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Hough. THE GREAT WHITE MAN Trump smokes the peace pipe: Appreciation for the Lumbee Indians. A wonderful story of the American Dream

Image Source: Twitter/Abigail






It is the pursuit of happiness and the hope of ascension as from rags to riches to millionaire that America is built upon. President Trump roamed the files of his country to make America great again and came across an unusual number of workers from North Carolina who were Indians and did very poorly. He was informed that these people were "forgotten" by the state. This is exactly his political agenda of the Keep America Great campaign and he decided to do something. He was accompanied with drums and loud Indian calls. It's historical. The president supports the Indian Lumbee tribe from North Carolina and finally wants to fully recognize them.

He was accompanied with drums and loud Indian calls. It's historical. The president supports the Indian Lumbee tribe from North Carolina and finally wants to fully recognize them.

The name Lumbee comes from the Lumber River (also Lumbee River).

For 55,000 disadvantaged people in the US so far, this means health care, better educational and economic development opportunities. Speaking at a rally on Oct 23, 2020 at the Robison County Fairgrounds in North Carolina, he said: "It is time to correct an injustice that has existed for over 100 years. If I am re-elected I will sign the Lumbee Recognition Act."

President Donald Trump said he supported pending laws in Congress that would extend federal recognition to the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina. The Lumbee Recognition Act would allow members of the tribe to receive federal benefits for certain Native American groups. "For more than a century, the North Carolina Lumbee tribe has sought federal recognition but has encountered indifference and bureaucracy," Trump said in a statement. The Lumbee Nation is no longer forgotten! "

"The Lumbee people are delighted with the president's support," Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. said in a statement. "We have been fighting for the full recognition of our people by the American Confederation for over a century.




Image Source: Twitter/Abigail


Image Source: Zachary C. Young

Die Lumbee Indianer sind in North Carolina seit 1885. Der Stamm hat jetzt ungefähr 60.000 Mitglieder und ist in den Grafschaften Robeson, Schottland, Hoke und Cumberland verteilt.

Einige Kommentare von Menschen die Trump auf der Rally in North Carolina sahen. Sam Malthen ist ein junger 20jähriger US-Soldat sagte: "Ich liebe Trump es war schwer aus diesen Coronaviru Sperren rauszukommen um ihn zu sehen. Es ist wie 2016 als er Hillary Clinton besiegte, seine vielen Rallies werden ihm helfen". Die 30jährige Heathler Ballard kam mit ihrem Ehemann: "Es ist wie ein Traum Präsident Trump sprechen zu sehen. Dass der Präsident in so eine Kleinstadt kommt zeigt mir wie sehr ihm Amerika im Herzen liegt. Er wird die Wahl gewinnen".














Trump USA versus BIDEN CHINA

Why the American President is fighting against Chinese conditions in his country.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden deliberately ignores the threat posed by China to the Rothschild power system.


It is the adverse effect of communist family policy on a child. People are forced to abort their babies because the majority of Chinese prefer to have male babies, but poor families end up selling their female babies too. The dead children are sold in Taiwan for 70 US dollars and used for grilled "delicacies".

There is a witness to these perverse satanic practices: Servant Ms. Lui from Liaoning Province works in a home of wealthy Taiwanese businessmen.


Image Source: The Seoul Times

Photo Chinese Trump fans: We came to America because communism doesn't work in China. It's ridiculous that the Democrats want to turn America into China. We stand behind the President and Law & Law. Chinese for Trump!



The cost of baby soup in Chinese currency is around Rs 2,000 (which is about $ 4,000). The communist regime doesn't care, but traditional Chinese law strictly forbids eating human fetuses! A bad outrage!

Unfortunately, people in China have been practicing this for years because they simply eat anything that lives. One of the Chinese elite, eating a human baby is a sign of "sexual power". And the preparation is a form of "art".

BBABY SMUGGLING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY: In Bingyan, Guangxi Province, 28 female babies were confiscated after being smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province to Houzhou, Anhui Province. It was reported that the oldest baby in the truck was only three months old.

The corrupt China Deals of the Biden Family

Image Source: Turning Point


Joe Biden and his son's corrupt connections raise serious questions about his ethics. Apparently the Chinese elite are closer to him than his own country. This is the secret motive behind his rather weak American position on China.

Hunter Biden the son of presidential candidate Joe received an annual fee of $ 10 million from a Chinese billionaire charged with corruption. Hunter Biden teamed up with billionaire Ye Jianming, chairman of CEFC China Energy & Co during his father's vice presidency. The business relationship between Biden and Ye has been intensifying since 2015. Hunter Biden flew to China on Air Force 2 in 2013 with his father, the then Vice President, and made business contacts there. The 43-year-old Ye, who had close ties with the Chinese military and the Communist Party, was accused of corruption by the government and has disappeared without a trace since 2018.



Reason enough to protect his criminal son from criminal prosecution in the United States that Joe Biden wants to become president.

Evidence Hunter Biden

Cell phone communication Hunter Biden Invitation for a meal with his father, whatever you want to eat "Traditional Chinese" or just plain. Joe Biden: "I haven't taken a single penny from any country".

5 million "loan" from CEFC to the Biden family



An email to Hunter Biden's partner from a top Chinese official on July 26, 2017 revealed that the Chinese energy company CEFC had proposed a $ 5 million "interest-free" loan to the Biden family based on their trust in the family [ Biden] Note to WAHRRICHTEN READERS "BD" means Biden family.

"Should CEFC keep lending more to the family?"

Image Source: Topio Networks Zhao Run Long Hunter Bidens windiger Chinafreund

Less than two weeks later, on August 8, 2017, $ 5 million was transferred from a CEFC-affiliated investment camouflage firm (Northern International Capital Holdings Address 49, CHANGDE DAO, TIANJIN 300050, CHINA) to a Delaware LLC which, according to investigators of the The US Senate transferred nearly $ 4.8 million directly to Hunter Biden's company the next year.



CEFC China/ Rothschild Connection

Same: Ye Jianming, Chairman of CEFC China Energy, met with Deputy Chairman of Rothschild & Co Alexandre de Rothschild on May 10, 2017 at the CEFC China headquarters in Shanghai to exchange ideas on "global investment opportunities". The Rothschild & Co Group is a leading investment bank in Europe and has paid close attention to expanding in the Chinese market.

Image Source:










FARMERS FOR TRUMP President Donald Trump's policies provide water for farms and families in America.
Image Source: Youtube/Mike Less Tractor Parade in Fort Recovery Ohio

On February 19, 2020, US President Donald Trump officially approved a decision by the Department of the Interior to allow more water to be diverted to farmers in California's Central Valley region. The Trump administration is trying to change the landmark environmental law to speed up infrastructure projects. Farmers said the water helps protect their crops during the drought.

After decades of failure and delays in ensuring access to water for the people of this state, we are determined to finally solve your problem, "Trump said.


Sometimes the state of California ran out of water to extinguish the forest fires. The Democrats are not concerned about the people, only about the survival of a tiny 6cm fish called Delta Smelt, which "could drown" if too much water passed through. That is why the presidential decree is being sued.






Inage Source: Youtube/Mike Less Tractor Parade in Fort Recovery Ohio

America’s farmers are heroes, the president has recognized that. The water supply is poor, they work in a desert and still produce products that feed much of the world. These farmers grow more than 450 different crops. They grow more than 99% of the world's supply of almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwis, persimmons, pomegranates, pistachios, plums, raisins and walnuts. They produce more cantaloupes than the next four states combined, 86% of lemons, 80% of olives, and 90% of wine produced in the US, as well as 83% of the country's strawberry harvest and 94% of tomatoes processed. They are leaders in the production of alfalfa hay, grapes, peaches, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, garlic, lettuce, honeydew, onions, peppers, spinach, apricots, raspberries, nectarines and tangerines.

Trump saved the farmers in the corona crisis and in the trade dispute with China with unbureaucratic DIRECT payments. A dream from a German point of view!




MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: President Trump creates what the EU is unable to do with the UK. USMCA a NEW trade agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada in the midst of the corona crisis. He's already posing with products from Goya, the largest Hispanic food company in the USA. Goya "boss Robert Unanue, a native of Spain, said," God bless Trump and Trump tweeted "I LOVE Goya Foods!"


TRUMP USA better out of the corona crisis The US economy under Trump after the corona crisis was already back on a slight growth path + 0.5% in the last quarter. The strong economic slump of -8.7% remains in the EU.





Trump successfully with the National Guard in the fight against the Antifa Left Terrorists / Law & Order in America

Since June 1, 2020, the deep state in America has been using the dirty money of George Soros to mean that President Donald Trump can be got away with a "revolution from the street".

Trump reacts and declares the "internal emergency" in America. This legitimizes the use of the National Guard to restore law and order.

Trump is obliged to do this because he has sworn an oath to the constitution: to avert damage to America and its citizens and to defend the country. This is a kind of martial law.



What is really going on in America. Picture on the right of July 5th, 2020. Exhausted National Guardists sleep on the street (!) In Washington for hours on end against Antifa terrorists.

National Guard troops activated in the following U.S. states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, activated. Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and DC, according to Army Master Sgt.Michael Houk, a spokesman for the National Guarde. A total of 17,000 men on the streets of America to restore law and order.

The National Guardists adhere to the rules of the nation states when it comes to the rules for the use of violence and arming.

The D.C. National Guard activated by President Trump on June 1st


Trump is the commander-in-chief of the military and, with a decree on June 1, 2020, activated the armed forces to ensure law and order in his country. This means the internal unrest, controlled by an "invisible force", is also used to put down violence that erupted across the country in response to George Floyd's death. That day he visited the small prayer church of St. John in Washington opposite the white house, which is used to swear in the presidents and was set on fire by Antifa.





"Resistance" is stirring against the restoration of law and order and normality in America. Democratic mayors and state politicians say "innocent people are kidnapped" and the situation is under control. This is "abuse of power" to use the National Guarde.

The fact that the Antifa violence has developed in Portland, entire streets are no longer under the control of the police, shops are looted, monuments are torn down and massive damage to property is everywhere are excluded by the left-wing mass media.

On Independence Day, July 4th, 2020, the 120-year-old "Iconic Elk Statue" was destroyed in Portland. (Picture left).


VIOLENCE & HATE against the police

The Antifa in America hate the police and set fire to their vehicles (see picture Seattle). They attack everyone in uniform for no reason! Their slogans ACAB (All Cops are Bastards) can be found everywhere. Here (middle picture) on July 4th 2020 a black police officer in Austin / Texas was racially attacked in a park by a violent left mob.


The mirror spreads fake news and claims "unidentifiable federal officials" by Trump in action. The DC National Guarde has existed since May 3, 1802 and is a traditional part-time guard who has been specially trained to combat internal unrest. You abide by laws.

In 1903, they were closely linked to the regular army and air force under federal law and institutionally, and they worked together with local law enforcement agencies as lead agency on behalf of the state's active service to put down civil unrest in the streets.

The crazy left-wing Justice Minister of the State of Oregon Ellen Rosenblum, obviously does not know her own state and spins the conspiracy theory together by a "secret police" that would "peaceful" demonstrators "illegally" disappear into Vans. The lady also wants to legalize marijuana and is probably also a consumer of various substances! Now she wants to sue the President's quote from a "banana republic" Donald Trump.

Backgrounds: Oregon's Justice Minister Ellen Rosenblum, who is suing Trump for deploying the National Guard in Portland, apparently wants to be a Satanist and is caught up in the worldwide pedo swamp of the deep state. Her son is said to have participated in a "blood ritual". She also did illegal drug deals! It controlled a "task force" who distributed child pornography on the Internet in the USA. A prankster who thinks bad. As a judge and attorney general, she was in a wonderful position to cover up her crimes and those of the deep state and prevent prosecution.



Monument Destruction: Left-wing terrorist Antifa leader who, on June 22, destroyed the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park Washington D.C. was arrested on July 02, 2020. Now there is 10 years in prison because of vandalism in state property and a national monument!



In the meantime, statues that have fallen have been lifted back onto the pedestal with great cheers from the patriots: "Stonewall" Jackson is back in Richmond and Christopher Columbus is in Columbus, Ohio, of the same name. Antifa has lost the war but is not giving up:



the 1900 Iconic Elk statue in Portland is unlikely to be saved. The damage caused by Antifa on July 4th is too serious.

The Columbus statue in Baltimore's Little Italy was destroyed on July 5, 2020.

Portland's "peaceful" protesters have military equipment themselves. Military Antifa (see picture below left).

Severe escalation of violence in America in the small town of Kenosha in the US-State Wisconsin. After an unexplained incident during the arrest of a black man, the Antifa, the left-wing seed of evil financed by Soros, was "deployed" there. With looting and violence, these people reduced the shops of small self-employed people to rubble and ashes. The police and vigilante groups had to use force in self-defense to restore law and order. Trump wants peace in the city of Kenosha and visited the place on September 1st, 2020 despite the mayor's "ban".

Leo Terrell, a teacher and writer in America, writes to him personally: "Mr. US President Trump: I applaud you for helping law enforcement in Kenosha. Ignore Democrats because they know your position on law and order with the people Americans resonate. The polls are moving in your favor ".









WHEN WILL TRUMP FINALLY FIRE THIS LITTLE DOCTOR FAUCI? In America, 3,970,671 people are said to be infected with the corona virus and 144,173 people have died from it. Everything is blamed on Trump and his crisis policy, this is "his virus" and his dead. The "advisor" and Biden submarine for the corona virus have the case numbers explode in the USA, so that the president looks bad. Apparently the president knows nothing else about Fauci and his dark connections to the WHO, see WAHRRICHTEN ARTICLE about the corona virus. In 2015, he was with Obama, his predecessor, in exactly this secret laboratory that produced this virus. Trump's re-election probably depends only on when and whether he fires this incapable Dr.Fauci from the government. At least he walks away from him.


The patriotic Mega Party- Independence Day on Mount Rushmore 2020. 7500 patriots, military maneuvers and a huge fireworks display.

Donald Trump, the 45th US President, kept his word: Make America GreatAgain, the whole world could see that! And now the next step follows: KeepAmerica Great, because the future belongs to patriots! America celebrates its "Independence Day" on July 4th every year, it commemorates the ratification of the United States' Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4th 1776.



From this point onwards America exists as a separate country. The legendary rock of the 4 great American presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt) in the US state of South Dakota was closed to the public for half a year.

Because of the corona virus crisis, everyone thought that US President Donald Trump Trump wanted to organize a patriotic mega-celebration there. Finally after 10 years there were fireworks again. Trump fought in his speech against the Antifa, which is trying to destroy the unity of his country, quote: "Our nation is currently witnessing a ruthless campaign to erase our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children". He was responding to the massive outbursts of violence by the Antifa, which devastated entire neighborhoods in several US cities and removed statues from their pedestals, but Trump assured: "This monument on Mount Rushmore will never be desecrated, these heroes will never be defaced."





The 15th May 2020 changed the world forever. In a ceremony in the white house, US President Donald Trump presented the new flag to conquer the stars and especially Mars: The Space Force is a new division of the US Air Force and is to be equipped with new weapons and missile systems specifically for space.

Trump is and remains a president of dreams that come true. At the President's request, the flag now remains permanently in the Oval Office. Later on, humanity's new quantum leaps in research and technology will come from the creation of Donald Trump's Space Force!





President Trump publicly answers his citizens' questions in the global corona virus crisis. NO government shutdown and 2020 presidential campaign not canceled. Second Town Hall Meeting announced for next Sunday, May 10th, 2020!

The term town hall is a term for a town hall in cities in the United States.

Already on May 3, 2020, 90 minutes of "America together- Returning to Work" on TV station FOX. Trump answered questions at the Lincoln Memorial. How to get America up and running again economically after the hypercrisis? "I lost 3 friends to the corona virus, terrible thing," said Trump. China would be "punished" for that.












Did you know that US President Donald Trump first recognized the great achievements of the "KINGS" !? The famous and most successful singer in the world Elvis Presley (picture) from Tupelo, Mississippi in the USA received the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously on November 16, 2018. Only 41 years after his death!










President TRUMP gives people hope -His judicial reform, the "First Step Act", brings many predominantly black people out of prison who have either been innocent or have been in prison for years for minor offenses. His supporters thank him with slogans such as: "This law heals or it makes America safer and fairer". Who can now get freedom as a victim. Black Clinton Stewart was 7 years in prison for failing to pay his trade tax. He repeatedly asked his predecessor for mercy on President Obama, who declined. Trump gave him freedom and a new chance in life. An overjoyed Stewart thanks after his release: "God and President Trump and wish his 3 brothers, his friends in prison soon freedom".







Nancy Pelosi has lost, Trump has been cleared of abuse of office by the U.S. Senate. The US election campaign is now beginning. Pelosi has torn the speech to the nation because Trump will now make America even bigger. And for the Democrats that means the ultimate destruction of their old socialist world!

His "Trump Wall" already brought 75% fewer illegal immigrants into the country, which meant fewer drugs and crime. The Border Guard police confiscated £ 250,000 of the drug. 2000 illegal migrants were deported to the border. Trump said: "Dreams are the soul of the people". So he founded the Space Force (picture), a new space unit that is to reach new borders outside the earth.

He wants to reform the U.S. healthcare system and move it away from socialism. Trump will stand up for his country's freedom and will abolish all trade agreements that harm the U.S. and its people. Now his reelection project: Keep America Great has started.



The decision to finance the border wall to Mexico after "The Wall" after weeks of arguments with a temporary government closure has now been made on February 15th, 2019. The president proclaims the "national emergency".

Trump is protecting his citizens, whom he fondly calls "angels". He had invited some of the victims, whose family members were murdered by illegal immigrants, to the garden of the White House. Trump adheres to the constitution, while the shabby Democrats with media support want to see "the end of democracy" because of an emergency declaration and want to go to court. One wonders again and again who the real electorate of the Democrats are, in the drug environment? In any case, your own citizens are probably not at the top of the Democrats' to-do list. Nancy Pelosi does not present herself in reality in the Masonic look (picture).





The dispute over the financing of the wall to Mexico had paralyzed America for weeks. The shutdown cost hundreds of thousands of government officials payment and sent him forced leave. The $ 1.37 billion compromise offered by the Democrats was ultimately too little for Trump. Nevertheless, he signed the law to reassure Republicans in the Senate. Additional proclamation of the state of emergency brings Trump even more money, according to US Code 33, Section 2293, in such cases, funds can also be diverted for planned construction measures by the US Army. That means several billion US dollars.

Why is Donald Trump "The Wall really so important? According to the American constitution in the preamble of September 17, 1787, the US President must:" Realize justice, ensure calm within, ensure national defense, promote the common good, and that Keep happiness of freedom from all and the offspring ". Trump is right, the constitution is on his side and he adheres to it pretty perfectly. There is evidence (see page below) that the crisis on the southern border has already caused over 70,000 Americans died from drug abuse or crime The increased drug activity in the United States was demonstrated by the conviction of the drug boss "El Chapo", the legendary boss of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel, a few days ago in a New York court There was no way around! By the way: Typical Trump (zodiac sign Gemini), because of ambiguous, ambiguous appearance Left-wing conspiracy theorists believe the threat of a state of emergency would be "fake". They will still experience their blue or red (color of the Republicans) miracle!



"We should not act as two parties but as one nation", Donald Trump wanted to convey this message at his second State of the Union (speech to the nation) on February 5, 2019. Nancy Pelosi, the House's Democratic spokeswoman, didn't even want to let US President Donald Trump speak in the House of Representatives.

She showed a grim face as he presented his new agenda for the American people, accompanied by loud USA calls from his republican faction. Patriotism has been back in America since Trump. "We have to choose between stalemate or progress," said the president. Trump also briefly got critical Democratic women in "white shirts" on his side when he said that more women than ever would work in America. He united the entire House of Representatives.

Trump convinced in a completely new role as someone who conjures up the unity of America, because he now needs the Democrats to rule due to changes in the state of merit. It recalled great moments in the nation, like the moon ride 50 years ago. "Decide on the size," he asked. He said he was the most successful job maker in the country's history. 5 million people no longer need food stamps. Unemployment at its lowest level in 50 years. Trump continues to fight passionately for his project The WALL, the wall to Mexico. He invited victims of violence by illegal immigrants and showed a successful border guard. "The illegal immigrants are aliens that bring horrific crime," Trump said. "Do we want to define ourselves by differences, or as a nation? We need to reignite America's imagination and creativity and let the brightest stars shine," said Donald Trump at the end of his speech.








After the Mueller report of the special investigator Robert Mueller, no connection and 2016 electoral influence of the US President Donald Trump could prove with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the democrats let it continue to be not good. Because of a "obstruction of the judiciary", understandable if a Democratically elected president is massively obstructed for two years in his term of office, a "impeachment" is now also legitimate. So Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic presidential candidate 2020. This woman considers herself a descendant of the North American Indians. The Democrats have probably gone completely crazy. Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, wants to go crazy about Trump's tax records to destroy him politically. A total war against Trump, but in the end, as always, voters decide what's wrong with those dirty ones.

Trump want you for the Election 2020!



What a week for US President Trump. After more than 600 days of unsightly investigations, FBI special investigator Mueller, who was still employed by Obama, came to the conclusion that "Russian President Putin probably did not help Trump in the 2016 election". This thing was already clear to everyone with reason. The Democrats are now questioning Mueller's results and want further investigations in the Senate. Examines the examiner as he examined, "Americans are supposed to learn the truth". Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, lives up to her name as a "radical left" because she now also fails in Trump's veto against the Congress decision to end the national emergency. Does she learn anything from it? Nope, she'll try again in a few months.






WHERE THE DEMOCRATS RULE... there is garbage, drugs and feces. Nancy Pelose's 12th congressional constituency Parts of the city of San Francisco are among the 5 largest slums in the world. People rise above drug needles, a "human tragedy" is, according to an independent NBC investigation. Trump already called Pelosi a "radical democrat" because she seems to be fighting for borders that remain open and for free travel for even more drugs!

DADDY TRUMP BUYS HAMBURGER Still shutdown the longest in history. Civil servants and employees do not get any money, but ongoing living expenses such as rents or loans continue. The boss pays and invites his employees and a football team for free fast food. Trump is now making the bellies great again!





DONALD TRUMP THE PEACE PRESIDENT! Donald Trump announced a surprise troop visit to Iraq to reduce troops there. With this, Mr.President continues to work on his new role as peace president after the complete withdrawal of the US Army from Syria and the reduction of troops in Afghanistan. A new right way for America!










SHUTDOWN IN AMERICA The dispute over funding the wall to Mexico between Democrats and Trump escalates. And Mr. President had already chosen such a beautiful jagged design (picture). Democrats want to deny him funding of the $ 25 billion wall. Since the congressional elections in November 2018, the Democrats have again held the majority and have been able to withdraw funds from the president. The latter reacted and closed all government agencies. From now on, this means no more salaries and compulsory leave for state officials if they do not belong to important facilities such as prisons.











TRUMP COMMANDS PARTIAL DEDUCTION FROM US TROOPS FROM AFGHANISTAN Donald Trump's next Christmas present to the world. With a partial withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, he tries to solve the conflict with the radical Islamic Taliban that has been going on for years. The United States has been in the country with an international coalition of NATO countries since 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks in New York and the official assumption of blame by Osama Bin Laden's Afghan terrorist network Al Quaida. There has been a constant war in the country since 1979 and the Soviet invasion.








TRUMP ENDS SYRIA MILITARY DEPARTMENT OF THE USA Donald Trump continues to make a name for himself as President of the Peace. Combat operations in Syria are ending, much to the dismay of the Kurdish YPG, which has benefited from the American presence in the region. In terms of regulatory policy, however, this step is the right one. USA supports NATO partner Turkey and de-escalates against Russia. Ass card Merkel, who has been supplying arms with Kurds and Turks and now has to decide which side she is on.








USA - WHERE BORDER PROTECTION WORKS An example of successful government policy can be admired under Donald Trump in America. Even if he doesn't make friends in Mexico. Any migrant attempting to cross the US illegally is arrested. Border police officers previously choked migrant hordes into tear gas. Although the border is still full of holes and "The Wall" is not finished, Trump shows that he wants to keep the border. From the crime numbers we will be able to see whether Trump's protectorism is successful, the gut feeling says yes already!









MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN US President Donald Trump keeps his word as he promised in the congressional election campaign. The border with Mexico is dense, tear gas is used when migrants cross the border illegally. Trump wants to take action against drug criminals who mainly try to come to the USA from South America! A paid migration caravan from Honduras is currently trying to cross the border. Trump holds the limit: So he earned the title of Law & Order President. We can only dream of such conditions in Germany!







CHRISTMAS TREE FOR DONALD TRUMP With the traditional delivery of the Christmas tree on a horse and cart, the Christmas season begins in America. US President Trump has already given himself a great gift. The Florida election recount brings another Senate seat to its Republicans.




CLEAN UP AMERICA according to MIDTERM ELECTIONS Senate and then all of America Donald Trump is cleaning up! Even if the House of Representatives is now full of democratic amateurs. Fake news seems to be getting more and more nervous, so CNN-Acosta has to roar at the president's press conference.