, Obamamania started!

The black presidential candidate has now been successfully chased through the paid propaganda media networks on radio and television.



Image Source: Tobias Schwarz

"Change we can believe in" will this sentence from Berlin go down in history? Obama didn't even begin to follow in the footsteps of JFK in Berlin



Obama won a strange election campaign in 2008, which took place only in the media with him as a fantasy figure with the Republican candidate John McCain, who was also chosen by the power elite, and became the first black President of the USA.

Election evening of November 4th, 2008

Image Source: USA Today





Announced on German "public" Obama fan television as "turning point in what should go down in history." Barack Hussein Obama was elected 44th US President:

Quotes from the election evening in November 2008 in Chicago:

"We are the United States and we will remain so.

We bring change to America, I want to rebuild the country. This opens the doors to new things and is a new spirit of service.

We are a government by the people for the people, there is still such a thing.

We had the best campaign in US history. We had no money, everything was not planned in Washington, but in a back yard in Charleston / Chicago "

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Obama's campaign slogan "Change" change to US socialism

Obama's CHANGE (change) from the USA to socialism America became "more colorful" under him, which meant more unfair and more criminal. Obama's campaign slogan CHANGE from 2008 did not mean "social change", ie more acceptance and respect for the African-American population and less racism, but a change in the political system. A socialist planned economy system should emerge from the economically friendly capitalist system of the USA, so that the EU can rise in the waters of a weak USA. Obama also produced a lot of debt, unemployed and consistently weak growth. He became a job killer, a debt maker and a lame duck in the economy.




The shadow unemployment, exactly the people the state would like to forget so that you can present good numbers was 6 million and thus higher than any other president. At 62.9 percent, the "work force participation rate", the ratio that measures how many able-bodied Americans actually go to work, was the lowest in 40 years. Obama doubled US government debt to $ 20 trillion. With ineffective government programs that were expensive, he threw the money out the window. Military spending rose, he cut taxes for the rich, increased unemployment benefits. Obamacare's own health insurance produced expensive system errors that had to be compensated for with state money. Obama's socialist economic stimulus package after the 2008 economic crisis, triggered by the Lehman bank crash, was supposed to start a job machine.




Image Source : Cynthia Lindow

Like a dilapidated factory building in the Carcity Detroit in the GDR

Image Source : Andrew Marcus

In Los Angeles, homelessness increased during the Obama era

But the $ 815 billion could have been smoked in the pipe. The money fizzled out and brought only mischief, a greater division of society into poor and rich. Poverty and the number of millionaires increased under Obama. 46.2 million, or 15.1 percent of all Americans lived below the poverty line in 2010. Spicy for Obama, especially many African Americans. More than 120 million people ("working poor") were at risk of falling. He is the only president in the history of the United States who achieved annual economic growth of less than 3% of the gross domestic product, even though he pumped more coal into the economy than ever before. The lame duck was born.

Obama was an enemy of the economy and a president who promoted criminals.



Obama ordered his country's de-industrialization and had factories migrated to China. Made in the USA was often made in China. In order to implement the program of the power elite, he accepted unfavorable tariffs for his country with the EU, which permanently damaged America's business location. The decline in the American economy was most evident in the Detroit Auto City. Once the symbol of the "American Dream", the factories there now fell into disrepair. The crime rate in cities exploded due to higher unemployment and poverty. In addition, a lot of drugs came into the country across the open borders. In Los Angeles, the number of homeless people rose by 5.7 percent during the Obama reign, meaning 34,000 people lived on the streets. In addition, the biggest drug crisis "Opioid Epidemic", through the open southern border with Mexico.

People tried to numb their poverty with drugs, a vicious cycle. Obama still promoted this policy of easy access to drugs.Chicago, the city where Obama was allegedly a social worker on the streets, became the most dangerous city in the country. Gunfire at hostile gangs cost the lives of most people in the United States. 762 people died in 2016, in a total of 3550 shootings. So Obama's "social work" didn't seem to bring much there either. And Obama was also unsuccessful in terms of "social change". The number of racist attacks on the black population even increased. The police violence of white police officers, which was particularly pronounced in the Obama presidency, was particularly infamous. During his presidency, the United States became "more colorful". More Mexican "guests" who drugged drugs meant more crimes and deep divisions in society. The FBI recorded the highest rate of violent crime (murder, homicide, rape, robbery, and serious assault) per 100,000 people in the Obama administration, namely 386 crimes.


Image Source: Chicago Magazine

Obama City of Chicago, most killed by gunfire








Obama was a representative of the industrial-military complex - making money with war, an invasion of Syria. Obama maintained close contacts with the US armaments manufacturer Raytheon, who veiled his presidential election campaigns through a financial intermediary company of a business law firm (Skadden Arps). Among other things, the company produced Combat drones are remote-controlled military missiles that can "liquidate (kill)" targets from great heights. Ideal for eliminating terrorists on the ground, for example the "Islamic State" created by Obama and the CIA secret service.

But the US industrial-military complex needs more, so wars are regularly planned on the drawing board. Like in Vietnam in the 1960s, or twice in Iraq. The "idea" for the Syria invasion has long been in the drawer of the power elite from the great banking dynasties Rockefeller and Rothschild, who control the industrial-military complex. This complex was created during the Second World War to stop Adolf Hitler's criminal activity and mass murder in Europe, which was also financed by the US power elite.

On December 17, 2010, the "Arab Spring" began due to the tragic death of self-immolation (note: he poured a gasoline can over his head and lit it) of the 27-year-old young fruit seller Mohammed Bouazizi (picture) in Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia. This was a violent uprising by many Arab young people against oppression and social hopelessness and spread like wildfire across the entire region in North Africa. Numerous dictators or rulers brought this down, as in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. This was an opportune opportunity for Obama and his deep state with the plight of the people to make coal for his military economy. Because on March 11, 2011, civil unrest in Syria began because of the events. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (photo), who studied in England and completed training as an ophthalmologist, sent the military to restore peace and order. He was given intelligence that US CIA secret agents were in the country to "detonate" in this civil movement. On July 29, 2011, the "Free Syrian Army" was successfully established, US-armed volunteers who have since tried to overthrow the democratically legitimate legitimate president with an illegal violent revolution. US interference by the deep state and intelligence agencies in Syria's internal affairs violates the country's territorial integrity, and President Obama also broke the UN's ban on violence.




Image Source: Research Gate


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Image Source : Time Magazin

Syria offered itself for the war planners in Washington. Iraq was brought under US control after the 2003 international invasion. USA and Turkey hand in hand: The United States has worked very closely with Turkey and its President Erdogan for several long years because of the joint NATO membership, this fact is important to understand the current events in Syria. US Army units are stationed in Iraqi Bamirni Airport and on the Suleimanija runway in the south. Interesting to know, especially a lot of US Apache attack helicopters (Boeing AH-64) in the area.

Reason for war for US interference: Assad's alleged aerial bombing of its own population.

The barrel bombs dropped in the region according to image evidence from American Apache attack helicopters (Boeing AH-64) prove the false flag of the US Deep States to act militarily in this region. What is a barrel bomb? A barrel bomb is a barrel-shaped container filled with gasoline, metal splinters, chemicals and large amounts of explosives approx. 1000kg. This type of brutal weapon of war was developed by the Israeli military and used by the US ally in the Vietnam War in the 1960s. There are no precise reports on the exact number of casualty bomb casualties in the Idlib and Kobane regions, people who literally tore it up (picture). It is estimated to be a few hundred. In any case, all of these deaths are attributed to Obama "Nobel Peace Prize winner".







Current US President Donald Trump ended this Deep State project in Syria with the withdrawal of troops. But the industrial-military complex, which is on the side of the power elite and cannot be controlled by the president, sought a new ally, the Turkish president Erdogan, to continue this war.

What does Erdogan want in Syria? Officially an "anti-terror war" against the Kurds. He is annoyed and disturbed by the settlement area of ​​this nomadic people (picture), which extends over several countries in Turkey, Armenia, Iraq and northern Syria. Radical Kurds also started some terrorist attacks in Turkey, the background of which has not yet been definitively explored as an explanation. Probably because Kurdish leader Öcalan has been imprisoned in Turkey for years and has been given a life sentence. In Northern Syria, he is now launching Operation "Spring Spring" a cynical name for a bloodthirsty cause.

President Erdogan (picture), who sees Hitler as his role model and uses an equally aggressive rhetoric, does not want to speak of an "invasion" and threatens to send 3.5 million Syrian refugees from his camps to the EU if he is not supported by NATO will.

Erdogan has often shown himself to be a loyal vassal of the deep American state under Obama. He supported the Islamic State with weapons and equipment camouflaged in truck convoys. The brutal attacks by the Turkish army from the air also hit many innocent children who have to suffer (see picture). People come to the hospital with shredded limbs, corpses lie on the street after the air strikes by the Turkish Air Force. Current events. To be continued!





Image Source: The Atlantic

A US tank of the "Islamic State" created by the American Deep State A U.S. Army Turkish chariot Image Sourse: Murat Üstinel

Image evidence from the U.S. Deep State equips all warring parties in Syria with weapons



THE CHINESE US PRESIDENT How Obama deliberately destroyed the American economy and weakened his own country. Dubious trade agreements with China and globalism only made a few rich and harmed many. Power elite aim to build the EU in the wake of a weak America. MADE IN CHINA for USA and WORLD. THIS catastrophic bad policy inspired TRUMP for its political program MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: China in the USA. Suddenly, cheap Chinese products with a short shelf life flooded the American market. As of 2008, US President Obama saw his country only as the internal market of a new global multinational world socialist order, but no longer as a production location. The magic word of "globalization" should lead to prosperity for everyone in this new form. In reality, however, it made America a poor house, because the Americans were degraded to pure consumers. And many Americans could no longer afford the products that were offered, because suddenly a lot of jobs were missing due to the migration of the local economy. A planned economic disaster, created by Obama.

ALL American tech giants migrated to China with production from the United States At the heart of the American economy, the source of America's technical superiority, Obama let go. HP / DELL have been manufacturing their PCs and notebooks in China for years. Microsoft there its motherboards. Apple its iPhone and iPad. A deliberately fatal mistake and an abuse of the President's oath on the American Constitution to "protect his people from danger". Because not only do economic dangers come from China, the Asians are also masters of product piracy and theft of intellectual property.

Obama freezes the plan of the Atlantic bridges power elite. Weaken America to make Europe itself a major power in the shadow of a tumbling superpower. America therefore lost its major players in the IT area, stock market values ​​in the high three-digit billion range. As a result of the corporate relocations, the dollar exchange rate fell drastically. At the same time, Obama tried to cushion the Lehman bank failure with a huge, expensive and ineffective government stimulus package. In addition to falling tax revenues, there was also the huge spending problem of the American state. The USA became the No. 1 bankruptcy candidate!



OBAMA MADE CHINA GREAT China rose to become a major economic power in America's deliberately constructed phase of weakness. And hoarding lots of money that it makes from doing business with America. The so-called "foreign exchange reserves" amount to 2.45 trillion US dollars. With illegal trade tricks, China is artificially devaluing its yuan to permanently generate trade surpluses. As the "workbench of the world", the Middle Kingdom became rich in record time. Only with trade tricks with America, without having any real know-how. Rich Chinese buy the property away in the USA. In Texas, Georgia or Florida, many luxury properties have Chinese owners. Mostly this is related to the US tech giants and their job network. In 2016, a Chinese consortium even bought the film dream factory "Hollywood" for $ 3.5 billion. So China got rich and America?

According to the secret plan of the globalists, China should become the new world power, the so-called gross domestic product (GDP) (measure of the economic performance of an economy) should continue to rise and even surpass the American GDP at some point. The plans were thwarted when Donald Trump was elected 2016 as the new US President. With MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, he designed a guiding principle to turn everything back and bring the economy back in order to make his country big again. He also entered into a trade dispute with China and imposed higher import duties so that China would have financial difficulties in bringing its products to the American market. As a result, many American companies no longer see "location advantages" in China and want to come back. Trump is successful in the United States. Finally there is an economic boom again, the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in almost 50 years (!), The GDP which means economic growth climbs between 2.2% and 3.1% every quarter! However, Trump is hindered and slowed down by the too high base rate of the Rothschild central bank "Federal Reserve" otherwise growth would be even higher!






How the ex-White House attorney and the Obama administration lobbied Ukraine to cover up its activities What the German mass media did not disclose: Investigations by FBI special investigator Robert Mueller, who had been employed by the Democratic Party, allegedly influenced the election Proof of Russian President Vladimir Putin in favor of Donald Trump in the 2016 US election campaign has now led to an own goal. Now the former Obama administration's involvement with former Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych has been proven.

Image Source: Alex Wong

Craig and Obama

Gregory Craig, the Obama administration's chief lawyer and an adviser within the White House, was a personal friend of the black president and concealed his activities for the Ukrainian government. Craig Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP's law firm has already accepted a fine for undeclared lobbying and is facing further charges. He faces 10 years in prison as a "foreign agent"! Craig's law firm wrote a legal assessment of the opponent of the then Prime Minister of Ukraine Julija Tymoschenko, possibly helping to suppress them politically. Since Yanukovych was a friend of the Kremlin and was close to Putin, the Obama administration itself can indirectly be shown to be involved in Russia. Craig's law firm earned $ 4.6 million for the Ukraine job, while the Ukrainian government said it only paid the company $ 12,000.



Things are getting even fatter for Obama: Justice Secretary William Barr said he is investigating whether the Obama administration used the FBI to spy on Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign and tapped his phone. This would be the biggest political scandal in the United States after Watergate! Obama apparently wanted to know what Paul Manafort Trump's former campaign manager and another Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP lobbyist convicted of money laundering in Ukraine communicated to Trump.

Obama lawyer Craig is said to have already worked for the Ukrainian predecessor of Yanukovych Yulia Tymoshenko and trained prosecutors for the Tymoshenko government. Apparently an illegal encroachment on the territorial integrity of a foreign state. Further investigations will now clarify whether this was permissible.

Obama wiretapped Trump's phone at Trump Tower in New York on the FBI


"Nobel Peace Prize Laureate" Obama triggered the Ukrainian and did illegal weapons business. An illegal intrusion into a country's territorial integrity and a violation of the UN Charter A dangerous geostrategic experiment on Russia's doorstep. This was about power, influence, and money for the industrial-military complex in the United States.civil war with 10,000 deaths in 2014.

Image Source: Similitudo/ WAHRRICHTEN Edit

Brzezinski, a hater of Russians, talked Obama into the Ukraine conflict

The USA has been interested in Ukraine since 1991 and also wants to make it a NATO member dangerous geostrategy on the doorstep of Russia

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the evil Polish-born hater of Russia, the "National Security Advisor" and a whisperer in the background who also worked for Ronald Reagan, the Bush Clan and Bill Clinton.

He was no longer the youngest in his head either. His dangerously wrong worldview from yesterday. Obama just took over the old bird. After all, there were networks and political programs that should be continued. The US military-industrial complex is thirsting for war to make money. It was easy for the power elite Marionette Obama to continue the same policies of his predecessors with the same staff.

The USA's influence in Ukraine dates back to 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up. Since then, the eastern country at the gates of Russia has been treated like the 51st state of the United States. You have to know: Ukraine was never a real sovereign state, but only partially sovereign. As a former satellite state of the Soviet Union also part of the Eastern Military Alliance in the Warsaw Pact. In the 2 + 4 treaties that led to German reunification, Russia was assured that there would be no NATO eastward expansion. Ukraine was partially released from independence in return for Russia, but remained economically and culturally linked to Russia. The cradle of the Russian nation is in Ukraine.






The American bald eagle had its claws on Ukraine for a long time: The US-Ukraine Foundation, also a "non-governmental organization", already supported the 2004 Orange Revolution of the then President Viktor Yushchenko with money from George Soros. The plan: to tear Ukraine out of the Russian cosmos and bring it into the sphere of the US empire. On the website of the US-Ukraine Foundation, "Peace and Prosperity through Common Democratic Values" is swaggered. In reality, the influence goes far beyond a political network, but also encompasses military and economic aspects and is a tough exercise of power by the USA. In the front yard in front of Putin's Russia, an incredible provocation and an extremely dangerous process for world peace.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine were always a separate Cold War. The Ukrainian "brothers" seemed to want to go different ways. The western part of the country to the USA. The eastern part to Russia.

In 2014, this war became hot, then on "advice" from Brzezinski, "Nobel Peace Prize winner" Obama in Action. A week-long demonstration took place in the central square of the Maidan in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, triggered by the fact that the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union, which would have drawn Ukraine to the west.

Yanukovych was more of a president who was close to Putin and Russia and wanted to maintain his country's eastern ties. In April 2010 he agreed with Russia to extend the stationing of the Black Sea fleet, which was to remain on the Crimean peninsula until 2042, and he also wanted to join a customs union with Russia and Kazakhstan. So it is understandable that he was hesitant to take alternative paths with the EU that would have brought him into trouble with Russia.





Image Source: Wikipedia

Brzezinski on the right with President Obama in the "Situation Room" The whisperer talks Obama into igniting Ukraine with CIA agents for "America's sake"



The EU said of the agreement with Ukraine: "It is striving for an increasingly close partnership with Ukraine, which aims at gradual economic integration and deepening political cooperation."

So did the EU really believe that Ukraine could become a member state in the immediate periphery of Russia?

The EU no longer responds to earlier contractual obligations in Ukraine, such as the 2 + 4 treaties on German reunification. The then German Foreign Minister Genscher even promised the Russians on January 31, 1990: "There would be no expansion of NATO to the east".

Image Source: Sergei Supinsky

Vitali Klitschko the former boxing world champion and today's mayor of Kiev with supporters of the Swoboda

Image Source: Mstyslav Chernov

The so-called "Euromaidan" protests resulted in many deaths


Swoboda intervention When the right-wing radical “Swoboda” movement suddenly appeared, the Maidan protests became bloody.

In these so-called "Euromaidan" protests, which ultimately led to the overthrow of President Yanukovych, 80 people died in the sometimes extremely violent clashes between state power and the demonstrators, mainly the Swoboda.

The Swoboda movement was ultra-nationalist and focused exclusively on the interests of Ukrainian citizens. The group considered Russians and Jews to be occupiers.

The World Jewish Congress classified this movement as neo-Nazi and demanded a ban. The Swoboda incited the demonstrators on the Maidan and claimed that a "Jewish-Russian Mafia" was in the government.

It was well networked, also connected to foreign right-wing extremist organizations such as the German NPD. It has not been proven that the Swoboda was funded by the Obama administration to trigger violent protests. However, it was a welcome fire accelerator for the Obama administration in order to really fuel the protests and to steer them in the desired direction.








Power struggle in Kiev ended badly for Yanukovych The government came under increasing pressure from the protests against the Maidan. High point on February 20, 2014 when snipers suddenly shot at demonstrators and killed 40 people. Yanukovych was said to have been responsible for this massacre, according to the West, that his security forces had fired. But there was also evidence that there were hidden CIA agents from the American secret service in the country at the time. In this "False Flag" campaign, Janokovich was chased out as President. The coup was successful and US-friendly Pedro Poroshenko came to power. Yanukovych fled by helicopter at night and in fog. His goal Kharkov. The city in eastern Ukraine is the political stronghold of his party after the parliament removed him. In Russia, he received political asylum from Putin to get out of the country.

The new president Pedro Poroshenko was a chocolate entrepreneur who illegally hid his money abroad in the US enclave of Panama in a mailbox company because he did not want to pay taxes in his country. He complained to himself, but always about his alleged "corrupt" predecessor Yanukovych. Poroshenko was long established by the United States as a wish president. Together with the then Secretary of State Kerry, he was at the Munich Security Conference. He was invited to the United States immediately after being sworn in and was allowed to speak in Congress. Poroshenko was very resourceful and also founded his own mailbox company to make money out of the country, for example in Cyprus. He also has links to dubious companies in the British Virgin Islands. The Rothschild bank is also connected to Poroshenko's corporate network of trusts. The activities are linked to his presidency. In May 2019, he was surprisingly elected as president after a term in office. The prosecutor is investigating him for treason at the Kerch Strait incident, where he politically abused soldiers to provoke an incident with Russia that, in the worst case scenario, would have led to war. There are also allegations, abuse of office, tax evasion and misappropriation of public funds.





Image Source: Public Eye

For Russia, the legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown by a coup and not democratically voted out!

Image Source: Boston Herald

The new Ukrainian US vassal president Pedro Poroshenko receives praise from the then US vice president Joe Biden for his speech in the US Congress

The Crimea had been part of Russia since 1783, and since 1991 it had been an autonomous region. Suddenly it was supposed to belong to the Ukraine

Image Source: Russia Today

Russian President Putin explained in a television speech why he called the Federation Council to intervene militarily in the Crimea

Dispute between Ukraine and Russia- The Crimean peninsula

The Ukrainian Civil War began on April 15, 2014. Official reason for war on the Ukrainian side: The alleged "annexation of Crimea" (illegal appropriation of foreign territory) by Russia, which started on February 27, 2014. 2000 Russian soldiers launched a military offensive to make Crimea Russian territory. A legitimate form of self-defense of his country that Putin plausibly justified on television.


Why did Putin make this decision? The Crimea has been part of Russia since 1783 after the Black Sea fleet was stationed there. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the status of the Crimea became neutral so that no war would break out. Official status: Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Ukraine had a lease with the Russian Federation for the port of Sevastopol. It was extended by President Janokowitsch in 2010 to 2047. After the Euromaidan protests and the overthrow of legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych, there was a risk that NATO would expand to Putin's doorstep. Putin had no choice but to call the Federation Council to get the release to defend his country. Finally, a western tie in Ukraine jeopardized the lease on its military port. A comprehensible geostrategic and a military decision by Putin on behalf of Russia. Which, however, posed no danger to the West!



Shortly before the start of the Ukrainian civil war, CIA Director John Brennan's American director of secret service secretly flew to Ukraine.

He entered under a false name.

Then the "anti-terrorist operation" against its own population began because Russian-friendly separatists in the east of the country did not want to accept Poroshenko's presidency through the foreign coup.

The United States actively participated in this war. There were training of six National Guard companies by almost 300 US instructors at the Yaworiw training site in western Ukraine.

NATO established a military base. On August 5, 2017, the US Navy began building a base in Ochakiv west of the Crimea in close cooperation with Ukraine.

The United States delivered 210 anti-tank missiles and 37 Javelin system rocket launchers, calling them "defensive weapons".






Image Source: Alex Wong

Obama's chief of secret service on a secret tour in Ukraine The war was quietly prepared

Image Source : NBC News

A Ukrainian officer observes a U.S. military joint training exercise in an emergency

Image Source: Blog Blick


Warlord Poroshenko plans his "anti-terror" campaign against his own population

Image Source: Baz Ratner

Putin's "Green Men" who fight as mercenaries on the side of the separatists

The real trigger for the acts of war in eastern Ukraine was not the Crimean crisis but on May 2, 2014 in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, when radical right-wing Swoboda supporters burned 40 Ukrainian-born Ukrainians in a union house

You will not find any of this event in the mass media.

Tensions broke out in the eastern regions of Kharkiv, Odessa, Mariupol, Luhansk and Donetsk.

The East Ukrainians of Russian origin tried to separate the country as separatists. President Poroshenko sent the army after parliament classified the separatists as "terrorists". The brother war Ukrainians against Ukrainians began.








Image Source: Wikipedia

Donetsk Airport modernized for the 2012 European Football Championship was the most advanced airport in Ukraine

Image Source: US Army

After massive fighting, the airport is now in ruins

The separatists arbitrarily proclaimed the independent People's Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk. The first battle between the Ukrainian army and the separatists is said to have taken place around Donetsk Airport, which was only extensively modernized for the 2012 European Football Championship and has since been completely destroyed by artillery and tank fire on both sides.

The separatist militias killed more than 50 gunmen, with 31 bodies being transferred to Russia.

Due to the military inferiority of the separatists and the offensive support of the United States for the new Ukrainian government, Russian President Putin decided to provide military support for the separatists. His "Green Men" soldiers without badges crossed the border. Putin said he couldn't do anything "if they were only on vacation there".

31 tanks and 300 men from a Russian professional army are said to have come to the crisis region to fight together with the separatists.







The launch of the scheduled flight MH17 Something tragic happened in the war turmoil that continues to this day. The launch of the MH17 passenger plane. Both warring parties accuse each other of accidentally shooting down the plane. In this serious aviation accident on July 17, 2014. It was an international scheduled flight by Malaysia Airlines from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing 298 people, including 80 children. The victims came mainly from the Netherlands.

An independent Dutch investigation could only clarify that a Buk surface-to-air missile was the cause of the destruction, but not who shot it. On May 24, 2018, the Dutch public prosecutor's office in The Hague released alleged picture evidence that could "legally" prove the guilt of the Russian separatists. However, this statement is also to be questioned; indictment does not yet mean a conviction.


Image Source: DAP

The debris of the plane flight MH17 to date, the question of guilt has not been resolved


Minsk Agreement - An Unsuccessful Attempt to Stop the Ukraine War On February 12, 2015, Mink, the Russian President Putin, the Ukrainian President Poroshenko, the German Chancellor Merkel and the French President Hollande met in the Belarusian capital. Before the summit, President Obama had spoken to Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko. The resulting agreement and the summit were hastily organized and poorly prepared. The Minsk Agreement, which provides for an immediate end to the fighting and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the region, has not been observed by any side to this day. The fights will continue until 2019. Obama leaves his successor, Trump, with an unexplained source of fire and an ongoing war in Ukraine.



HISTORY: The 2003 Iraq War was a "festival for the industrial-military complex" of the United States. THE GREAT HEAD EAGLE'S GREED FOR OIL


The war not only increased the need for war goods, at last the oil-hungry American giant was able to control the resource-rich country of black gold on the Euprat and Tigris and grab its oil reserves. The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) generated by the "victorious power USA" dissolved the Iraqi state and passed the silverware of the country almost exclusively to American companies.

Image Source: AAP

US-Iraq War 2003 The military superpower USA symbolically triumphed by covering a statue of Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein with a US flag

Image Source: Lt. Col Steve Russell

Capture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole in the ground

80% of Iraq's economic infrastructure went to the United States, and only 2% is said to have gone to Iraqi owners. American companies soon controlled the oil refineries. It was nothing more than looting, a war crime and illegal under the conditions of the Geneva and Hague Convention on International Humanitarian Law.

The common people were sold, with the United States "democracy would come".

For Iraqis, this "democracy" meant: Many civilian victims of war, hunger, poverty and impoverishment. Iraq also has consistently high unemployment to date. Many people suffer from radiation diseases through the use of chemical weapons. The number of births of malformed children in the Gulf Region is unusually high.

The result of George W. Bush's former US government's political-experimental "regime change" is devastating. Meanwhile, even American politicians have to admit that Iraq has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

An estimated 37,000 people died in the acts of war between March 20 and May 1, 2003. To date, an estimated 600,000 people have been killed in the aftermath of the war.







Obama Generated and Paid the "ISLAMIC STATE"



After the United States overthrew Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein in 2003, oil funds that belonged to the Iraqi people and were in US bank accounts were to flow back as aid. It seems like a very big coincidence that the decision to do so was given by decree in Obama's presidency. Up to 2014, US $ 14 billion was transported in US Army transport aircraft. Countless pallets with 100 dollar bills stacked on the plane, which just disappeared shortly afterwards. There were fragments of where the money went, but $ 6.6 billion is still missing. FBI and CIA were not interested in the whereabouts during the Obama presidency.

Image Source: South China Morning Post

IS is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world

According to research by the U.S. Inspector General, $ 1.6 billion was soon found in a bunker in Lebanon. How did they get there? And as if by accident: the ISLAMIC STATE (IS) appeared soon after. It swept across several Islamic countries like a desert storm and brought violence, terror and death. The IS was extremely well equipped with tanks, Toyota Tacoma pickups, machine guns, anti-aircraft projectiles, etc. Where did all the money come from?

ISIS acted with extreme brutality, its opponents, who were considered infidels in the sense of Islam, were either beheaded, stoned, burned or shot. In this way, IS soon "earned" its reputation as the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.




Through the Obama administration on behalf of the deep state, many journalists lost their heads in cruel executions

Journalist James Foley (picture) was the first famous victim of the Islamic State. He was born on October 18, 1973 in Evanston, Illinois. He worked as a war reporter for the French news agency AFP and for the news site Global Post from Boston, which dealt in particular with reporting from the Middle East. It must have been a targeted tip from the American Secret Service (CIA), which cooperated with the Islamic State when he was kidnapped from a taxi in the Syrian city of Binesh on November 22, 2012. Then he was in a secret prison in the Islamic State for almost 2 years. On August 19, 2014, an Internet video was posted showing his cruel beheading. Matching this in an orange prison gown, which only prisoners of the US high security prison camp in Guantanamo in Cuban can have. Where do IS terrorists come from, without the CIA's involvement? These videos were used for propaganda purposes and for the recruitment of many young men from all over the world who wanted to join IS for the "holy war".

Foley's parents tried unsuccessfully to ransom an Islamic State ransom of approximately $ 2 million before the execution of their son. However, the family was "warned of legal measures" by the US Obama administration. The crime scene for the executions in the Syrian Raqqa desert was clearly localized by the video recordings (Figure 2), but the US Department of Defense never claims to have known where the acts were supposed to have happened during the Obama era.




Image Source: APA/EPA Nicole Tung



Image Source: Cairns Post

Victim of Islamic State public executions

From top left: James Fooley an American journalist, Steven Sotloff an American journalist with Jewish roots, Sergei Gorbunow a Russian technician, David Cawthorne Haines an English development worker, the two Japanese Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto. One worked as a security contractor and the other was a journalist.


Building the Islamic State - Organized like a company

There was bookkeeping for the terrorists. Social security contributions were paid and the women of the fighters who were killed received compensation. The Islamic State itself made money from tolls in the conquered areas, illegal oil smuggling, and the sale of works of art from conquered historical sites.







Conquest and looting of the ancient Syrian desert city of Palmyra by the Islamic State

In May 2015, the ancient Syrian-Roman desert city of Palmyra was conquered by IS, which is a World Heritage Site. From then on, the Islamic terror organization threatened to destroy the ancient site several times. These include a long colonnade street, Roman tombs and the temple of Baalshamin.







The large, well-preserved amphitheater was the scene of gruesome public executions by captured Syrian soldiers who started there on May 21, 2015. Representatives of the UN or UNESCO "condemned" this as a "crime against humanity" by default. While the deep US-Obama state watched as its construction work proceeded as planned.



Image Source: Long War Journal
Image Source:

The archaeologist and museum director Chaled al-Assaad, who worked in Palmyra, was executed on August 18, 2015 by IS and hung publicly on a lamp post. The 11-time father Asaad was one of the most distinguished experts on the ancient ruins of Palmyra and spent more than 50 years researching and restoring it as a responsible scientist.




IS destroyed the Baalshamin temple on August 23, 2015, which was built almost 2,000 years ago and was considered the second most important building in Palmyra. The monumental ruins of a large city that was one of the most important cultural centers of antiquity. Syrian antiquity director Maamoun Abdul Karim said IS fighters filled the Greco-Roman temple with large amounts of explosives and detonated them on Sunday, destroying the inner sanctuary and surrounding pillars.


Image Source: Jihadist Website

Obama's Dirty Jobs Continues!


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