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! ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION LIVE UPDATE! US election fraud in 7 states, worst in American history. In 2000 it was all about Florida, this time it's more serious all over the country!


President Trump gives a statement for his American people in the White House on December 2nd, 2020: Why doesn't he declare his election defeat? Why is he taking legal action against the election result? Why is he fighting for constitutional compliance and the integrity of elections? Trump himself makes this his most important speech in his presidency.  




Reader's question: Why was it still not possible to expose Joe Biden as a fraud even after 21 days? Unfortunately, this is due to the very poor legal system in the USA with laws from the 18th century. Very poorly compatible for providing evidence of and against voting machine fraud. The Trump legal team, particularly Sidney Powell, are working against it with special suits.


You can see that from the look Donald J. Trump actually won the 2020 US election. All red boroughs are Republican ones. In just a few urban centers in the big cities of the USA, the blue of the Democrats for Joe Biden.

Currently, Joe Biden has 259 electoral votes and Donald J. Trump has 229 electoral votes.

The results of the following states have not yet been taken into account:

Alaska (Trump leads unassailable);

Arizona (this is still counted; Trump has clearly caught up, is only 0.5% behind Biden);

Georgia (this is the countdown)

Pennsylvania (this is where the first lawsuit is filed - see below).

Wahsington's conservative Judicial Watch Foundation announced that a September 2020 study found that 353 states had 1.8 million more voters than citizens of voting age. In other words, these counties' registration rates exceeded 100% of the electorate.






Donald Trump's efforts to legally challenge the falsified election result failed. "Orders from above" (The Rothschild power system no longer wants President Trump). Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next US President on January 20, 2021 despite fraud. The Trump 2024 project for the next presidency will start on January 21, 2021. Trump announces the establishment of his own media channel, he has raised at least 200 million campaign donations to take action against every "traitor" among the Republicans. Rallys are planned. It will be exciting in the USA!


In Germany voting computers from the Dutch company "Nedap" are used. They belong to a network of voting machine companies (picture left) such as Dominion Voting in the US elections, which appear in a state report by the American Election Assistance Commission (NIST).







Photo Source: New York Post

The FACTS: Donald J. Trump got 70,812,803 million REAL votes.through recounts 74 million. Most among the minority black Americans and Latinos. Usually that's how you win every US election. He also won the states of Florida and Ohio, so every president in American history won the US election. So this time there is something really fishy!

Like the Rothschild power elite, the political puppet Joe Biden, who was elected with fake postal votes, tries to enforce the new US president, Donald J. Trump, who was elected with real votes. Trump and all of his supporters are of course not giving up. The old Rothschild media are of course already celebrating Biden as their new president, but he is not yet in reality. The American law provides for the possibility of judicial review and contestation of the election in the courts up to December 11, 200. Donald Trump announced that he would go to the courts on November 9, 2020!

The WAHRRICHTEN exclusively bring all the details about the great Biden election fraud in the USA. This 2020 presidential election on November 3rd, 2020 will go down in the history of the country, the oldest democracy. Everything about the systems, computer programs and methodology that extends to servers in Germany. How to generate the fake voters with fake addresses for the postal votes. What will be going on in the US courts from Monday, because Trump can legitimately not be deposed as a legitimate US president with fraud.

Donald Trump declares on November 9th, 2020 on Twitter that the Biden fraud with secondary votes is greater than assumed.



The President declares on Twitter that he can legally shoot the states of Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. If that is true, he would have a majority of 284 electors with the victories still to come in Alaska & North Carolina!

TRUMP VICTORY WINNER in the swing states

The booth in the states was on election night of November 3, 2020, before the prepared Biden postal ballot papers were used. Trump led in all swing states! So the world should believe that hundreds of thousands of postal voters suddenly voted ALL Biden! The greatest joke of the century. Embarrassing for the world power USA!

"Biden is a bastard," said the Estonian Interior Minister.

Biden the constructed president of the Rothschild old media

After US Senate leader Mc Connell applied for reinstatement in the previous state and with it an exact count of the votes in the disputed states, the Rothschild Associated Press graphic (picture left) disappeared from Google. The Associated Press has been owned by the Rothschild family since the late 19th century and manipulated the results for the public. writes, quote: "Sleepy Joe Biden is said to have inspired more voters in the 2020 US election than former presidents Barack Obama, far more, but also more than Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy ever won over The previous heroes of the Democratic Party must clear their pedestals for Joe Biden ".




EMBARRASSING! The German Merkel regime is already congratulating the so-called "President" Biden, who has not yet been officially and legally elected waterproof. The old Rothschild networks have to be reactivated quickly.



Not only is the industrial-military complex thirsting for new constructed wars, the pharmaceutical industry also wants to cash in on dirty vaccines in the corona world crisis. In addition, a new eco-compulsory economy must be installed in the world's most important domestic market. Keyword "The Green Deal".

Chancellor Merkel is going one better on November 10th, 2020 and is already on the phone with the new "head of state" of the USA Joe Biden to "discuss a few things". All Rothschild plans have to be implemented tough for America. Biden announces compulsory mask and new coronavirus policy for the vaccine industry. The free-democratic basic order should also be shut down for the USA, including a permanent lookdown of the entire economy and social distance alone at home.

Greetings and blessings from the Rothschild Committee of 300 to the Joe Biden puppet. The Pope wants to know whether, as "President", he also does something with robots, otherwise the Vatican's investment in Artificial Intelligence would have been in vain. WK 3 terminator style in planning.





Photo Source: Pixabay


The media do NOT determine who will be the next American president

The US General Services Administration (GSA), founded in 1949, is an independent body of the US federal government and oversees the process of presidential transfer. You currently see no legal basis to allow Joe Biden a transfer of office, as there are unanswered questions by law! According to American law, a winner must be CLEAR.



Candidate Joe Biden publicly stated on Twitter that he had built the most comprehensive election fraud organization in US history.




Communism first! Black Day for the USA- The Electoral College (Electoral College) elects Biden "officially" as the 46th US President on December 14th, 2020 despite falsified election results in some states with a "majority" of 306 electors. President Trump won't recognize the Electoral College result today either! The actually venerable body got scratches, not only with this illegal, scandalous election with illegitimate votes, which has never happened in US history. The appointment of Bill and Hillary Clinton as electors in New York State also says a lot about the political neutrality of this body and the state of the USA. The country is extremely corrupt.

Image Source Twitter

Joe Biden: The ugly face of a fraudster. Someone who detests people because he cannot be democratically elected by real people and needs dead people from electoral lists in order to construct a false "majority" will never get the legitimation to lead a people! Joe Biden announced election fraud in 2007 with a grin: "How do you want to prevent us from manipulating !? Every state does its own thing with the voting machines. We can very easily print the ballot papers". Broken Corrupt USA!



The LAST chance for Trump to remain President is on January 6, 2021 in the US Senate. In addition, the so-called "Dueling Electors", who have formed up in several states to challenge the electors of the Electoral College, are recognized in the Senate when the official count is running! Vice-President Pence will personally chair the Senate review meeting on January 6, 2021. This refers to the US Electoral Count Act of 1887.

The legal battle against the wrong election result continues in the background before the courts. US President Trump dismisses the lame attorney general Barr, who also delayed investigations against Hunter Biden, and appoints new attorneys in order to be able to present better evidence at the last minute with better criminal investigations. The new men are Jeff Rosen & Richard Donoghue who has a military background.



The new US Attorney General, Rosen, is more resolute than his predecessor against election fraud and the role and "influence of foreign powers". Rosen searches Solarwinds offices in Austin, Texas. SolarWinds Inc. is an American company that develops software for companies to help them manage their networks, systems and information technology infrastructure. This company is related to the Dominion election program. Solarwinds sold a block of shares worth 45 million US dollars on December 7, 2020! So the computer company made a lot of money with the Biden election fraud.


THE BREAKTHROUGH - State of Texas is suing the US Supreme Court Thwarted by a corrupt bank network

A bang in the fight against the biggest election fraud in American history. While the Trump legal team was stuck with low-level lawsuits in lower district courts, so-called "Safe Harbor Day" was approaching. The Trump legal team failed to prevent legal certification of incorrect election results in the states. The electoral committee will meet on December 14th.

Now, however, the state of Texas rushed to the US Supreme Court on December 8th with a lawsuit. This is already referred to as "the most monumental case in modern history". Texas is suing as a state and wants the authorization to vote or remove the 62 electorates for the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan & Wisconsin for Trump as US President.

The lawsuit was drafted by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxon, who sees it as a patriotic duty to support President Trump in order to serve his country.

His rationale in the four states, voters were not treated equally & the constitution was violated because of massive electoral fraud in favor of Joe Biden.




President Donald Trump and his team are themselves surprised by the Texas lawsuit in the Supreme Court. Nothing is planned or organized. Probably last-minute rescue.

There is now support for the lawsuit from 17 states, with no possibility that it will now be dismissed.
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah
West Virginia.



Supreme Constitutional Court does not protect the constitution! The well-founded Texas lawsuit was rejected in a catastrophic failure of the Supreme Court divorce on December 11, 2020. Most recently, 19 states and 106 Republicans from the House of Representatives joined this lawsuit to defend democracy through constitutional compliance and fair elections in America.

STRANGE statements by Judges Thomas & Alito



Judge Thomas OBVIOUSLY in conjunction with the Goldman Sachs Group quote: "I (Alito) would allow Texas's motion, but (Thomas) would not." Judge Alito wanted to agree, but Goldman Sachs Judge Thomas disagreed. Information obligation in America, therefore the reference to the client in the court files (picture left)!

Texas is threatening to split off from the US with other states in order to adhere to the constitution. First emergency session in Georgia as the Supreme Court referred the case back to the states.


Last chance for Trump to remain president of the US Senate

18 members of the US Congress headed by Mo Brooks have written to the leaders of the parties in the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as to the speakers of both houses, expressing a request to investigate the electoral fraud and not to sign the result of the Electroral College electoral committee in early January 2021 give.

The US Constitution, Article 1, Paragraph 5 gives the US Congress, House of Representatives and Senate the right to judge the election results from the member states of the Union.

US Code Title 3, Chapter 1 describes the process by which the results of the election of the electorate in the states are transmitted to the US Congress and can be accepted or rejected by the latter.

As a result of the legal rules mentioned, the US Congress is the body that finally decides on contested, controversial elections.

US Vice President Mike Pence chairs the session in the US Senate. He has now been sued by a Texas MP on December 27, 2020 to obtain the so-called "exclusive power" to declare President Trump the election winner, because according to the Electorial Count Act of 1887, the real task of the chairman is only that Count and validate the Electoral College's electoral votes. In this particular case, however, it contains many incorrectly certified election results. Pence should be given the legal opportunity to decide for himself, in order to overturn the "election" of Joe Biden at the last possible point in time.

The Republican US Senator from the state of Texas Ted Cruz is the new leader of the "rebels" against the "prohibition" of the challenge of Senate leader McConnell who want to defend Trump's presidency on January 6th in the Senate. He leads a group of 12 senators.





The US Senators are Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), John Kennedy (R-La.) , Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), And Mike Braun (R-Ind.), As well as the elected Senators Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) and Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) made a statement in advance of the Electoral College certification process on Jan. 6, 2021.

SENATE INQUIRIES for ELECTION FRAUD existed in the USA before!

In 1877 in the presidential race between Samuel Tilden & Rutherford Hayes. Specifically, it was alleged at the time that the elections in three states - Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina - had been held illegally. Congress did not ignore these allegations and appointed an electoral commission consisting of five senators, five members of the House of Representatives and five judges from the Supreme Court to examine and resolve the controversial election results.

Senator Cruz is calling for a ten-day Senate special committee on election fraud to do something similar. He said some US courts did not even properly look at the lawsuits and evidence of election fraud.

Big protests announced! In America meanwhile the tree is on fire. President Trump is calling for huge protests under the motto "Stop the Steal" in front of the US Capitol against the election result for Joe Biden, which was achieved through massive computer fraud with postal votes. This protest is due to take place on January 6, 2021 in the capital Washington D.C. take place and should create pressure on the Senate, which makes a final decision.

The Minister of Justice was brought in The US Attorney General William Barr has now been empowered to investigate all irregularities in the 2020 US election. He will pass this directive on to all district attorneys in the states. This also includes financial support from the state. This order allows prosecutors to investigate IMMEDIATELY without waiting for the state count.

That means: Criminal law consequences for the Biden campaign. The TRUTH have said several times in the direction of Joe Biden: Don't plan the White House, rather plan lawyers.











trump suspected what was going to happen and got divine support beforehand as a source of strength.

Image Source: Entertainment Tonight


The eagle is the heraldic animal of the USA and stands for vision, courage and strength. He is the king of the air and the messenger of the highest gods. The Greeks put the eagle on Zeus' side. When he fought against the titans, he is said to have announced the victory.

The MOTIVE for election fraud: Why is the Joe Biden puppet needed !?


The man is old with dementia, confuses living people with dead people and had to read from a teleprompter during the election campaign so that he does not forget his text. There are reasonable doubts about Joe Biden. "Satire:" What if he holds the atomic bomb button for room service in the White House !?

The EU is enthusiastic about its supposedly new ally. What is it about: Corona regime expansion for the forced vaccination industry, establishment of the KlimaCo2 and e-car dictatorship in America. The country ceases to be a free-democratic country in the golden age of Trump, but it belongs to the world communist NWO empire like in the dark Obama time.

Image Source: Twitter/Ben Garrison

FAKE Part I Dead people put on election lists

In the US state of Pennsylvania alone there are said to be 21,000 people who are actually already dead in the cemetery but who are said to have "voted" Joe Biden in 2020. This emerges from a lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which was able to inspect the state's electoral registration databases in court. Excerpts: "By October 7, 2020, at least 9,212 registered voters had been dead for at least five years, at least 1,990 registered voters had been dead for at least ten years, and at least 197 registered voters had been dead for at least twenty years".

Examples Joe Frazier was a world famous boxer. He was an Olympic champion and WBA / WBC world champion. He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2011 at the age of 67. 9 years later, he probably woke up from the dead and chose Joe Biden. He appeared on the Democratic electoral list! Or William C. Smith Sr., a refrigeration engineer and father of musician and actor Will Smith, who has also passed away but has "chosen" Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump on November 8th, 2020 on Twitter.

FAKE Part II Many "120 year olds" on the 2020 US electoral list

It is an absolute medical miracle how many almost 120 year old people are said to have voted Joe Biden and appear on voting lists. This is so unbelievable and unfair that this injustice against Donald Trump is already screaming to heaven!


STOP THE STEAL. Stop the theft of Trump votes

Trump steals votes live on the Soros house broadcaster CNN, he loses within a few seconds. 19,958 votes on television.



Also on US TV in the US state of Virginia, Joe Biden is already the declared winner after 2% of the votes counted! This proves that data has been moved back and forth and the media have knowledge of internal processes.



In all of these US states, where there were irregularities and problems with the postal votes and almost all of which allegedly voted for Biden, the control of the state electoral offices is as follows: North Carolina a Democratic governor, Pennsylvania a Democratic governor, Wisconsin a Democratic governor, Michigan a Democratic governor, Nevada a Democratic governor.

Important to know: These are states in which a particularly large amount of oil and gas is extracted, a process known as "fracking". The business-friendly President Trump wanted to continue promoting energy sources on which many hundreds of thousands of jobs depend. It is extremely unlikely that a majority in these states voted for the left eco-Marxist Biden and against the abolition of one's own work.

The mystery of the missing Trump votes from military personnel in the US state of Georgia remains unresolved


Decision in the US state of Georgia on July 15, 2021 From Secretary of the Interior Brad Raffensperger: Fulton County's ongoing failures have gone on long enough without responsibility. Rick Barron and Ralph Jones, Fulton's chief registrar, must be dismissed immediately and removed from the Fulton County's election line. Fulton's constituents and the people of Georgia deserve better.

Georgia state electoral officer Brad Raffensperger dispatches a team of investigators after an electoral problem was discovered in a county in Fulton County where Joe Biden took over President Trump. Trump asked on Twitter where are the postal votes of the military in this state?

The state electoral authority said we do not know whether a "software problem or a physical problem was to blame." Manipulation to scan the Trump vote not to be neglected.

Roughly 7,200 votes allegedly separated Biden and Trump in Georgia, a narrow margin that led Raffensperger on Friday to declare that the state was headed for a recount.

There is now a source on Twitter that says the votes were found in the trash.

While the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, a department of the EU source: declared on November 9th, 2020 on the second German television, allegedly no "evidence of electoral fraud "to have in the US. UNLIKELY: The EU is closely integrated in the OSCE. That is, political influence. It goes without saying that they don't want to see any election fraud in the USA. Biden is the EU's preferred candidate. But it is extremely dubious to state this on ZDF as a credible source.

Here is a realistic eyewitness account of the US election. "The main points of criticism of this memorable 2020 US election: Faulty counting software in several states, election documents without valid postmarks, BLM activists in the counting, election observers without voting and barricaded election offices. This election does not meet democratic standards".

ELECTION FRAUD SOFTWARE- Programs: "Smartvatic" "Scorecard" and "Hammer" once developed for the American domestic secret service NSA

Program "THE HAMMER":

Trump knew about an election manipulation program developed by the secret service called "HAMMER" ", which is probably the reason why he pardoned a sheriff from Maricopa County, Arizona named Joe Arpaio, who, as the" toughest sheriff "in the US, broke court orders Prosecuting as many criminals as possible. Arpaio is well aware of this system and is now a court witness for the Trump legal team.
Much information about this program is published in alternative media, but once again it is covered up and denied by the Rothschild mass media. The Hammer was started YEARS ago and appears to have been implemented by Deep State agents, former CIA chief John Brennan and former NSA chief James Clapper. Details about the functionality of the HAMMER program are provided by the WAHRRICHTEN.

Program"Score Card ":

There is a testimony under oath in a US court in the state of Ohio in 2006 from a programmer for the NSA, the American domestic intelligence service. The man's name is Eugene "Clint" Curtis. He developed a "Score Card" program to manipulate voting machine software. He testified that he could program a 51/49% ratio for the person who was destined to win.

Voting computers in the US are operated by private companies that include the Democrats. Access to this is possible via the Internet. Some of these servers should be located in Frankfurt am Main because these companies are also active abroad through investments. As with the Air Force System's NIST, there are no security standards. It is possible to generate votes at any time or to make unofficial official ones.

Bug in voting software:

These are the states (picture) in which the software from Avid Technology was used for voting.

Now errors in this election software from Avid Technology have become public. This affected 47 Michigan counties and 13 states. Avid Tech. delivers among other things THE video editing software for TV stations.

Why do you use this software? The husband of the Democratic Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, has a stake in this company, the use in democratic states is interesting.

Dominion Software, lets voices "jump over"

Declaration by Donald Trump on Twitter from November 12th, 2020

A hitherto unknown whistleblower (traitor) approached Trump attorney Guiliani to tell about the use of the "Dominion" software on voting computers. He is a data analyst himself. This program would have the ability to "jump" votes from one candidate to another and explains, for example, the vote shifts Trump to Biden on CNN television see above. In the meantime, the Trump team has located where the Dominion software was used and made corrections to the votes. Also Donald Trump on Twitter.

Satellite transmission of US election data to Europe

The Italian law professor Alfio D'Urso issued an affidavit from a client in Rome on January 6, 2021, declaring that the US elections were manipulated via military satellite technology from Italy & the already known Dominion server in Frankfurt. His client is ready to testify about all persons who were involved in the swapping of Donald Trump's votes for Joe Biden if he and his family are in complete protection. He made a backup copy of the original data and the data at an undisclosed location.

This unveiling has become known worldwide as the so-called "Italy Gate". A company called Leonardo SPA of the Italian Ministry of Defense has a satellite uplink to transmit the data from the American Dominion voting machines. This secret project was planned by former US President Obama and Italian Prime Minister Renzi. Nobody is being arrested for this right now! The informant of the electoral fraud stated that he worked in the Leonardo SpA facility in Pescara (picture right) and used the encryption options of military cyber warfare to send the exchanged votes to Frankfurt or to a location in Germany via the Fucino Tower military satellite transfer.



Image Source: Google Earth

Firma Dominion Votings lässt auf Auftrag über Fakteneckeckern schreiben, dass Server nicht in Frankfurt stehen

Warum wird trotzdem immer wieder Frankfurt erwähnt? Vielleicht nur ein Übersetzungsfehler oder man leitet geografisch in Deutschland den Ort nicht richtig zu. WAHRRICHTEN Recherchen ergeben, dass es einen Ex-Nato Bunker in Traben-Trarbach gibt der von einer Privatfirma mit Servern für das Dark Net genutzt wurde & seit einer Razzia gegen Cyperkriminelle unter direkter Staatskontrolle steht. Dort waren auch schon die WIKILEAKS Seiten von Julian Assange gehostet, gut möglich dass die Daten dorthing gingen.

Trump's best legal weapon against the Dominion electoral system called "KRAKEN". The freelance attorney Sidney Powell from Texas wrote a very good craftsmanship lawsuit and is considered a specialist in these systems. Your lawsuits have been filed in the US states of Michigan & Georgia since November 25th, have initiated proceedings and are still pending a final court decision: They are considered a "bazooka" for successfully pushing through Donald Trump's re-election!




Background Dominion Voting: The company Dominion Voting Systems Corp. was founded in 2002 by James Hoover and John Poulos. And the two have numerous patents in the field of voting systems. The patents are all very interesting, but one thing stands out:

Summary: Describes methods, systems, and devices for electronically correcting votes on voter-marked ballot papers. An optical scanning system can image a paper ballot and allow the voter to vote after imaging. For example, such a change may be required if a voter did not vote properly .... "

IT security expert explains that the Dominion software manual describes how scanned ballot papers can be tracked through the software on site. The admin can delete or discard whole bundles of votes after they have been scanned.
For the respective device, the admin can set the threshold from which a voting slip scan can mark crosses based on their position and size, so that the electronically marked voting slip can be checked on the computer in a subsequent text by the administrator there and, if there is malicious intent, can also be deleted.

According to experts, Dominion / Smartmatic systems can be manipulated by end users because they have administrator rights by default.
Witness who worked for Chavez in the Venezuelan National Security Service confirms that Smartmatic was created for electoral fraud.

A former US military intelligence officer states that Dominion's equipment / software has certainly been compromised by malicious actors such as China and Iran and that the Dominion architecture is susceptible to such incidents. By using servers and employees associated with such malicious foreign actors and accepting significant vulnerabilities, Dominion carelessly allowed access to data so that elections by those actors could be observed and manipulated , including those of 2020.

Soros participates in voting machines

Disgust and Trump hater George Soros participates in US election. The company "Smartmatic" that belongs to him supplied the voting machines in the following states. In Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania, irregularities in the vote count have now been reported by the Trump team.





Extract from the "Computer Pollbrook Program" in Detroit

Election Fraud in Detroit:

4,788 double votes, 32,519 more "registered" than real voters



How they planned the Biden scam in Detroit, for example. The electronic Polbrook program was used by the state electoral authorities, which generated the names and registration of artificially generated and "registered" voters with lots of "fake" addresses. Partly from electoral lists of real voters or even from lists of dead. According to Trump's attorney Guiliani, 19 eyewitnesses as election observers and a lot of evidence from election lists and death certificates are ready to testify in the courts.

Republican election observers have been locked out in Detroit

Phildaledphia is an Eldorado of the Democrats for electoral fraud, who have been using this system for 16 years.

The electronic voting machines manipulated via servers that are supposed to be in Frankfurt / Main. If that turns out to be true and verified, then our beloved federal government has just destroyed itself.

An overview of all the inconsistencies of the US election:

A "system error" detected in the US state of Wisconsin - reversal of swapped votes removed. Trump must get 19,500 votes, making the Wisconsin race a total mistake. In Michigan, Oakland County also a system failure 6,000 votes go back to President Trump. Then a "glitch" was exposed in Pennsylvania that shifted nearly 20,000 votes from President Trump to Biden. Second Pennsylvania US Postal Whistleblower claims the postmaster ordered that late ballots be collected and segregated and believes they will be BACKDATED by 11/3/2020.

If this is confirmed, Biden's lead in Pennsylvania will be reduced by 40,000 votes, bringing this race back to an even level: Then we found approximately 6,000 votes that were taken from Trump and moved to Biden, Georgia due to a "glitch":
ved from President Trump to Biden in just one Wisconsin county.

Officially because of "Corona" distance rules of 50m of course! Republican election observers who had to take legal action in Philadelphia at the vote counting so that they were even allowed to watch and tried to see something with binoculars.


How the number of registered voters does not match the actual votes cast. One study shows: 1.8 million ghost voters in 353 counties in 29 states.

"This study found that 352 U.S. counties in 29 states have managed to have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens of voting age."

Rothschild Press AP has been illegitimately "sacking" the state of Arizona for 3 days to Biden with 11 electors. The majority of the remaining 250,000 ballots in 3 counties voted for Trump. The lead of 43,569 is too small for Biden!

The fraud is arguably limitless. How many votes were actually generated is difficult to say so far. It is believed that in Pennsylvania alone there are 100,000 fake votes.

Over 600,000 postal ballots have been cast in Nevada, according to the Trump team, and Republican observers have not yet seen a single signature on the electoral roll or the envelope for those ballots.




Postal ballots found in Glendale / Arizona were scattered all over the country in America.



The liars from the state of Georgia! The Republican Governor Kemp does not allow election observers, because someone has something to hide! Is Brian Kemp also a bought puppet of the deep state? The Republican governor of Georgia said on Twitter that the election result in his state would only contain "legal votes". But now he is not letting any election observers check the result!s Brian Kemp also a bought puppet of the deep state? The Republican governor of Georgia said on Twitter that the election result in his state would only contain "legal votes". But now he's not letting any election observers check the result!

Image Source: Gema Georgia Gov.


Telephone call exposes corrupt Georgia state swamp

The Washington Post published an internal telephone conversation on January 3, 2021, which was apparently illegally tapped between President Trump and Governor Kemp and his top election official Raffensperger. Both revealed themselves to be America's biggest liars to Trump. They don't know anything about anything. Kemp quote: "You have your information and we have ours. There are no Dominion servers in my state".

In 2018, however, Kemp himself headed an election commission to introduce these Dominion servers in his state. And even Dominion Voting itself confirmed the use of their voting machines in the US state of Georgia, Fulton County and all other districts in Georgia on January 3, 2020 The Kemp government is obviously corrupt! Raffensperger continues to lie and takes a stand on Twitter against "party friends" and President Trump.

Image Source: Life Site News

Now patriots are cracking the next state. In Georgia, there is a stubborn governor of the deep state, against Trump. But there the legal super weapon Sidney Powell is active with a very good crafted hyper suit! During an appearance at a "Stop the Steal" rally in Georgia on December 2nd, 2020, she was celebrated (picture left) for her work for President Trump.





A SUCCESS FOR TRUMP! The governor of the US state Georgia will give up the blockade on December 4th, 2020 and now wants to investigate the election fraud!








THE JUSTICE BATTLE starts on Monday, November 9th, 2020 - The hero on the front Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani

Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

"Courts do not make decisions about networks, they rule about the law"Giuliani was confronted with the alleged Biden election victory during the press conference.



Spotlight on Rudy Giuliani: Trump and Guiliani. They have known each other from New York for many years and are good friends. Trump invited him to the Steuben Parade in 1999. This is a German-American celebration when Trump was serving as the "Grand Marshal" there. This was the largest gathering of exiled Germans. Rudy Guiliani, if anyone is capable of a miracle, it's him. 19 years ago, he was the hero as Mayor of New York when he faced the worst terrorist attack in human history. Today he has to do something smaller: save a president. Once the mass media celebrated him as a hero, today he is denigrated as a "clown".

Time pressure & setbacks

Why did Guiliani work up a sweat? The mass media poked fun at the fact that hair dye ran down his face at the press conference in Phoenix, Arizona on November 19, 2020, regardless of the legal content of the indictment. Guiliani was, after all, the attorney general of the American attorney general. He has to comply with the deadline for filing legal action in 6 states so that incorrect vote counts manipulated with the Dominion Wahlsystm are not legally verified (i.e. incontestable). In Michigan, for example, it ends on November 23, 2020. It's a Herculean task to keep an eye on everything, I have great respect for these many counties. Trump's star attorney Rudy Guiliani lectured on SYSTEMATIC election fraud in several US states in major cities in favor of Joe Biden, who are controlled by the Democrats. He has affidavits of witnesses, evidence of successful court hearings and showed journalists on a board a possible legal course through the individual states, which is of course rocky (see picture 2).

The quality of Trump lawsuits is poorly written by all Rothschild media sources, see: ABC News, BBC, NY Times, NZ Herald, Washington Post, or The Guardian. Of course, a large number of complaints because of errors in the form and content of the grounds were also rejected. In some cases, the outdated electoral law of the individual states also stands in the way. Approx. 30 lawsuits by Trump attorneys are completely normal in view of the gigantic legal challenge of solving the largest electoral fraud in American history in the shortest possible time.



Image Source: Time Magazin



Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting System




Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting System

For Biden, Guiliani is the most dangerous opponent one can have. If anyone knows the American legal system, it's him! The chances are very good if it goes to the Supreme Court to get Trump's presidency through legal channels. Biden must hope none of the many Guiliani lawsuits go through. Even if things go wrong with the Tarum team, this is rather unlikely!

The Trump campaign on behalf of Eric Trump, the son of Donald Trump collects evidence and documents on a website.

Donald Trump's 105-page lawsuit against the US election in Pennsylvania, filed by Rudy Guiliani, has been in place since November 9, 2020. The legal argumentation is straightforward, evidence in documents & witnesses is available that in the US state of Pennsylvania there has been a major breach of electoral law. Postal elections are the elections that invite voting fraud.

The application begins by setting out the legal requirements for holding elections, including Written in Act 77 of 2019, to which we have already referred.

The regulations require, on the one hand, that it is ensured that (1) no more postal votes are accepted after the polling stations are closed, (2) it is ensured that postal votes come from the voter from whom they are supposed to come and (3) that the Counting of absentee votes takes place transparently Overall, the Guiliani lawsuit asserts violations of 7 legal clauses.

You can see that US Democrats don't mess up, they mess up. The aim of the lawsuit is to ensure that only votes in Pennsylvania that are certain to be legal votes are counted.



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Recent Trump campaign lawsuits in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania



Secure Evidence: Postal ballot papers received in Pennsylvania after November 3, 8:00 p.m., have been illegally backdated. There is little doubt that not only has electoral fraud been widespread in Pennsylvania, but that this electoral fraud has been systematically planned and carried out. The very fact that Republican election observers are being actively prevented from monitoring the count speaks volumes. In addition, the counties in Pennsylvania have interpreted the electoral laws of their own state differently, whereby the strongholds of the US Democrats, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, have noticed that they attach particular importance to helping postal voters whose documents have not been completely received to be able to fill in the documents correctly. The Giuliani lawsuit seeks to ensure that only votes in Pennsylvania that are certain to be legal votes are counted, and that is governing American law.

There is an affidavit from a man on trial for Trump attorney Giuliani that Erie Postmaster Robert Weisenbach told workers he would "backdate the stamps on the ballot papers so that it would look like the ballot papers were on Aug. . November 2020, although they were actually picked up on November 4th and possibly later ".

Republican Election Observers Racially Offended and Intimidated! According to Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump election observers who monitored the ballots in Detroit, Michigan were massively harassed and insulted on a racist and gender-specific basis. These people now serve as key witnesses in the judicial proceedings.


Giuliani lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan

Left picture is the lawsuit filed by Giuliani in Pennsylvania and right picture This is NOT a dismissed lawsuit that was shown on the Trump team's news report in a Michigan district court, but merely a cover sheet. Probably confirmation of receipt, as the court entered the file number by hand at the top right.

Giuliani stage win in Pennsylvania District Court

Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt said in an order: "The court concludes that Defendant Kathy Boockvar, in her official capacity as Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, had no legal authority to amend the election guidelines and post absentee ballots the election day arrived to artificially predate that they could still be counted. "

Another stage win in Pennsylvania

Obviously cornered too badly by the probing questions from Republican MPs. Dominion Voting Systems attorneys abruptly withdraw from the Pennsylvania State House hearing.

Stage win in Nevada District Court

Jesse Banal (pictured) aide to Team Trump explains that an appeal against the election of Joe Biden was filed in Carson City, Nevada and that Donald Trump won the election in the state. It is about 35,000 votes constructed through the Dominion election manifesto. Banal said: "The court must recognize the fact that Biden won this election with irregularities and fraud".


Judge files verification of voting computers in Nevada

Statement by President Trump on December 01, 2020 on Twitter

Court hearing on December 3rd, 2020: Important results today of the inspection of the voting machines ordered by a judge in a court in Carson City, Nevada, USA: The signature images of the voters were scanned with insufficient image quality and could thus be declared invalid. Suspicious signatures were used that have not yet been verified.




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The voting machines used by the state of Nevada to certify signatures were "not operating in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations in at least two respects." And signature match fault tolerance set illegally. Even today, election irregularities were made public by the Trump lawyer team: 100,000 fake ballot papers. 40,000 duplicate ballots and 1,500 dead voters. 20,000 voters in that state had a mailing address outside of Nevada.

Unfortunately, the in-depth inspection did not come about as requested by the Trump team, these would have been the desired checkpoints and these would have clearly cleared up the election fraud in Nevada:

Check program of the Trump team to check the voting computers:

-Check the tabulation server.

-Verify the memory on the Agilis signature verifier. Have a look at a "test run" of the Agilis signature verifier ...

-Check the memory of the “Adjudicator” machines.

-Check the USB drive on the Dominion machines.

-Check the survey books;

-Check the memory of the election management server.

-Check the "Mail Ballot Reader" or "ICC".

Arizona Legislature Hearing:

Results of the hearing in Phoenix / Arizona: "The election servers are in Germany". Phil Waldron is a cybersecurity expert and a retired colonel in the US Army said under oath: "This was not the safest election in US history. The voting computers were connected to the Internet and data packets were sent to Scytl servers in Frankfurt am Main / in Germany. In the US state of Pennsylvania alone, 1.2 million votes could have been fraudulently constructed ". Important for the WAHRRICHTEN READER to know: The Scytl company is a competitor to the Dominion Wahlystem and has nothing to do with it.

Witness Bobby Piton Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network



Another result of the hearing in Phoenix / Arizona: While a very IMPORTANT witness explains the voting system to a computer specialist from Chigago by the name of Bobby Piton, his Twitter account is turned off. He consistently collected data from the presidential elections over the last 20 years, testified to the data he collected county by county and shows clear anomalies: He found out with self-developed databases that 95-99% of "registered voters" do not match the realistic population trend in the states can fit together and that there is a system of fantasy names generated from death lists and databases. He said: "In truth, Donald Trump got more votes than any Republican president before him, even more than Ronald Reagan."


Stage win! US states of Pennsylvania & Arizona will now vote for President Trump by resolution, despite certification of the election results for Joe Biden. The resolution came from the Senate & the House of Representatives as a result of hearings on electoral fraud.

Georgia Legislature Hearing:


In the US state of Georgia, Donald Trump's chief attorney Rudy Guiliani was able to prove at a hearing before the legislature in the Georgia Senate on December 3rd, 2020 that the "election of Biden was a fraud". 143,835 anomalies with electoral votes were enumerated in this statement. A video leaked to him served as the main evidence for him: On election night on November 3rd - 4th, 2020, you should leave the room in an election office in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta at 10:25 p.m. And at midnight, "workers" came back, took a suitcase from under the table (stacked with prepared voting slips) and began scanning them. : Since the results are not yet legally certified in the state of Georgia, it is to be expected that the 16 electors will go directly to President Donald Trump by resolution.

Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing

Results from Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 will be submitted later.

Pressure on the Michigan Secretary of State

Jocelyn Benson of the Democratic Party, a former storybook writer, acts like a lying snake. As state minister of Michigan, she describes the elections in her state as "transparent and fair", even though there is already a protest letter from 40 senators who report irregularities in the elections in 47 counties of this state. The good Trump attorney Jenna Ellis (picture) coordinates the legal challenge in this state.


Donald Trump and Jenna Ellis

Trump announces realistic path to victory in US election at press conference


America’s sixth most populous state had chosen Joe Biden after Trump was actually long ahead. Democrat Kathy Boockvar had announced the "bonus days" for the count less than 48 hours before election day, November 3rd.

The oral hearing to obtain Giuliani's legal challenge of more than half a million ballot papers is scheduled for November 17, 2020 before the district court.

Trump attorney Guiliani has the loophole! If a complaint goes through a district court successfully, the way to the Supreme Court is free, it could work! US President Trump said: "The big lawsuits are yet to come".



Trump Arrests Joe Biden's political director via the FBI This was already on September 25, 2020

Joe Biden's political director, Dallas Jones, has been accused of collecting ballots for criminal purposes. NO WORD in the Rothschild mass media

Journalist Patrick Howley wrote: “The FBI interrogated Dallas Jones and others in connection with the largest election fraud operation in US history. According to the FBI, there was much talk of electoral fraud when he was arrested and questioned.

Texas election observer Raymond T. Stewart, a retired police officer, released an affidavit on Thursday that was presented to the Harris County Attorney's Office. In this affidavit alleging that a Democratic judge and Houston Police Station employee illegally used a stack of driver's licenses in their possession to allow people to vote illegally in the 2020 election amid the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. Stewart's affidavit and photos of this scheme are shown below.
Harris County, where Houston is located, is also where Joe Biden's Texas campaign political director, Dallas Jones, is accused of engaging in illegal electoral fraud activities.

Support the US Senate to investigate ALL election irregularities in the 2020 US election


While the Rothschild mass media still want to sell the fairy tale of "President Biden", the Republicans take legal action to expose the election fraud! $ 500,000 goes to Trump attorneys from the Senate. The evidence is being gathered and is already coming in. The biggest supporter of Trump is Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the judiciary committee. Graham wrote in a press release that "it is imperative that all credible allegations of electoral irregularity and misconduct are investigated to ensure the integrity of the 2020 elections". Graham also made robust statements like: "We Republicans have to fight like the cave to prevent a radical agenda.

He told Fox News on November 9th, 2020: "If we don't investigate this widespread electoral fraud, we will probably never be able to elect a Republican president again."

Image Source: C-Span

His testimony is successful. Mitch McConnell is the Senate Leader and the Chief Justice in America. He now OFFICIALLY ordered all election irregularities to be investigated. President Trump now has the backing of major Republicans. He obtained that the Supreme Court ruled that in Pennsylvania a so-called "Keystone" (key state) could count postal ballots that were not received until Friday of this week, provided they were postmarked on November 3rd, election day.



McConnell told the Senate, "American law only allows legal votes to count, but not illegal votes. We must therefore thoroughly investigate the election results."

The Biden Terminators - the judges before the Supreme Court of the United States

Wonderful decision by President Trump, as announced on November 9th, 2020. The Republicans push with all their might for him, like a football team. Should Biden achieve a touchdown to the final victory in the presidential election, which also holds up legally, he will run for the next election again in 2024. Biden has no luck either way the pressure remains!

In any case, he will deny some Trump rallies in the next few days to publicly expose election fraudster Biden, as can be heard from his environment.



It is already clear: Trump in 2024 too


Bus tour March for Trump and against election fraud in America. Start in Tampa / Florida on November 29th and finale on December 12th in Washington DC. Interestingly, the day before the Supreme Court has to make a final decision on who will be the next US President.

PATRIOTS STAND UP! Big demo PLANNED for PRESIDENT Donald Trump in Washington D.C.

Image Source: Million Maga March Twitter

All patriots are called! The many millions of Trump supporters on the ground or at heart will march from the Supreme Court in the American capital Washington DC to the White House, the official residence of the President, on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. This is the "Million MAGA March". Patriots don't let this choice be stolen!



Florida is developing into a stronghold for President Trump! The first "Stop the Steal" rally against Biden election fraud took place on November 14th, 2020 at Delray Beach. "We don't want to live under a Marxist government, count our votes and Trump has already won," read the signs of the 500 demonstrators!

The event was highlighted by an impressive and noisy march down Atlantic Avenue and a speech by former Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone. Stone said the CIA had changed the number of votes in favor of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Image Source: Palm Beach Post

The US President of Hearts was celebrated in CAPITAL Washington

Foto Quelle: Brooks Meriwether

The topic of the Trump Patriots read: Stand up for a president who has stood up for his people & fight against election fraud.

STOP THE STEAL: Theft of election campaign votes: Restoring a fair election where votes are counted honestly and BYE BYE BIDEN is the patriots' greatest wish.

It was a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere under the most beautiful sunshine on November 14, 2020 in the American capital. The "Million MAGA March" set in motion for Donald Trump and millions are meant here only literally. Approx. 200,000 people were there and certainly many millions around the world via the Internet. There was no violence, looting or rioting in the city. Some left-wing Antifa supporters in black with raised fists tried to "detonate". But the forceful demeanor of the police kept them in check and at a distance. Outbreaks of violence were only mentioned sporadically. An eyewitness from Dallas / Texas wrote: "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have to bring their followers under control. They attack older people, women and children, that's absolutely evil".

Image Source: Million Maga March Twitter

Highlight Trump appeared and said as he drove by: "Hello"

When at 10 a.m. local time at the Fredom Plaza: Centrally located in the city center, the President's motorcade drove through the city with gigantic cheers. Patriots surrounded the cars in a sea of ​​flags. Unfortunately, President Trump was not allowed to get out for security reasons, but smiled as if he had just heard that he would finally be the 2020 election winner. He is proud with a red Make America Great hat that you could tell. And he is allowed to be, because he created his huge patriotic movement from NOTHING. Donald J. Trump was celebrated like John F. Kennedy! Now he is also the President of Hearts in America.

With Joe Biden's electoral fraud becoming more and more apparent, patriots show that you have character and strength because, as I said before, you stayed peaceful and moved to the seat of the Supreme Court to the singing of the national anthem.

The fascinating thing about the patriotic Trump movement is its versatility. The supporters are divided into many small subgroups. But they ALL have one thing in common: their love for Donald John Trump.

Image Source: Jenn Pellegrino/ OAN

A week ago, far fewer people celebrated the alleged election of Trump on the streets of Washington. Today was the much stronger counter-program: thousands of Trump supporters who don't believe in this Biden Fake Presidency. A colossal defeat for the mass media is that which gave up everything they have. The Trump people clearly sent a message to the Supreme Court and the whole world at the Million MAGA March today!

Create JUSTICE, clarify this choice and WE ARE STILL THERE FOR TRUMP AND BELIEVE IN HIM. That should mean they won't go away anytime soon. Don't make anyone feel like anyone's election has been stolen! The judiciary also belongs to a democracy and in this case it has to speak a word of power. The USA is not a banana republic and not a 3rd world country.

Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC in the direction of the US Capitol, the switching center of power in America, was flooded by a sea of ​​Trump flags. The goal of the Trump disciples, as I said, the Supreme Court, where one still hopes to be awarded the election victory. Because conservative judges have a majority there.

The Americans who were "forgotten" under socialism are now gathered here. Trump activated all of these people in the positive again. All belong to a new community. Patriotism works!

The vote fraud was repeatedly pointed out in several rallies and there was also Robert Kennedy Jr., who is a staunch opponent of the "corona vaccine alliance," which Joe Biden wants to pull off with the industry after taking office.

Many Trump supporters showed their anger at the conservative TV channel Fox News with their signs and do not want to know anything more about the station. The final end of television. Fox announced a few days ago that it was surprisingly betting on Joe Biden as the "election winner", which of course disappointed many patriots.

Image Source: Youtube Video Screenshot Russia Today

Now the narrative started again in the Rothschild mass media and social networks. "Again, only a few hundred people were seen in Washington DC," said a ZDF journalist. Or the Trump supporters were denigrated as "Nazis" who would pay homage to their "Führer" like at a Nazi party rally. And whoever completely refused to accept reality rubbish Twitter with pancake pictures under the hashtag #MillionMAGAMarch. Biden had claimed the country wanted one, there is nothing left of that if his supporters show such a crude relationship to democracy.

Image Source: Youtube Video Screenshot Russia Today

Only the few Biden supporters in Washington DC are really aggressive and totally suppressive. Many of them were probably afraid of coming anymore, or Soros had no money to pay his Antifa stormtroopers. But democracy applies to everyone today. The Antifa riot gear at a demonstration, with goggles and shields (see picture on the left), is striking. There are "Nazis" including police everywhere. When ideologies determine action, these thinking mistakes come about.






The Trump campaign KEEP AMERICA GREAT is coming to an end and is almost there. Trump announces on Twitter that the legal defense against electoral fraud will be in full swing early next week. He wrote: "I look forward to Mayor Giuliani leading the legal effort to defend OUR RIGHT to FAIR ELECTION! He is supported by Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, a really great legal team."

The preparations for the battle of justice are already going well. In a hearing before a district court in the US state of Illinois, the chairman of the company that provides Dominion software for the voting computers had to admit that it: "There are components from China". This information is a meltdown for the Biden CAMPAIGN, because now it will be a case for "National Security". The cancellation of the entire 2020 US election is therefore within reach.


Keep America Great The 2020 US presidential election campaign has begun. Defending champion US President Donald Trump starts in the state of Iowa in the primaries with a record approval rating of 97% for the Republicans.

According to the forecast of August 29, 2020, re-election will work!

In the latest election polls of September 3, 2020, Donald Trump leads with 48.7% in the US state of Florida, an important swing state (changeover state) where in the past there were many narrow results for the US presidency. Crucial to the president's success was his Boaters for Trump movement.



This wonderful US-Latino-Mexican, sent by God, a veteran of the US military and beautiful Instagram model Anna Paulina Luna, made it possible for Trump to win the election in Florida. She won the 13th Congressional electoral district in the primary and convinced Latinos in the state to vote for Trump. There are 5,809,000 million Latino people living in Florida (US census). 50% want to vote for Trump only 46% vote for Biden. This is the voice gap that Trump needed.




President Trump becomes the first Republican to win the state of Minnesota since 1972! The defeat for Biden will be epic.


High Noon in Cleveland / Ohio First TV duel for the 2020 US presidency

Lots of verbal shots barely hit. Democratic con challenger Joe Biden has been hyped by the mainstream as the alleged winner. The presidential candidates Trump and Biden dueled on September 29, 2020 for the first time on television in front of an audience of millions. Audience rating over 120 million Americans and viewers in 86 countries around the world.


It was important for the debate committee to agree in advance: It is not about winning or losing, but about getting to know the political systems and opinions of both candidates comprehensively and communicating them to the people!



This then took place in 90 intense minutes, but more chaotic and confused than you might have imagined beforehand. FOX host Randall Wallace never had the situation under control. Biden played with marked cards and was wired, and Trump also had the moderator Wallace against him. Because of this, the president was loaded like a machine gun and could not let his counterpart finish. TRUE ANALYSIS: President Trump scored points in his core areas of the economy and internal security, but seemed too aggressive that probably costs him more sympathy. However, its concept is consistent. Biden rather pale and wooden dodged too often. His winning topic, social justice. 4: 2 for President Trump!

Joe Biden- Fraud

He's already called "Hiden" on Twitter. Joe Biden already attracted negative attention in advance with mental dropouts. On television he recently said he had been in Congress for 180 years, which would indicate a biblical age of 211. Trump wanted to push through a drug test before the TV duel so that one could check that Biden wasn't pushing himself and cheating. Of course, that was rejected by the other side. Strong visual evidence now suggests that Biden technically doped himself against his weakness of thought. A so-called: "Special Communication Device" was used. Biden could hear what to say. The device was hidden in his shirt sleeve, he used a ballpoint pen in his hand to cover it up.

Quote from Trump: "... Biden is the wrong man at the wrong time ...".

Quote from Biden: "... Trump has no plan ..."

FACTS FACTS FACTS- here the exact protocol about what has been said, so that you can form your own opinion

Biden considered himself to be the "moral conscience of the country" at the beginning, citing President Trump's appointment of the new judge to the Supreme Court before the elections as "taking advantage of his power." Trump started rather statesmanlike and serious and said confidently: "We won the election! But then he quickly switched to attack mode and was provoked by both Biden and the moderator. The two threw around facts, each of which was separate in his system is correct. Biden looked wooden, erratic, his answers were vague and he avoided many questions. He complained that Trump was a "liar".


Trump No Biden Yes

The biggest bone of contention at the beginning Obamacare, while Biden desperately wants to hold on to this dysfunctional system, Trump wants a complete system change.

This disagreement overloads the subject of the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the highest US court, the Spreme Court. Biden said, "10 million Americans would now have insurance coverage through Obamacare! Trump argued:" Obamacare is too expensive and with too many unnecessary premiums for doctors. This would have destroyed families. That was socialism. "Biden countered:" Trump has no "plan". Biden then mixed the topic of health insurance with women's rights and the fear of no longer having an "abortion option" if Obamacare no longer existed, and Trump supposedly had "200,000 Responsible for dead "in the coronavirus crisis in the USA. With the Executive Orders as President Trump would correct systemic errors that reduce drug prices that are far too expensive and oppose the pharmaceutical industry. Commenting on the allegation of Obamacare socialized medicine, Biden said only: "I beat Bernie Sanders in the primary".

Quote from Trump: "... Biden has achieved nothing in politics in 47 years ...".

Quote from Biden: "... 750,000 people die every day because of Trump, he has no plan ..."


Topic: Coronavirus

Which candidate can be trusted?

President Trump defended his policy of sealing America off from the outside during the coronavirus pandemic. If we had kept the country open there would have been "millions of deaths", according to his account.



Biden says: "Because of Trump, 750,000 people would die in America every day, he has no plan. He didn't warn us and should have already spent money in March." He doesn't explain what kind of money Biden means. The President also sees himself on the right track in the search for a vaccine.

With his "Operation Warpspeed" program, he has a concept for accelerating the search for the vaccine. Trump would hold talks with pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson. Biden countered: "That the scientists supposedly don't trust the president. Wearing face masks would save 100,000 lives."

Then Trump: "Well, you have the biggest mask I've ever seen. Well, I have mine in a jacket and I leave it up to everyone whether they want to wear one or not". Trump told virologist Dr. Fauci who would tell him "wearing masks is not good".

Biden my Trump is not worried about America, but is supposed to be on the golf course. As president, he would have preferred to leave the country open and thus trust the Pelosi / Schumer plan.

Trump said: "I made the biggest economy and you (Biden) forgot everything. You didn't know in Delaware that you studied there. I hold big rallies in front of 40,000 people at the airport there nobody gets infected with the coronavirus. Joe did 3 Hansel at his rallies ".

Topic: Economie

Candidate Biden said "Billionaires like Trump are doing well, but the workers are doing badly. He would have paid maybe $ 750 a year income tax. He created a lot fewer jobs after Corona.


The tax legislation is only using Trump for his benefit. He be the worse president. Wall Street has supported my plan (Green Deal), which will bring 7 million new jobs. I want to renovate 1.5 million state buildings to make them more energetic and with electric car charging stations everywhere " Trump said, "I researched your plans cost $ 100 trillion. (Note: The US total national debt is currently $ 22 trillion).

Trump said: "Obama has had the slowest economic recovery since 1929 in his presidency. I achieved the greatest economic growth in history. Everything was perfect, but China killed us with Corona. The shutdown destroyed our country. Alcohol / Drug abuse is bad. New York is a ghost town, the people want an open life. My tax declaration is not ready yet, that's 380 pages. In addition, in just under 4 years I have done more than you 47 years in politics.

Topic: Law and order

The president said, "I have done more for black people than anyone else. I corrected a 1994 law from Biden which put black people innocently in jail as so-called prey hunters. I support the police and law enforcement, and I have full support from these groups.

I stand behind the law. 53 people were murdered in Chicago and 150 in New Yorl. I put out the fires in Portland. The radical left is destroying the suburbs, Biden is behind these radical groups who want a revolution. He does nothing against them Antifa, the problem would only come from the left. I also stop teachers spreading their sick ideas in school telling the children to hate their country ".

Moderator Randall Wallace wanted to know from candidate Biden if he had also called the National Guard to pacify the 100-day violent protests of the Black Lives Matters movement in Portland.

Biden evaded the question and said: "The police need psychological support. I had no public office and couldn't do anything. Violence should be prosecuted. Trump made us weaker, poorer and more violent. I am in favor of equality, constitutional and decency we never split up. Trump splits and pours fuel on the fire, he is a disaster for blacks and stirs up hatred, anger Ku Kux Klan. He promotes systemic injustice, I will bring all groups back together. There are bad apples in the police. I will myself stand against racism in the police!

Topic: US Election

Note: Due to the effects of the Corona Virus pandemic, postal voting must be used. At least 30 million people or more will vote by postal vote. There are therefore doubts about the integrity and credibility of this choice as it creates the possibility of manipulation.

Both candidates were asked how they feel about it and whether they will recognize the result.

Biden: "The FBI would have no evidence of manipulation of the postal votes. Trump is just scared. Go vote, vote, vote. I accept the decision. Trump will not stay in power, those were years of lying with him".

Trump: "I won the last election, despite this Hillary Clinton coup. There was no transition in the presidency, I was bugged in Trump Tower and had constant investigations into the alleged Russian influence on the election. The matter with the ballot papers is a disaster. The Postal ballot papers are preprinted and then buzz around. 30% of those papers are lost and found in creeks. In West Virginia, postal workers have sold these papers. IN BRIEF PICTURES OF THE WAHRRICHTEN that Trump is Right.


Donald Trump infected by the coronavirus. Suspension of the election campaign. A Q TRICK against the deep state

Why Trump most likely intentionally infected himself: If he can defeat the coronavirus at 74, the ultimate evidence is that none of this is so bad! The ultimate weapon against the deep state and planned election fraud. Trump will now be 100% elected on November 03, 2020!

Image Source: Donald Trump Twitter

The infection became known to him and the First Lady Melania on October 2nd, 2020 at 1 a.m. There are two ways and where the president might have been infected. Either with the appointment of the new judges Amy Coney Barrett on 09/27/2020 in the rose garden of the White House or, more likely, via the assistant to his chief advisor to son-in-law Jared Kushner. This trace is more believable as links to the Rotschhilad clan can be proven. Hope Hicks was a security leak as a carrier of the Covid-19 pathogen. Her connections as a former model: 21Century Fox, James Murdoch, Baron Jacob Rothschild, RIT Capital Partners (RITCP)). The "Baron" commissioned the corona virus on July 14, 2015 in Wuhan / China!

Noticeable! The satanist Deep State Trump's demise would be right now. Trump & Melania's Twitter accounts have been subjected to a massive attack. Thousands of bots published some very dark things after being infected with Corona. This was apparently a foreign state / news level activity and was long planned

Strong evidence of a conscious corona infection of Donald Trump. The break from the deep state is supposed to be a means against electoral fraud! It is unlikely that the Hicks Rothschild leak would not be noticed. There are scattered clues in a Q Post. On a clock with 02.10. and in another post Trump should "isolate" himself.

Image Source: Richard Potcner


Patriots sing the Trump Anthem of the Patriots on the Street on October 3rd, 2020 in front of Walter Reed Medical Center, a military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland where the President is staying for medical care. There has never been anything like this for a president!

Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh Mc Enany posted documents on Twitter that doctors would give the president the drug remdesivir and that he would tolerate it well. Coronavirus has already recovered, he would only have a slight fever.




Fight election fraud. In America, the biggest disaster of all time is looming in the presidential elections on November 3, 2020. A system error in the federal USA and an underfunded state post office overwhelm the local authorities. Postal voting documents are sent several times or not at all to voters. An honest choice? Because of the coronavirus pandemic in America, postal votes must be used or online. However, the so-called "mail-in voting" is not safe and is not recognized everywhere!

The electoral clause of the United States Constitution grants each state the right to regulate and administer elections. Twitter is NOT right and wrongly restricts US President Donald Trump, who warns his voters against online voting. People are NOT allowed to do mail voting (fake!) And MUST, as Trump says, apply for postal voting and have the election office confirm that their vote has been registered and counts.

In some states, local governments have to bear the entire financial burden of election administration. In other cases, the state governments reimburse the local authorities for certain election costs such as ballot papers or other voting machines. These are $ 2 billion a year.












Image Source: Richard Potcner/ Twitter
Image Source: Dan Scavino/ Twitter

What President Trump does with the people after a rally. A positive mood not only means more zest for life, but also creates the motivation to give 100% for your country. This is the key to America's success and rise again!






Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Image Source: Dan Scavino

Get out and Vote!