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JOHN F. KENNEDYHe was the charismatic of all US presidents, a romantic man. He was surrounded by visions, dreams, beautiful women, glamor and glamor. JFK's presidency was called "New Borders" to reach: And he kept his word, only through him people came to the moon, the special and unforgotten JOHN F. KENNEDY (JFK)!

This is the portrait of the 35th American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Someone who inspired his country, modernized it and actually set a new frontier away from the earth, sending the Americans to the moon. Unforgettable JFK. Why did the threefold family man die on November 22, 1963? Brutal Executed by the Deep State of the USA. A cooperation of the American secret service and the mafia. That is why until today the files about the case are not completely released to the public.




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From Ireland to the United States, the Kennedy family history from the beginning

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John the great-grandson of an Irish immigrant who fled poverty and plague in Europe. Patrick Kennedy fell seriously ill when he landed on April 21, 1849 in Noddle's Iceland off Boston. He was so rotten that he did not even have the 2 cents to take a ferry from the small island into the city. Patrick stayed at the port for the sake of simplicity and took on a variety of jobs, such as Fassbinder. Here in the port of Boston lie the American roots, the Irish Kennedy family. The great-grandfather did not have much time left, he was seriously ill and put four children into the world before he died in 1858 of the cholera he was carrying.





The Kennedy clan got rich with tricky business at the Port of Boston and sought out contacts in politics. They became a significant representative of the Democratic Party and made Boston a sort of base.


PI Kennedy (pictured right), he also grew up in very poor conditions. His father died shortly after his birth. At 14, he had to work as a docker for the entire family. His mother remained alone with his 3 other siblings. He fought his way and waited on a side by side in a harbor tavern. He was skilled and saved himself money. At age 22, he bought a bar, a saloon on Haymarket Square, a pub on the docks, and a more upmarket bar in a hotel. For this he founded his own company for whiskey to provide his guests with this alcoholic beverage. The chemical formula for a personal taste was an Irish family secret. From his fortune he financed his entry into politics and went to the Democratic Party.


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The Kennedys became big in the whiskey business

Joe Kennedy, the son of Pi Kennedy succeeded as ambassador of the United States in England, during World War II an international coup that made him even richer. He received the lucrative British import rights for the distribution of whiskey from Haig & Haig Scotch, Dewars, Gordon's Gin and other imported beverages, all of which were highly coveted for US customers. Joe born as Joseph P. Kennedy on September 6, 1888, was doing much better than his father. He was able to study at the elite Harvard University and became a banker. At age 25, he became the youngest bank director in the US, as the new director of the Columbia Trust. Joe finally brought the Kennedy family to the Beleetage in Boston and married the mayor's daughter. During the First World War, Joe pressed for military service and declared himself an "expert" in shipbuilding at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation.

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Joe Kennedy (center) with his second eldest son John Fitzgerald (red arrow).

Unfortunately, unlike his father and grandfather, Joe did not stay completely in the lead and left the path of righteousness a bit. After the war, a millionaire, but only courageously dubious stock transactions and various links between the financial market and politics became.

He also became involved in alcohol smuggling during Prohibition. Prohibition was the nationwide ban in the United States on the manufacture, transport and sale of alcohol through the 18th Amendment to the Constitution from 1920 to 1933. It was also called "the noble experiment". The law did not prevail, there were "whispering pubs" where alcohol was still served. Joe Kennedy was also a member of some movie companies like Paramount Pictures.

His most significant offspring John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, as the second eldest son in Brookline, Massachusetts.



Kennedy admired Hitler for a while

As a young marine, he was in love with a Danish model in the 1940s. Inga Marie Arvad, Miss Denmark 1931, had the opportunity as a journalist to interview the German dictator Adolf Hitler in the course of the hosting of the Olympic Games in 1936. She transferred her enthusiasm for the perfect organization in Germany to Kennedy. For a while he thought that Hitler was a "great and successful politician". Inga was 28 years old when she was in a relationship with Kennedy. She was a famous actress at the time. her films were financed by Axel Wenner Gren, one of the richest men in the world. He made his money with the Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

Inga Arvad meeets Adolf Hitler Image Source: La Tercera






He sat down at the risk of his life for his own comrades. Actually, he would not have had to go to war because he came from a rich family and it was easy to "buy free", but JFK wanted to fight for his country.

He went to Navy, the US Navy, where he got into battle in the Pacific War, when the US fought against Japan. It happened on August 2, 1943. Kennedy served on the US warship PT-109. In a kamikaze action, an enemy Japanese boat rammed a so-called "Amagiri" 112m long and weighed 2,000 tonnes, the US ship. The force of the impact exploded the tank of the US boat and the hull broke in two.


Kennedy a war hero in the second world waR

FImage Source: US Navy

Kennedy and the survivors of his crew stayed on one side. They spent a few hours on the rest of their boat, but it sank deeper and deeper. Now a decision had to be made. Colonel Lieutenant Kennedy ordered his men to swim to a tiny island more than five kilometers away. Two of his sailors could not swim, and one man was too severely wounded to make his own way. Kennedy, who had swum in the senior team while studying at Harvard University, pulled the man on the belt of a life jacket with him and brought the men safely in the water on the saving island.

All eleven survivors of the collision with the Japanese destroyer were rescued on August 8, 1943. Kennedy received the Navy Medal and Purple Heart Wound Badge for this achievement.

Journalist John F. Kennedy went into politics
Foto Quelle: Hulton Archive


First he was a journalist from 1945 (photo) and reported the founding of the UN in New York. A year later, Kennedy - with considerable financial support from the father - applied for a seat in the US House of Representatives. The victory in the actual election he managed with a share of nearly 72 percent against the Republican Lester W. Bowen clearly. Kennedy took his mandate in the House of Representatives from January 3, 1947 true. Soon he saw that you can not move anything there. In the election campaign for a seat in the Senate in 1952, his father spent several million US dollars. In November 1952, he was elected US Senator for Massachusetts.



In 1958, he was re-elected as a senator with a record lead over Republican Vincent J. Celeste and from then on he was considered a promising democratic presidentialcandidate for 1960, where he won the internal party contest for the nomination in the primaries against Senator Hubert H. Humphrey and on the Congress against the Senate Democratic leader, Lyndon B. Johnson, and the two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson.










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John F. Kennedy's Path to Presidency - A Young Candidate of Visions and Dreams for a Better America For a "better America and a more peaceful world," Kennedy campaigned. He was also a passionate fighter against communism and a free world. In the election campaign he had to prevail against the Republican opponent Vice-President Richard Nixon.


Image Source: Walter Sanders/ The Life Picture



Image Source: New York Daily News

Kennedy launched an innovative campaign and used the then newly created television to promote his election campaign. 90% of the then American households already had a receiver. He meticulously worked with this new medium and tested angles to get an optimal picture. On October 19, 1960, a Confetti Parade was held in New York City for the final of his election campaign (picture).




Here are pictures of the inauguration ceremony from January 20th, 1961

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Kennedy's New Borders:

American patriotism for freedom and prosperity in America

Image Source: C-Span

The newly elected 35th US President Kennedy gave his first State of the Union speech to his people on January 29, 1961 in the Senate. He spoke of "a national force that could solve the problems of unemployed people in families". Kennedy's goal America should be free! He had an innovative policy to fight the economic crisis in his country. He wanted to stimulate private sector activities through state demand. This was a "revolution" for America because, according to the US Constitution of 1787, the task of the state was not to direct the economy, but with Kennedy's clever trick this was done indirectly, but without violating the constitution. And in fact, he succeeded in increasing economic growth by 6.1%.




His 1961 South America trip brought hope to a poor continent

Image Source: British Pathe

Image Source: British Pathe

At a reception in front of South American diplomats, in the White House on March 13, 1961, Kennedy promised the "new frontiers" of his presidency should lead to new trade relations with impoverished South America. In December 1961 he followed his words deeds and set out on a multi-day trip. He was received cheering in the streets. In the Venezuelan city of Maracay he met President Romulo Betancourt. Kennedy started a project with US aid loans to help the poor rural population. Land was purchased that the families could manage. Jackie the First Lady flattered the country with a speech in perfect Spanish (image).


One day before his assassination (see below) on November 21, 1963 in Houston, Texas, Kennedy talked about the possibilities of debt relief and social programs for South America. This disrupted the criminal activities of the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Reserve and the International Monetary Fund, and could motivate the CIA to abandon the murder order.



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Kennedy Saved the World - The Cuba Crisis of 1962

This US spy images about nuclear missiles in Cuba brought the world into turmoil.

and the World Before a Third World War!




The Communist island of Cuba, at the gates of America, had been a thorn in the side of the US since 1958, when the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was seized. The United States once sent the surveillance apparatus of its CIA secret service there to analyze the Communist mortal enemy. Ruler Castro always felt threatened from the beginning by the US and sought, therefore, the contact with the big brother of the Soviet Union. Operation "Anadyr" was strictly secret and was supposed to protect Cuba from an American invasion. Hidden in supply ships, the Soviets sent tanks, fighters, helicopters, jeeps, lorries and anti-aircraft missiles. The United States did not hide its activities because of its intelligence service, but they considered it "defensive" and did not do anything at first.


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Until October 14, 1962, as a United States reconnaissance aircraft, flew over Cuban airspace and photographed the positions of R-12/14 medium-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a range of 3000km, directly threatening the US mainland! Other ships with atomic long-range missiles were traveling by sea. President Kennedy was informed of these activities at 8:45 am on October 16, 1962, and immediately summoned his crisis team (picture) consisting of his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, CIA Director John McCone, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson.

As a first result, Kennedy immediately imposed a naval blockade against Cuba. The President demonstrated diplomatic skill, made everyone talk, went out of meetings several times, and recorded the talks secretly. So posterity got unique insights and time documents on the behavior of government officials in times of crisis. JFK decided to wait a few days until he informed the world public about everything in a televised speech (picture below). The President also informed the Alliance partner West Germany, which was geographically right on the front of the "Iron Curtain" to the Soviet Union. Chancellor Adenauer was reckless, wanted a Poliitk the strength against the Soviet Union and militarily a first strike regardless of losses! Had Kennedy heard that, the 3rd World War would have been unavoidable.


Operation Anadyr kept going, war equipment was still being unpacked and installed. 22 transport ships were on the way. 3 of them transport rockets, others only oil. The ships were accompanied by reconnaissance planes of the Americans (picture).

Kennedy was urged by his military to immediately order an attack on Cuba! Kennedy stayed with the gentler and more defensive "weapon" naval blockade, which proved historically correct.

At 10 am on October 24, 1962, Soviet supply ships approached the American sea blockade line. A Soviet submarine kept position between two own transport ships. The UN in New York convened for a special crisis meeting. Robert Kennedy said: "We all held our breath". The world was on the verge of a nuclear war! In between, the protagonists lost their nerve, on October 27, 1962 Cuba's President Castro shoot down an American U-2 reconnaissance aircraft because it came too close. The pliot died.

Despite everything, Kennedy remained surprisingly cool and sent his brother Robert to secret negotiations in the Soviet Embassy. Later, they met in the Ministry of Justice, the ingenious secret deal "missile exchange". The US would withdraw their nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey in the immediate vicinity of the Soviet Union, outdated Jupiter missiles anyway, if in return the Soviet Union would uninstall the nuclear missiles in Cuba. The Soviet leader Khrushchev accepted this in the name of world peace, as he said. A major diplomatic coup by President Kennedy concluding a bilateral agreement with the Soviet Union. Both statesmen Kennedy and Khrushchev (pictured below) should have received the Nobel Peace Prize for this heroic commitment to world peace! The world was fortunate that at that time John F. Kennedy was sitting with his brother at power stations in America.






Kennedy's wife Jackie the First Lady brought glamor & glamor to White House

Jacqueline Kennedy came from a wealthy French-born bankers family, their excellent contacts in the French government made it possible to bring the world-famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci to Washington on January 08, 1963.







The playboy John F. Kennedy served as a model for the world-famous men's magazine


This man was sexy early on and loved the women! By the age of 14, he had found in his room porno magazines, which was a catastrophe for the arch-Catholic family. This passion for sex and an almost magical attraction to the fair sex brought him some love affairs with the most beautiful women in America and beyond.

JFK was probably a sex god, because of a drug he received because of his inflammatory bowel disease and probably increased the desire, his affairs: Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford, Judith Campbell, Angie Dickinson, Ellen Rometsch, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Blaze Starr , Pamela Turnure, Gunilla Von Post, Gene Tierney.

Kennedy's first affair as a young marine with Lisa Lanett a native Austrian brought him a son. She was born on August 7, 1921 as Elisabeth Hortenau in the Hinterbrühl near Vienna. When Hitler invaded Austria in 1938, "revealed Lisa Lanett," I was in Rome with my mother. We decided not to return and fled to the US. "Lisa, who worked as an actress and fashion model, went to Phoenix / Arizona, where American officers were quartered during the Second World War." One of them, "said Lisa Lanett," was John F. Kennedy. The result of her love relationship an illegitimate son.



The Mini affair Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy - Much ado about nothing! For the media, it was THE story. Bombshell, actress, fashion icon bosom wonder Marilyn Monroe (picture) and the American president. They probably only met secretly once in Bing Crosby's Palm Springs, California and had 3 minutes of Quicky Sex. Marilyn said that she does not care about this guy (Kennedy) and only wanted to help with his "back pain". The FBI was always trying to make all the pictures disappear where you see the two together (Picture 2).

So there was probably less than the public suspected. The Monroe clapped drunk, but sexy "Happy Birthday" for the President in glitter on his birthday party, which was celebrated on May 19, 1962 in Madison Square Garden New York preferred. The President invited them to promote donations. The Monroe was not interested in politics, had somehow "no buck" that evening and saw this as a chore. Nevertheless, John F. Kennedy will have been shocked that Marilyn Monroe was found dead a few weeks after the presidential birthday serenade.





The Judith Campbell affair: She was the "Monica Lewinsky" by John F. Kennedy. The Society Lady came to the White House as an "intern". She had sex with Kennedy 20 times, once she got pregnant and drove off.


The Angie Dickinson Affair: With this actress, John F. Kennedy had a two-day endurance marathon from January 17-19, 1960 (!) Before his presidential debut at his Palm Springs, California home.


The Jayne Mansfield Affair: With the actress and Playboy Playmate, John F. Kennedy had sex when she was 8 months pregnant. He wanted to know what it feels like and was very careful.


LSD drug artist Mary Pinchot Meyer (picture) tamed Kennedy: Born on October 14, 1920 in New York City, she was considered a communist because her father was a wealthy lawyer from a major East Coast family and helped with a left-leaning newspaper finance. She met Kennedy at a college ball in 1935, and later in 1945 they met again in San Francisco, where they both reported as young journalists about the founding of the UN.

Later, she was married to a first generation CIA agent. Cord Meyer, a former Marine soldier who was active in the Pacific War like Kennedy. Meyer became a specialist in "psychological warfare" and experimented with the drug MK Ultra, a drug that can change consciousness, the so-called "brainwashing." In the summer of 1954, the Kennedy's (John and Jackie) bought a house next to the Meyers. Mary learned a lot about her husband's CIA activities, including Operation Mockingbird (Mockingbird). The CIA had built up a network of influential journalists and opinion leaders to influence public opinion at home and abroad, which in the name of the establishment undermined the press to ensure government-friendly reporting. Mary got so much insider knowledge about the CIA, which she probably later told Kennedy everything. This made her a dangerous person for the Deep State. Mary was a hippie and took the LSD from the MK Ultra program of the CIA for artistic purposes, because she painted. When she started a love affair with John F. Kennedy, she saw this drug as a suitable way to make men "peaceful and tame" and thus make a contribution to the world's fate.







Kennedy hosted nude bathing parties. He liked to go naked in the pool of the white house with beautiful women swimming. A whole "army" of beautiful young ladies, preferably blondes, some Playmates from Playboy or unknown reported at the gate of the White House. For the Secret Service a disaster, firstly the security had to be guaranteed, secondly had to be removed a lot of "traces" that the wife Jackie of the sex orgies John F. Kennedy did not notice.

The public in America knew nothing of Kennedy's many affairs: "I married Jacqueline Bouvier at the age of 37 so they would not think I was gay," said Kennedy himself. He met journalist Bouvier in 1953 at a dinner party.

Kennedy's sex addiction became a problem: "Every 3 days I get a headache," he said. Ellen Rometsch, who ranschmiss as Elizabeth Taylor Double to the President was a GDR secret agent of the Stasi. So JFK was classified as a "security issue" for the CIA.


John F. Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, the Dark Connection to the Mafia!

Image Source: The

Nancy Pelosi, today's adversary of President Donald Trump, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, met President Kennedy as a 20-year-old in the White House. Her father, Thomas D'Alesandro Jr (pictured above right), was a greasy real estate entrepreneur and "constant companion" of the infamous mafia gangster Benjamin Magliano from Baltimore. This connection is important to understand why John F. Kennedy was later murdered in Dallas. D'Alesandro tried to become something in the Democratic Party, but flashed off at Kennedy. This could be a motive why the mafia later wanted to kill Kennedy.

Change by Approach, Kennedy's Significant Speech on June 10, 1963 in front of the American University, Washington, D.C. Kennedy wanted his own doctrine. A new political principle; a new political program for a peaceful America Quotations: "What kind of peace do we aim at? This is not about a Pax Americana imposed on the world by American war weapons ... I'm talking about real peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living in. Total War is meaningless in an age when great powers can maintain many and relatively invincible nuclear weapons and refuse to surrender without the use of these weapons, meaningless in an age when the explosion of a single nuclear weapon is nearly ten times as powerful as the weapons of all In short, both the United States and its allies, as well as the Soviet Union and its allies, have a deep, reciprocal interest in maintaining a just and honest peace and stopping the arms race. "

Kennedy achieved a relaxation in the conflict, the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1962 in the Cuban Bay of Pigs, not by war, but by negotiation. His brother Justice Minister Robert instructed him in UN-international law and decided both to carry out only one naval blockade. For the industrial-military complex of the USA, the so-called deep state, which also controls parts of the secret service provokes a provocation. With a "weaker" USA, money could no longer be earned through armor!

Kennedy, the Berliner. A triumphal procession in Germany for freedom

On June 26, 1963, he was ready: the bearer of hope for free Berlin and West Germany in the middle of the Cold War came to visit the divided city.

He liked to come, because "according to him Germany had changed". It was the first visit by a US president after the wall was built.

The Air Force One made an extra round, Kennedy could also see from the air the day of the Reich and the course of the Berlin Wall.

At 9:45 clock Air Force One landed the plane of the American President at the airport Berlin-Tegel. Under 19 salute shots from US howitzers.

Several police and military service divisions welcomed him with military music. He shouts off the honor formations.



Then it was in an open car through the streets of Berlin. Since 1961 a wall separated the two halves of the city into two sectors. The socialist-communist part in the east and the democratic-liberal part in the west. East and West also separated a political-ideological view of the world.

The German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, already a grandfather and in the late autumn of his chancellorship wanted to get some shine in the shadow of the charismatic US President, much like the Governing Mayor of the SPD Willy Brandt, who at that time had higher ambitions to become a chancellor candidate. Both stood in the car with Kennedy and presented themselves to the crowd.



John F. Kennedy was received as a Redeemer. Confetti rain in the streets, thousands of people on both sides of the streets cheered him. At 53 km, the trellis is said to have extended with waiting and cheering people for the US president.

A total of 1.5 million people were up for Kennedy that day across the city.



Never before has an American president been received in Berlin as warmly as Kennedy was allowed to experience. He had to sign many autographs.

Kennedy came for the Berlin as the leader of the democratic-liberal world in the city. Not only the Berlin, but the entire West was afraid of a nuclear war with the Soviet class enemy in the East.



From a pedestal he visited the Brandenburg Gate, which stood in the middle of the divided zone.

From the east, red flags and propaganda vehicles were set up to receive the US president ideologically contemptuously. He was shown open hostility. Kennedy looked thoughtful and sad as he left the stage again. He would have liked to see the Brandenburg Gate free.



On the other hand, GDR border guards were bored with submachine guns, which watched the American president suspiciously. The socialist GDR leadership was afraid of Kennedy, who was also extremely popular in the East.

At Checkpoint Charlie he also visited the border and barrier areas. Everywhere the GDR regime showed military presence.


Then it was again in a jubilee druch on the streets of Berlin, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz the bells rang during the passage.

All of Berlin was at the window, on the street, or on radios. The city was festively decorated with American flags.



Kennedy was driven to Schöneberg City Hall, where he met the Berlin House of Representatives, where he gave a speech: In front of several 100,000 people Kennedy took the opportunity to speak directly to the Berliners, he was: "have been proud to come here".

The Berlin Wall was the "most abominable demonstration" between communism and the free world that ever existed.


And: "Who would see the communism as a future" should come to Berlin. 2000 years ago, the proudest sentence would have been this: "I am a citizen of Rome, today it is, I am a Berliner.

Actually, the occasion for the speech was the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift when the Americans supplied food to the divided city from the air. But Kennedy used this opportunity to stand for a political statement behind Berlin and the free world.


As the most important quotations from this important speech, Kennedy recalls: "All free people, wherever they live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore as a free person I am proud to say that I am a Berliner!"

He affirmed that he never wanted to leave West Berlin to the Soviets, and he warned against the danger of communism. So he presented General Clay as a military protector. He was installed as a personal representative of Kennedy in Berlin.

The mayor of Berlin, Willy Brandt, enthused about this: "The presence of General Clay in Berlin is a living pledge for the will of America to preserve this city's freedom."

The crowd cheered him repeatedly during the speech.




Afterwards he went to a ceremony at the Free University of Berlin. Here he was replaced by acting rector Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Heinitz awarded the honorary citizenship of the university. He then gave another speech to about 20,000 students and guests of the university.

"It is important that universities are always free, that Berlin has become more and more important not only in culture, but also in the heart: truth, justice and freedom are a duty that must be fulfilled".

When Kennedy left Berlin in the evening, he said, "But I'm leaving part of America here, and Kennedy's extremely successful visit to Berlin was certainly the highlight of his brief presidency.



SENSATION With the nephew a Kennedy is back in Germany. after 57 years it is called

The 2020 coronavirus world crisis and the restrictions on democracies and freedom bring a Kennedy back to save the family legacy. "Berlin is the front line against totalitarianism," said Robert Kennedy Jr. the son of John's brother. Kennedy on August 29, 2020 in the German capital Berlin. At least 300,000 enthusiastic people wanted to hear his freedom speech under a bright blue sky in the zoo near the victory column. Accompanied by loud Kennedy, Kennedy shouts. He spoke on the platform of the "Querdenker" movement, which had formed in the course of peaceful protests against the restrictions on public life imposed by the German government. This grouping serves to defend the free-democratic basic order of Germany and ultimately also the politics of John F.Kennedy. Nephew Kennedy (born 1954) invited himself. He already followed the demonstration of August 1st, 2020 in America with "horror" and what the German mass media made of it, namely an alleged "Nazi conspiracy".








Robert Kennedy Jr. is an absolute expert on vaccines. With his foundation of the "Childrens Health Defense" (in German: health protection for children) he was particularly committed to better health protection for children. He spoke about problems in the US with vaccines. No government control, mixing with the military complex, and contamination of vaccines with mercury, resulting in children dying earlier after vaccinations. Politicians became puppets of the pharmaceutical mafia. He is against Bill Gates and his unchecked vaccines, who will cash in on the coronavirus and government support at the expense of people's health! He also opposes the surveillance state and the restrictions on democracy.

This 2020 Berlin speech for freedom, health and the life of Mr. Kennedy was wonderful. He is a beacon of humanity and a great example for all of us who are children of light. A teacher of justice.

In truth, these images will last forever! Kennedy and Berlin a love story of a special kind that was noticed back in the old homeland in Ireland. "It is so emotional, please stay together so that the whole world gets it too," wrote Irish top model Linda Murphy on Twitter. We love to give back love: WE ARE KENNEDY! For him, people stayed in Berlin until late at night.



John F. Kennedy in Texas im November 1963

Already in the campaign for his re-election in 1964, he ended up in San Antonio on November 21, 1963. With an auto escort, it went through the trellis of an enthusiastic crowd in the city. He presented his political program at the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. The new frontiers that he announced at the beginning of his presidency were to create pioneers of a new era and create a time when there were no more crises. Kennedy probably meant eradicating hunger and poverty in the world. He was celebrated by his people for these plans. If you had spent all of the monetary funds that the US industrial-military complex had spent on unnecessary wars for years, this goal would have been achievable in the foreseeable future. A declaration of war for the deep state with its banking circles. Her "business model" war was increasingly at risk with Kennedy.


Death in Dallas: How the US President groped and died in a deep state trap


November 22, 1963 was a bright sunny day in late autumn. The President was on a campaign tour in Texas for his re-election in 1964. He arrived in Dallas 20 minutes late. He had previously spent the night in Fort Worth and given a long speech at the Hotel Texas.


He soon landed at Love Field.


The waiting car column was to accompany the president, accompanied by his wife, the First Lady Jackie, through the 11-mile tour of the city center to the Dallas Business and Trade mart, where lunch was planned. A huge car parade with a huge line-up of journalists and press photographers accompanied the President. Kennedy was always sure that something could happen to him. He created a public and hoped that this "shield" of people would protect him.


A short drive through the city followed. Kennedy insisted on driving the open limousine so that everyone could see him. A car with Secret Service agents for protection drove behind it.






The Secret Service agents who were supposed to protect the President were Hill, Roberts, Kinney, Ready, Landis, Mc Intyre. There is unproven speculation that one of them also fired shots at the president. In fact, one of them (picture) was holding a submachine gun and "shots from a submachine gun" were described in the police radio.





Image Source: Screenshot WAHRRICHTEN Edit


At 12:10 they wanted to reach the Dealey Plaza, then leave the main road, turn right on Houston Street and turn left into Elm Street.





On this corner was the building of the textbook warehouse, the TSBC Building (picture), where the alleged bomber Oswald was employed as a warehouse worker. He is said to have fired the 3 shots from an extremely oblique angle from a small window on the 6th floor. Ten minutes before, Oswald is said to have been seen on a coke machine on the second floor. Strange for an alleged assassin who takes every second to prepare. Allegedly the elevator should not have gone then and Oswald took the stairs.


Image Source: Robert Croft

Then happened the most debated minutes in humanity History and the last seconds in the life of the President. The murder of John F. Kennedy, in the eyes of the global public.




Since Kennedy suffered from massive back pain due to his war injury from World War II, he wore a corset and had to sit upright, a perfect target for a sniper.

A secret CIA clearance sign for the assassination attempt? A man with an umbrella on a sunny day.

1 rifle shot was still on the presidential vehicle next to it

2 Gunshot Kennedy's throat was hit. The president closes his mouth

3 deadly gunshot Kennedy's head is literally "blown up"

Theory of the shots from the Grassy Knoll hill from across the street can unfortunately be proven beyond doubt due to the poor quality of the original pictures, but some strange things.


The "individual offender" Lee Harvey Oswald- Poor shooter, bad rifle, bad shot position but "Magic bullet delivered and 'unofficial employee of the CIA" The scapegoat for the public was born October 18, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana a civilian local group, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to learn military combat flying, then he went to the US Marines where he "dishonored." He entered the USSR (Soviet Union) via Finland and became a US soldier Issued to deathly enemy (!) Documents during the Cold War, indicating that he was a CIA agent from the outset, returning to New Orleans in 1963.

According to a government investigation by the so-called Warren Commission, Kennedy was hit by two rifle shots. Three shots are said to have been made by the "offender" Lee Harvey Oswald.

A "magic bullet", a magic bullet with curious features, would have allegedly caused Kennedy's lethal injury. Smashed ribs, injuries to the right wrist, left thigh, 2 holes in the back, in the throat and of course the large head wound is said to have caused this "magic bullet".

The act of violence should have happened so, even if this story to this day numerous inconsistencies are to be fixed. Twenty-four-year-old former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots with a "Mannlicher Carcano rifle" (Warren Commission) on a window of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) on the president's open car at 12:30 pm on November 22, 1962 , This rifle, which the Italian armed forces used was rather old. With this old rifle Oswald should have fired successfully in three or even 5.6 seconds three times on a moving target.

This rifle, which Oswald had bought in a mail-order store eight months before the $ 12.78 attempt, was considered an "inferior military weapon" (as the American "Manual for Military Small Arms"). Ammunition for it was also difficult to get, because since 1944 no more cartridges were manufactured for Mannlicher Carcano rifles. Oswald had been able to qualify in just one of the last shooting test in the Marine Corps in 1959 just as a "fairly moderate" Sagittarius.

Image Source: Old Pics Archive


Kennedy's multiple injuries only suggest that several shooters fired on him. In fact, the TSBC school bookshop originally provided a perfect shooting position IF the president had not been late. So the angle was so unfavorable, as the sedan also accelerated, that one could not assume that a single offender could deliver extremely precise shots from the given position (skylight 6th floor), which would have been fatal for the president.

After the Shots: Jackie Kennedy climbed onto the back of the limousine and picked up some of the brain mass of her husband who had been injected there. Secret Service man Clint Hill, who had jumped on the car in the meantime, pushed her back into her seat. The driver, who had slowed down after the second shot to look for the president, now accelerated the car to escape.






Kennedy was taken to the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital at 12:35, where fourteen doctors were struggling to save his life. At 1 pm, Kennedy was officially declared dead.







The Warren Commission, chaired by an alien judge of the same name, was a bad-tempered contraceptive pill for the public to clarify the Kennedy assassination! The murder of the popular president caused great sadness, dismay and anger in the population. The succession puppet in the office of US President Johnson wore the legacy, he had to clear up the background to reassure the public. There was time to win so that "grass over the thing" can grow, therefore a commission as calming pill for the public was the best means. The Presidential Commission for the assassination of President Kennedy, unofficially known as the "Warren Commission," was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 29, 1963, by Executive Order 11130. The FBI quickly launched a submarine to write reports out of the commission. This was Gerald R. Ford, who later became the 38th US President himself. A December 1963 memo describes how Republican Congressman Ford informed the concerns of two members of the Warren Commission that Kennedy had been shot from the sixth floor of the Texan School Bookstore in Dallas. The deep state wanted to know at any time who has the doubter theory itself so his doubts.

For ten months, Kennedy's successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, has appointed a seven-member commission chaired by America's highest federal judge, Earl 5. Warren, in collaboration with the US Federal Intelligence Service (CIA), the Secret Service's Secret Service and a number of special detectives checked all the details of the assassination. Embarrassing details were revealed: "Individual offender" Oswald was IM the CIA. He was allowed to return to the US with his Soviet wife Marina at the expense of the secret service $ 435 a day, without being ever interrogated. Obviously, he was probably a "traitor" and defector of communism. What he did for two years in the Soviet Union seemed to interest no one in America so much. Very suspicious!

14 gun shots were heard at the Dealey Plaza in Texas during the assassination, but were not allowed by the Warren Commission.

Witnesses said they saw false Secret Service agents firing from a nearby shrubbery on the Kennedy sedan. The Warren Commission also did not accept these testimony statements.

Findings of the Warren Commission, extracts that appear credible:

From the railway bridge, which led over the three streets (Elm Street, Main Street, Commerce Street) should have fallen NO shot.

The neck wound of the President was caused by a shot that had NOT come from the front, according to the doctors in Parkland Hospital.

This confirms my now following thesis shots was delivered by building opposite (following picture).


UNTIL TODAY OFFICIAL "SECRET CLOSING" nevertheless evidence allows the following conclusion: CIA murdered its own president!





Kennedy had to leave, after exactly 1000 days in office this was done! The industrial-military complex of the USA thirsted for new constructed wars, these were not to do with President Kennedy. A "regime change" was needed.

Since the Cuba crisis, the president has arbitrarily bypassed the deep state (military and intelligence services). They could not perform any secret operations as long as Kennedy used his diplomatic solutions. THIS President was NOT a puppet. Following his speech at the American University, he hinted at developing his own doctrine: Now it was clear to the deep state that Kennedy must be removed as soon as possible.

The CIA Central Intelligence Agency was founded on September 18, 1947 to handle the "security of the United States." It independently carried out intelligence and military operations. The tasks of the CIA are versatile. It not only provides information but also analyzes governments, associations and individuals. In addition, their employees perform secret operations,

sometimes also with illegal procedures - so the civilian secret service influences the international politics substantially. The CIA has been harshly criticized by numerous well-known journalists and historians for being involved in drug trafficking worldwide. This is the reference to Nancy Pelosi and her father, who was involved in mafia drug trafficking in Baltimore. CIA / MAFIA Connection.

The sequel

After the death of the president, the deep state was not fast enough to install its puppet Lyndon B. Johnson. The corpse of the president was not yet cold, as the new president was sworn in the Air Force One. Jackie stood traumatized in her blood-stained dress. Kennedy's casket was just supposed to be in the hold, but the employees protested violently. Kennedy was immediately forgotten and treated like a "thing". Jackie experienced a horror day, had to smoke many cigarettes, suffered several mental breakdowns.

The little hero of his father's burial

John F. Kennedy, Jr., his son, born in Washington on November 25, 1960, salutes during his father's funeral on November 25, 1963. This was also his third birthday.

Last Rest for a Forced Unfinished Great Man







The Tomb of JFK at the Heroes Cemetery in Arlington with the Eternal Flame. Jackie wanted it modeled on the grave of the unknown soldier in Paris created in French manner. It was specially laid a gas pipe to keep the flame permanently alive. To ensure this even in extreme weather conditions, a device was developed which creates a permanent spark. The Grantiplatten come from Kennedy's former home in Cape Cod. Excerpts from his inaugural address are engraved on white marble tablets.


Hope, violence and equal death: Brother Robert Kennedy was also murdered when he wanted to become president

US Attorney General Robert Kennedy Photo source: Wikipedia




America at war and society deeply divided. Race riots and street violence. And one man was considered a great reconciler. Robert F. Kennedy, the brother of the assassinated 35th US President, the former attorney general, went to the summit of the presidency until the same fate happened to him on the way and he too was killed.

Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign, also known as "RFK" & "Bobby", began on March 16, 1968. He was a US Senator from New York at the time.

Robert Kennedy in the original: “Today I am announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States, which is on a dangerous path. I have so strong feelings and I feel obliged to do what I can. "

Kennedy made this announcement from the same location in the Senate Chamber where John F. Kennedy announced his presidential candidacy in January 1960. He won the Democratic primary in Nebraska and Indiana until his ascent suddenly ended on June 5, 1968 in a ballroom at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. A Palestinian with a Jordanian passport shot him at close range. Kennedy's body was returned to New York City. The funeral service took place in St. Patrick's Cathedral on June 8, 1968. The younger brother Ted recalled him at the funeral mass: "A good and decent man who sees wrong and tried to correct it".




New Borders Kennedy's Lunar Ride PrograM

When Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon in 1969, it was mankind's first step into a new era. The way there was paved by John F. Kennedy, who unfortunately was not allowed to witness this historic step himself. The second man, Buzz Aldrin, described the moon as "the sea of calm". President Kennedy's idea was that these new borders should lead people to these distant Earth satellites. He did not want wars, the industrial-military complex should rather use its resources for space travel. Kennedy funded the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). During his presidency, manned space flights began in the so-called Mercury programs, which were organized and directed by the German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.



WERNHER VON BRAUN: The former Nazi rocket scientist became important for the USA and its space project and was searched for by the Americans during the Second World War. Operation Overcast was a US military secret project to recruit German scientists and technicians after the defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II in 1945 and to secure their military engineering skills and knowledge. Wernher von Braun was particularly important to the Americans. He succeeded with the "V2" (small picture on the left type designation unit 4 rocket with liquid engine) on October 3, 1942 in Peenemünde the first successful launch of a ballistic missile. These were used as weapons in World War II. On June 20, 1944, a V2 reached a height of 174.6 km with a record shot, making it the first rocket to cross the border into space. Von Braun developed various other types of missiles for the Americans in Huntsville that were getting bigger and bigger: Jupiter C, Juno II, Atlas, Redstone, Mercury, Saturn I and V. His dark past in Hitler's Germany with the use of forced laborers was wiped away too quickly , American newspapers headlined "Swastika on the Moon Rocket".

President Kennedy wanted to hit the moon to beat the Soviets

His speech to the Washington congress on May 25, 1961 was still to be recorded in the history books. He said, "I believe the United States should aim to land a man on the moon before the end of this decade and bring him back safely to Earth. No other project will be more impressive and important for space exploration during this period.”

Kennedy wanted to follow his words and was also ready to spend a lot of money on the "new frontiers" for his lunar project.

The United States was unsustainable in exploring space. The Soviets already launched the first satellite (Sputnik), the first dog (Laika) and even the first human with Yuri Gagarin.

The NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration was the U.S. federal agency for space and flight science founded in 1958. Predecessor President Eisenhower founded it, bobbed up in front of it. Only Kennedy really got the store going again and he needed the Nazi scientist from Braun. The latter had sent a completed questionnaire about his Nazi past to the White House. Eisenhower ignored him. Kennedy wiped everything away because he needed his know-how and massively promoted von Braun. He worked closely with him (picture). So he was able to switch to NASA, his staff rose to over 7000. The race to the moon was open!



The first American space travelers were apes. "Mister Schinken" was the name of the funny chimpanzee who started the journey into space with a Werner von Braun Redstone rocket. He screamed with pleasure, and would like to be up again.






1961 a "hop" into space. The redstone rake raced steeply into the sky at 8000km / h. It took 15 minutes and brought the astronaut Alan Shephard up 480 kilometers.





John Glenns (picture right) was the first American in space. His flight went around the earth three times. This was done on May 24, 1962 in four hours and 56 minutes. For a long time it was unclear whether he could start his first flight at all, the countdown had to be interrupted because of difficulties with his Mercury capsule. After the flight, President Kennedy greeted Colonel Glenn, of whom he was visibly proud. Both drove through New York in an open car.




Kennedy himself was watching from the sky when on July 16, 1969 at 2:32 p.m. the 110 meter high Saturn V rocket, designed by Wernher von Braun and launched Apollo 11 (the moon landing module from launch pad 39a at Cape Kennedy. Commandant Neil Armstrong ( Picture on the right) was the first person to walk on the moon, his famous words: "A small step for ONE person, but a huge leap for humanity." Due to a radio error, one person became all people, but that should really be be meant like that.

Due to a navigation error, Apollo 11 almost landed in a crater in a death trap. But Commander Armstrong was able to redirect the lunar module by hand. With 54 kilograms of luggage on his back, Armstrong left the lunar module to be the first person to enter the moon.

Working in the "Sea of Tranquility", as the Earth's satellite was also called. The second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin (picture) put a seismograph on the moon. A device that registers "earthquake-like vibrations" that indicate volcanic activity.

The astronauts had no time and had to use every second because the oxygen supply was very limited. Armstrong and Aldrin both worked like robots, while the third in Collins' group oversaw the two's work in space.

Armstrong had a camera on his helmet that filmed every step.




Armstrong put up the American flag (picture background) and placed a laser reflector that sent light rays from the moon to the earth so you could measure the exact distance. The astronauts were confused and surprised by the constantly changing color of the moon floor.

Armstrong set up a sail to investigate the solar winds. The energy of the sun that acted on the moon. The legs of the lunar module were protected with tinfoil paper so that a start was possible again at any time.


THE MOON BELONGS TO KENNEDY The moon trip THE most significant achievement in human history so far on which over 400,000 people worked would not have been possible without John.F Kennedy. As US President, he planned and organized this gigantic project. He decided to rehabilitate the Nazi scientist von Braun, without his knowledge of rocket technology this project would never have been possible. He inspired and motivated his compatriots to develop the strength and the bite to really make it to the moon. The immortal moon president John F. Kennedy is immortal.