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The storm on the US Capitol- The fight for the presidency of Donald Trump

Image Source: Leah Millis

America's freedom democracy in flames - The Republican Senate opposes its own President Donald J. Trump. The coup against the head of state for communism Article Related to Biden Election Fraud

Even before the USA was founded and became the oldest democracy in the world, there was a civil war. On April 19, 1775, British loyalists to the English Crown shot an innocent child. This was the "shot that was heard around the world" and led to the founding of the free, constitutional republic of the united states.

History repeated itself on January 6, 2021. It is only thanks to the wisdom of President Trump, who decided to transfer power for his country, that worse was prevented in America.

US Vice President Mike Pence defrauded his Republican employer, President Donald J. Trump, in the US Senate, like Brutus from ancient Rome. Instead of at least examining the extensive objections about the Biden election fraud, he just signed the presidency Joe Biden, constructed on the drawing board of the power elite, like a willing lackey. There was nothing more to be done for Trump after his "own Republican Party" refused allegiance to him.

The good times in America are over: What the globalists want- "Congratulations" USA soon to be more communist than the EU & China together.

The US Capitol was Trump Land full of patriots on January 06, 2021


4 dead reported in Washington DC protests so far after police opened fire for no reason. The Capitol City Police said Officer Brian D. Sicknick was dead. Unknown if even from "friendly fire". That would explain why Police Chief Steven Sund resigned from office with immediate effect. Does the deep state have them all on its conscience? Police had to admit they shot a Trump supporter. 3 others died of "medical emergencies". Conspicuous their identities should definitely be protected. Leftists in America and Germany have a massive problem with the rule of law. There is no completed state investigation into who or what really triggered the storm on the Capitol and which groups were involved, but President Trump is already to blame for EVERYTHING. FACT is: Of course Trump mobilized the masses in front of the US Capitol. But he President said to everyone on the Save America March on January 6th, 2021: "Go peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol so that your voice will be heard". No call for hatred and violence, or for destruction!




Trump's speech at the Save America March

Image Source: Right Side Broadcasting System
It was 11 am local time in Washington on the "Ellipse" in the park of the same name in front of the White House when the President spoke to his supporters. He said, "The problem is the lying mass media and the industry behind it. I am fighting for your choice that has been stolen". [Note:] In the 2020 US elections, computerized voting systems were used that illegally shifted hundreds of thousands of votes in favor of Joe Biden on instructions. Trump hoped to the end of his Vice Pence that he would send the wrong votes of the electoral body back to the states.

At least 100,000 or more people in Washington D.C for Trump


The chronology of a planned coup / pence turned against its boss:

Pence a clear traitor! Trump was certain firsthand until yesterday that his Vice President would save his second term as he wrote on Twitter: "Pence would send back the wrong results of the electoral council in the controversial states" This would be for Trump Keep America Great at the last second been. The salvation of his presidency and his campaign. Trump attorney Lin Wood accuses Pence of being caught up in the pedo swamp Quote: "Mike Pence is a dark soul. He is NOT a man of God. He uses God for his own selfish ends. He uses 13, 14, & 15 year old boys for his selfish purposes. A special place in hell awaits him ".

Interestingly, the bitterest resistance, against a constructed Biden presidency with fake votes, came from some senators, where one would never have thought it would. The WAHRRICHTEN will come with the names shortly. Romney, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Sasse, Toomey.



The timeline! Destruction of evidence from Twitter to completely delete Trump's tweets. Here he wrote at 2:24 p.m. that Vice President Mike Pence would abandon him. At 2:26 p.m., Pence escaped from the Capitol with his family. 2 minutes that speak for Trump. He would have had NO time to control his alleged "mob".




Image Source: C-Span




Judas wages for treason: Mike Pence receives a gold coin in the US Senate.




The fairy tale I: Mass media claim that Capitol Hill Police are not sufficiently present to protect against the US Capitol!

New videos from the US Capitol prove that there was no weak protection but a massive contingent of around 1000-3000 police officers on site at 2:15 p.m. With the support of the Washington City Police, because the Capitol Police only consists of 1700 officers. There were enough forces on site at all times to protect the Capitol.

There were even forces from the National Guard in the city, which even ZDF system journalist Elmar Theveßen confirmed. The video proves that the great police chain kept the many Trump supporters in check. Only a few demonstrators were able to break through, but were persecuted by police officers. The US state had control of the Capitol at all times, which exposes the fairy tale of democracy attacked by Trump supporters "as a lie.


Police on instructions: On the side of the demonstrators

Even German Television ZDF system journalist Claus Kleber wonders on Twitter, quote: "Anyone who knows the million dollar security systems there and knows that every wrong step there is pissed off must ask how the storm could be so easy".

FImage Source: Twitter/Silas Savant - Igor Bobic/ Huffington Post



Suddenly around 2:30 p.m. local time an order came from above and it was the police forces who opened the barricades to let the demonstrators into the Capitol (see red outline). Some followed them as escort (see middle picture). When the protesters were let through by the police and stood at the door, a US Capitol official shouted, "I disagree, but I respect it now".

Another policeman opened the door at the entrance and escaped the demonstrators through the building (see picture on the right). He acted on instructions and left his baton on the floor.


Antifa provocateurs infiltrate the White House as "Trump supporters".

Black-hooded Antifa terrorists smashed the window of the main door of the US Capitol and began the serious damage to property. Trump supporters just stood by!

Image Source: Jim Newell

Image Source: MSNBC/ Politico

Local time 2.10 p.m.! It was Soros terrorists from Antifa who threw in the windows of the Capitol. Black disguise, black look and backpacks. There were hand signals for the Capitol Police to deliberately hold back.



Fake evidence presented in the US Senate against Trump!

There are inconsistencies in the "video evidence" that the Democrats show in the US Senate in the new impeachment proceedings against former US President Trump on February 10, 2021. When Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer entered the Capitol, 15 seconds were missing. Cut out at timecode January 6, 2021 2:32:58 p.m. to 2:33:13 p.m.


The Soros Antifa were smuggled into the Capitol as targeted provocateurs. Trump supporters prevented windows from being smashed on the Capitol themselves. Some Antifa members were localized in relevant forums on the Internet, as well as by the in-house facial recognition software.

The "Viking" with the horns is called Jake Angeli and is an "actor, singer and climate as well as Black Lives Matter activist". He deliberately went to the pulpit to be photographed by mainstream photographers as a "conspiracy supporter of the Q Anon sect". However, the guy wears a tattoo of the radical "Extinction Rebellion" environmental sect

The other weird Antifa guy, the companion of the Viking name Jason Tankersley with his companion Matthew Helmbach (see picture below) would have both been with the Maryland Skinheads at times. But it wouldn't be unusual for Antifa members to switch within socialism and different groups.

JImage Source: Jim Lo Scalzo (Keystone)







Planned hiatus in the US Senate

Image Source: C-Span


It must have been around 2:13 pm when the Senate "suddenly" interrupted the two-hour session. "There are demonstrators in the house" was called out. There was just a discussion about the acceptance of electoral votes from Arizona, the first state where electoral fraud took place. The doors opened and, as planned, Secret Service officials escaped chairman Vice President Pence out. The clerks nodded to everything looked rehearsed, see pictures people red arrows. None of the MPs looked particularly panicked!
The session was interrupted during the storm on the Capitol and all MPs evacuated, so one could quickly steal Nancy Pelosi's laptop that was lying unsecured on the table. Some Trump supporters were photographed by the mass media in the offices.

CRIME Was this Trump supporter murdered by the deep state?

He was the one who was in Nancy Pelosi's office and "stole" her laptop and some of the letters he showed to photographers. Now apparently the revenge of the "top position" followed.

Trump supporters with a letter from Nancy Pelosi's office Photo Credit: Kayla Brantley Daily Mail

"Trump Fan" Christopher Stanton Georgia Photo from "Better Days" was found dead in his home Photo Credit: Celebrity Cover News

His name was Christopher Stanton Georgia, 53 years old, and a bank manager at BB&T, a North Carolina financial services company. He was identified by the FBI and fined $ 1,000 for "illegally entering" the US Capitol in the later curfew after 6pm.




This "punishment" is said to have caused such great grief to a bank manager that he killed himself on January 12, 2021. He was found dead in the basement of his house in Alpharette, Georgia, with blood all over him and bullets riddled with him. The case is being "investigated" by the police, because he is said to have killed himself quote: "Killed himself with two semi-automatic SKS rifles". Unlikely. It is realistic that the deep state would send a killer commando "thank you" for the theft of the Pelosi laptop. Because he is said to have forwarded this to the Trump attorney Powell.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi is obviously a risk to US national security. Her laptop, stolen from her office during the riots, may have contained information about the nuclear arsenal and access data for the warheads. She is currently going crazy and is afraid that her secret data could go public or Trump himself. Pelosi reached out to Chief Operations and Planning Staff, General Mark Milley, to get him to declare the 25th Amendment and immediately declare the President "incapacitated". But both the General and Vice President Pence refused.

The guy who stole Nancy Pelosis lectern has now been caught by the FBI Photo source: Win Mc Namee / Getty Images


An unknown source claims without confirmation. Patriots would have ALL of the MPs' laptops in Congress (see picture on the right) and these would now be with Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

This would explain this message: US voting machine company Dominion is suing Trump attorney Sidney Powell for $ 1.3 billion in "damages". It was supposedly quotation: "Conspiracy theories to believe one would have shifted votes in favor of Joe Biden". The new inquisition in the digital age begins! It is possible that the laptops contained crucial indications of the Biden election fraud.





Image Source: Brandon Straka/Twitter



Trump supporter shot!

The matter is still officially investigated, but knowing the sloppiness of the FBI investigating your own people is unlikely to come out of it. According to an eyewitness report, this previously unidentified officer is said to have been the murderer of the Trump supporter. Why the security forces opened fire through a pane in the lobby in front of the Senate Chamber is still unclear. All videos of the shooting on the internet are censored. For the WAHRRICHTEN, it is difficult to get more detailed information, but this case remains.

Pictorial evidence shares a picture that obviously unarmed Trump supporters tried to come through a window in the lobby. Why an officer shot through a broken window is still unknown! Also why the danger situation was assessed as so high that the order to shoot had to be given and who gave these orders.





A Trump supporter was seriously injured by several shots fired and later bled to death in the hospital. Her name was Ashli Babbit, in the picture on the left she was on the Save America March. She was married and lived near San Diego, her age was not communicated. She was shot, according to her husband, in the chaos. She served the US Air Force Army for 14 years and had four missions behind her.



Her husband called her a great President Trump supporter. She was innocent, peaceful and fought without weapons for truth & democracy! The instruction most likely came from the office of Pelosi & Pence, which saw the "storming of the Capitol" as a threat to national security. There was NO reason to shoot this Trump supporter in the Capitol today.

Fairy Tale II: Law Enforcement Agencies & FBI Would Chase Violent Protesters From The Capitol! Sullivan knows the background to the murder of the patriot Babbit

A left-wing extremist Black Lives Matter Terrorist from the storming of the Capitol named John Sullivan, who was identified by installed cameras with facial recognition software, was "not charged" by the US judiciary according to his own statements. Yes, "I can walk around freely" he said in New York. Sullivan is a well-known leftist activist and founder of Insurgence USA, a social justice group that describes itself as anti-fascist and protests the brutality of the police. He also claimed that his presence at the Trump rally was intended to "support the black community". He was in the Capitol with a gas mask and was the one who filmed the execution of the patriot Ashli ​​Babbit on January 6th, 2021: “There was a glass wall in the lobby and she, the woman, was the first person who actually tried to get in . All we could see were just hands coming out the doors with their guns. And I literally yell at everyone else: watch out there are guns and suddenly the shots went off. And the woman was shot, ”Sullivan recalled.

Image Source: Video Parler deleted!


Now the arrest warrant for Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan, dated January 13th, 2021

Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan, posing as a Trump supporter during the Capitol riot, was videotaped saying, "We have to burn this shit," and "It's our house, motherfuckers," and "we get this shit."




Senators played "Fear & Terror" like actors
Image Source: NBC News

There was never any real danger in the Senate for MPs. The in-house Secret Service took care of that, but they behaved like cowboys in the Wild West and shoot around pointlessly.





Pence sent national guards to secure Capitol

Only around 5:40 p.m., on the instructions of Vice President Mike Pence, who returned to the Capitol after an "emergency evacuation", the National Guarde is said to have reactivated the Natiola Guarde to help the overwhelmed Park Police to restore "security" in the building. The guardians are said to have been on standby all day at an unknown location in Washington. Unclear why they weren't sent to the Capitol beforehand.

Attack corrupt mass media properly

The mass media are industrial corporations & they don't have to be artificially protected by "freedom of the press". They have no interest in disseminating information, only in constructions for the deep state.

Whoever attacks you by destroying your equipment as shown in the picture is right, because you would kill unconditionally for your clients by idelogically inciting people!

Image Source: Ellie Hall Buzz Feed News

Thereby stupid mistakes happened like this "Trump supporter" with the ZDF microphone of the second German television (see picture on the right). He is said to have stolen the microphone when the mass media equipment was "dismantled" in the chaos of the protests.





President Trump is completely censored by Twitter and should be forgotten! It's like suppressing the truth. His account has now been completely and permanently deleted!

Image Source: Twitter Video deleted!




What nobody should see: Trump called in a quickly censored Twitter video to his followers in the rose garden of the White House for peace on quotes: "You have to go home. We have to respect law and order. I don't want anyone to be hurt. We know that this election was a scam, but we cannot play into the hands of these people love you! "

These are NOT the words of a "hate preacher". Twitter was no longer the size of wanting to spread this great man's tweet. You are the media player of the deep state.



And this deep state wants to get back to power as soon as possible! The Republican "majority leader" McConnell, who is actually now only a minority leader after the election fraud following the same pattern as during the presidency in the state of Georgia, wants to proclaim Joe Biden as the next US president tonight. Trump is supposed to be removed from office "immediately". Pence will run the business until then.

Incomprehensible! President Trump still in office completely deleted from Twitter!

In a very thin statement from January 8th, 2021, Twitter wants to explain this unbelievable step why one removes an incumbent head of state from one's own platform and thus separates them from his 88 million followers (!): There could be "violence" through his tweets because he speaks with a "strong voice" to his followers. As a reminder, Iran's dictator Khamenei has been threatening to destroy Israel on Twitter for years without being censored! Obviously, you just have to be on the right political side. Twitter is totally done. Trump now rightly considers this service to be a "left-wing dictatorship created by evil people to suppress the free speech of 75 million patriots".






Biden installed as the new US President for the NWO

Cell phone jammers installed on the White House. The old self-employed is USA at the end! Now one should only become a satellite state of the new communist world order of the Corona age.



After the protests at 12:45 am German time: Congress wants to meet again on Thursday night to continue the "official counting" with the false electoral votes of the Electoral College. Update 2 am "Several Democratic MPs are pushing Vice President Pence, the 25. To swear amendment and declare Trump incapable of running the country. Several Republican MPs said they would no longer protest against the certification of electoral votes. "

Leo Trump now ready for his own party !?

A strong lion! President Trump himself spoke that morning at 11 a.m. at the Save America March in front of the White House and should quickly turn his back on the scheming bunch of Republicans to come back to power as the leader of the new Patriot Party! The GOP is at the end of it, suffocated by its own disloyalty.

The Deep State wants to return to power as soon as possible! Senate Leader McConnell plans to proclaim Joe Biden president tonight. Trump is supposed to be removed from office "immediately". Pence to run business until then. Cell phone jammers installed on the White House. USA at the end!

Fear in America of civil war-Washington DC now a fortress

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi continues to pour fuel on the fire and is preparing for a second impeachment trial against the US President because of an alleged assault on the Capitol ordered by Trump. Although his term of office will soon end on January 20, 2021 anyway. Misuse of the impeachment process of the Democrats should prevent another candidacy of Trump for the presidency in 2024. Pelosi belongs behind bars, she is only interested in the annihilation of the conservative half of America. That's not how you serve your country.

President Trump wants to have his personal lawyer Guiliani and law professor Dershowitz defend himself against the constructed impeachment in Congress from Monday! A dangerous game for the Democrats & Republicans, the newly founded Patriot party is ready in America and can completely change the political system in America, many Republicans announce that they will switch to the new party out of anger at the betrayal of Trump.

This provocation is intended to incite Trump supporters to violence in order to advance their diabolical communist agenda. Barriers in front of the Treasury Department are even hit at night. Even mobile generator sets are started up.

The dreadful "inauguration" of all time for constructed President Joe Biden, who still wants to "reconcile" and "one" his country, threatens. For the first time in history, NO parade and 6200 heavily armed National Guard in town. The entire government district in the capital Washington DC was cordoned off with fences.

On Twitter, also banned Trump attorney Lin Wood writes. After the political earthquake in Washington on the evening of January 6th, President Trump flew from New York to Abilene, Texas and, as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, stayed at the military National Defense Command Center to consult with generals and to look into what was going on To look at Washington. He made Vice President Pence treason there. Martial law is not off the table! In fact, night radar footage showed a military machine on its way.

It was just speculation: will Trump proclaim martial law?

On the recommendation of his attorney Sidney Powell, the president should proclaim martial law under 18 US Code § 2384: "Insurgent conspiracy" The Democratic Party has conspired with the Republicans and with the media, the FBI, the DOJ and the judiciary. Do not report, investigate, prosecute & judge. Trump did not use this option, which was better because this step would have led to a total escalation in America.










Nashville Deep State Blast Wants To Destroy Evidence Of Biden VOTE FRAUD

It was a previously puzzling giant explosion at 6:30 a.m. on December 25, 2020 in Nashville, the capital of the US state of Tennessee, on 2nd Avenue that was triggered by a motor home. This was not an accident but a deliberate act and so the FBI is investigating the case. It was the largest high-explosive bomb in the United States since the Oklahoma City attack, and had a more dramatic impact than the attack on the Boston Marathon. The detonation effect was big enough to damage entire streets. The attacker is said to have sat in the mobile home and blew himself up!

Nashville Police found this man, a computer hacker, and then had pictures removed from Twitter



Strange circumstance: there was a connection to the fire brigade's server and therefore loud emergency warning announcements were switched on the streets shortly before the explosion. So perpetrators with excellent computer skills and insider knowledge.

The Dominion servers that were used in Biden election fraud (see: Keep America Great) were stored in Nashville at AT&T, an American telecommunications company, for forensic analysis. Believable Fact: Explosion near a data center at the Nashville Data Center at 211 Commerce Street. The authorities in Nashville announced on December 27, 2020. The name of the 63 year old man killed in the motorhome would be Anthony Quinn Warner. He was present when the bomb went off and it tore him to shreds.



Das A & T Gebäude in Nashville, vor dem die riesige Explosion stattfand ist das zentrale Gebäude für Telekommunikation in der Region und ein Knotenpunkt für Glasfaserleitungen. Die Explosion zerstörte einen wichtigen Cloud Server Hub vollständig. Im Kreis eingezeichnet verdächtige Tunneleingänge. Es wird vermutet, dass zusätzlich noch eine unterirdische Explosion herbeigeführt wurde.






President Donald Trump continues to fight after alleged "election defeat"

Even after his alleged deselection on November 3, 2020, the president continues to take action against the swamp in the American state system and hire new, better people. Key positions in the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, are being filled. There will be more and better investigations into the worldwide Pedo Ring, the Hunter Biden Connections, the terrorist networks, and the Democratic Swamp in the US Capitol!


Information about Trump's new men for the Pentagon:

Colonel Christopher Miller (new defense minister): - former Green Beret (elite unit of the army) - initially in the National Security Council of Trump as an anti-terrorism expert - then assistant to the defense minister in the area of ​​special operations and counter-terrorism - was from August 2020: Director of the National Anti-Terror Center

Kash Patel (new chief of staff to defense secretary): - was an employee of Devin Nunes on the secret service committee and is said to have written the "Nunes memo". - alleged to have investigated Joe and Hunter Biden's entanglements with the Ukrainian company Burisma and the dismissal of a public prosecutor there against the company - became the leading advisor to the then director of national security Richard Grenell.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor (new Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense): - Hardliner on securing the US border against mass immigration by criminals and poverty migrants - describes the population living in eastern Ukraine as Russians - speaks out vehemently against interventionism - supports 2012 the libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul - speaks German and rejects that subsequent generations in Germany have to atone for the sins of their ancestors while ignoring 1,500 years of German history - is rejected by the Anti Defamation League and B'nai B'rith.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick (new undersecretary for intelligence): - was trained by the CIA and worked for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) - became executive director of intelligence programs of Trump's National Security Council from General Flynn (the former head of the DIA) - hereafter a brief stint at the Justice Department as an advisor on counter-terrorism and counter-espionage - as well as deputy assistant to the defense minister for drugs and global threats - is said to have worked with Michael Ellis as whistleblower Devin Nunes - until recently was assistant to the defense minister in the area of ​​special operations and low-intensity conflicts .

Michael Ellis (NSA's new legal counsel): - Chief Advisor to Republican MP Devin Nunes - Deputy Head of Legal Counseling to the President in the White House and Deputy Legal Advisor to the National Security Council under Trump - Devin Nunes is said to have given classified information on monitoring the Trump campaign as Nunes chairman of the secret service committee in the house of representatives was - "Nunes Memo" - since 2020 chief director for secret services in the national security council.

President Donald Trump drops the Twitter bomb on October 7, 2020 (Putin's birthday). EXPLOSIVE Deep State Government Documents are about to be published. This is JURISDICTION of evidence and also confirms the journalistic research of the TRUTH, which has been denigrated by political opponents as "conspiracy theories".

President Trump's lonely fight against everyone. 4 years ago it was "only" against the elite in Washington and now!? What can a man who is proven to be a billion dollars poorer in the presidency and who is against the entire media and deep state network achieve? The most exciting question from the most interesting person of our time.






Trump takes action against the Clintons' satanic children's sect. An evil business in the deep state. It is the darkest secret of Hillary Clinton and her foundation. Clinton was Trump's opponent in the 2016 US presidential campaign, and one reason why her "email affair" was still not fully investigated by the FBI. As a former Secretary of State for the United States, she sent over 30,000 emails with documents of 50,547 pages between June 30, 2010 and August 12, 2014 via a private server. Some of the cruelest descriptions of what the Freemason Clinton sect did with children. FBI investigators should have vomited and were sometimes unable to continue reading.

Eternal life and youth through adrenochrome. Worldwide, children are held in the hands of pedophiles and enslaved because of this substance. Adrenochrome is a compound that has been known for decades and is created in the body by the oxidation of adrenaline. A lot of it is produced when children are tortured. Its main medical application is to slow blood loss by promoting coagulation in open wounds. The chemical formula is C 9 H 9 NO 3.






In Germany, the networks Xavier Naidoo first drew attention to these networks. He even sacrificed his television career at RTL to make it public. A New York nurse claimed Trump had brought children to safety on his corona virus rescue ship. The fight against these networks was also the reason for the construction of the Trump Wall (see below) in America .Paypal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel is considered a great supporter of blood transfusions among young people. His company turned to the California company Ambrosia LLC, which injects 30- to 80-year-old blood plasma from donors who are “younger than 25”.

Image Source: Twitter



Hillary Clinton much fresher after an "adrenochrome treatment".


Image Source: Twitter


Hillary Clinton is on trial

The FUN will soon be over. She dreamed of becoming the first woman in America to become president. She announced herself on Twitter before the election. She ended up just becoming a would-be president because in reality someone else was elected. She, the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, could end up in jail in the foreseeable future, for crimes that cannot be imagined.



The actually elected 45th US President Donald Trump is now serious. It was one of his central election promises

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Campaign. On television he said: "I'm going to jail you. Hillary Clinton is on trial over your e-mail affair! She used a private e-mail server during her time as US Secretary of State and sent sensitive information.

The WIKILEAKS exposure platform of journalist Julian Assange was the first to get these emails, and so one gained access to information about a pedo-criminal child sex ring that the Podesta brothers ran together with Bill and Hillary Clinton. This could be the source of the Clintons' immense wealth.

A later FBI investigation revealed. 2093 emails sent by Hillary Clinton were found to be unclassified (for political reasons, evidence of a pedophile network not yet followed up with law enforcement agencies). Including a further 100 e-mails with classified information, 65 e-mails classified as "secret" and 22 as "top secret". For "convenience" she allegedly sent these emails via a private server and did not use a secure service access as usual, said her lawyers. A flimsy excuse that makes sense given the explosive nature of the content.

The hearings have been running in the Washington D.C. Court of Appeals since September 9, 2020. Hillary Clinton was originally ordered to appear in person, but was overturned by the court on August 18, 2020 due to the defendants' "illness" described by the lawyers.

Quote: "The poor state of mind of our client currently leaves no opportunity to comment personally on the questions of the court. She can no longer remember the events from the time as Foreign Minister".

Judge Royce Lamberth made clear cover-ups and there will be no more tricks in the case! "The answers Hillary Clinton has provided in writing so far would rather raise new questions."

There's something to cry about: Hillary Clinton was sentenced to 27 years in prison!



Foto Quelle:


Why the Hillary Clinton Trial dragged on for years and no trial was opened. Due to federalism, the USA has a confused system of different courts and their jurisdiction in different districts. The Supreme Court also repeatedly influenced the Clinton case by making politically favorable decisions. The so-called "Mandamus" system allowed Clinton attorneys to spend years postponing the process to various American courts and dismissing judges. The Judicial Watch Foundation nailed her down with evidence and consistently sued. Successfully recalled Judge Emmet Sullivan for bias. On behalf of the Democrats, he was supposed to investigate President Trump's alleged "economic entanglements" with foreign heads of state in his hotels, which did not even exist. The telephone disputes over the Clinton e-mail case lasted more than an hour and a half on June 2, 2020 because of the corona virus pandemic.

The court admits evidence from the conservative Judicial Watch Foundation. These include the satanist pedophile child networks of John Podesta and the assassination of the American ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in the Libyan war, which took place through the failure of Clinton in the office of the foreign minister. It is about the deaths of 30,000 people in this war and the role of Clinton's political and personal responsibility in this cause.

Image Source: Twitter/ AKKN Media

Podestas "Art" Collection and Alefantis Pizza Sex Network

Tony Podesta (right) is a fundraiser, lobbyist and art collector, his brother John was an advisor to former US President Bill Clinton and his campaign manager. He organized vernissages to present his collected "works of art" that have a clear pedophile background. Podesta sponsored "artists" who worked with children and brought them to sexual acts, which were recorded in photos. These "artists" included Maria Marshall, Margi Geerlinks, Patricia Piccinini, Kim Noble, and the "famous" Marina Abramovic (see below).

These meetings were used by the Clintons to tinker with their networks and expand the foundation. Tony was clearly with his brother, according to the Portuguese police mug shot, when the English woman Madeleine McCann was kidnapped (see below).



Image Source: Twitter



From the secret records of the psychiatric Tavistock Institute, the school of Angela Merkel (see Merkel Regime) it emerged that the Rothschild banking house purposefully bought singer Madonna and others for manipulation. Here satanic practices to torture children were shown OPEN on the stage. A CLEAR reference to the pedophile Podesta "Arts" network of the Hillary Clinton.




Image Source: Twitter

Schauspieler Isaac Kappy gab vor seinem "Selbstmord" einen Pädo Leak in die "Elite"

US actor Isaac Kappy (picture left), who was pushed to commit suicide in 2019 obviously from the deep state because of his connections to the hacker group Lizard Squaad, spoke of a "stupid flashing light" on the smartphone and when you see it: "Fuck you off". In his farewell video he said: "Always stay in the light, don't stay with the truth like me. I was a bad boy". Actors in the Hollywood swamp are also just puppets of the deep state.

The Lizard Squad hacking group has obtained files to expose many state and media celebrities in America. The group of hackers gathered evidence from the game consoles' online networks, where pedophiles shared pictures and videos. From this archive, Kappy published a video that showed little girls as slaves in a kind of Roman temple (picture on the right).

Kappy is said to have thrown himself off a highway bridge in Bellemont, Arizona on May 13, 2019, despite himself saying he was not suicidal.

Image Source: CBS News




James Alefantis the perverse whisperer

The Clintons met the gay James Alefantis, the 2 luxury restaurants in Washington DC, to meet and organize their pedophile children's sex ring. business. This is evidenced by Hillary Clinton's private emails published by Wikileaks, which are still being evaluated by the FBI. The Alefantis locations were the gourmet pizzeria Ping Pong and the American restaurant Buck's Fishing & Camping. Alefantis is said to have inspired the clique to live out its pedophile tendencies and had particularly perverse ideas that were "tried out" by his intention. He is said to be among the "50 most powerful men in Washington". How far he brought the Clintons to what actions in the child sex ring is still under investigation. In any case, "pizza" plays an important role in pedophile circles to "order children" or to want to have sex for it, if you look here at what pictures are spread on social networks. See also the link to "Baby Doll Pizza in Portland (below).

Image Source: Instagram

Prostitution via Instagram with In & Out Burger

Image Source: Instagram

In & Burger Burger meeting point for pedophiles:

Young models are looking for "sponsors" by advertising in & out burgers of a fast food chain. This clear ambiguous allusion meant something else, because they used a slightly modified hashtag that did not lead to the restaurant but rather to sex scouts of the pedophile network. Some of them were apparently available as surrogate mothers for the pedo network and took part in Masonic sex orgies. The girlfriend of the late sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell recruited "Models" for the sex network at In & OutBurger.

This is proven by Instagram videos showing sexual intercourse. For large sums of money they probably gave birth to children who were "for sale" or who later worked as child models for the chain "Crazy Pants" or Victoria Secret, see below ...




Image Source: Twitter

Masonic children exploited as models

It all started in November 2012 at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show when the target group was suddenly aimed at extremely young people. Business partner of Leslie Wexner, a Victoria Secret sub-company, was the girl rapist Jeffrey Epstein. The early sexualization of children was not just about selling lingerie. One wanted to sell step by step the perverse tendency as adults to sexually abuse children as normalcy of the public. The children in the picture may have been bought in China, see Politics. The children wore underwear with the title: "Eye Candy" The Epstein / Maxwell / Clinton Foundation swamp brings ever more incredible things to light.

The secret communication of the pedophiles

The Pädo network used special characters and aliases to secretly exchange their sexual preferences in public. In 2007, the FBI published a list of symbols that pedophiles used to communicate on public networks.

These characters later reappeared in music videos with children, or were in the name of a donut shop, so you could also "order children" there.

Search terms on the Internet in the terminology used by pedophiles to determine sexual preferences, according to the FBI: #Chickenlover Describes a pedophile man who is looking for little boys. #Hotdog is a young man. #Pizza is a young woman. #Pasta is a little boy #Cheese is a little girl #Pandahead #Ice cream is a callboy #Walnut is a colored person #Card is sperm # Sauce is an orgy.


Paerophiles communicate openly via social networks see the picture Baby Hanging Station "Let's hang children" or I "have a child in the oven all evening". The word "Priceless" means "Priceless" and this is a synonym and a "joy" for pedophiles when they eat children. This was spread on Instagram.

Portland Pedophile's Nest

Pedophiles "ordered" themselves via Instagram using key terms (see above) Children via Baby Doll (name says it all!) Pizza in Portland. Justice Minister Rosenblum is involved in frustrating law enforcement. Antifa set fire to files in the Ministry during the George Floyd protests.


First "eat" pizza, then children. The "delivery" of the children was confirmed with the pentagram of the Freemasons.



Submissive children before the Masonic ritual

Here children "play" at "Baby Doll Pizza" with condoms and edible chocolate gold coins soaked in alcohol.





The executioner (article follows!)

The children's blood ritual

Here, on the drawings by Fiona Barnett (right), who was imprisoned in a cage and had to observe these atrocities on other children, there is a satanic blood ritual of Freemasonry. The child victim has to bleed to get to the bones and organs to eat. To see the occult symbolism again here. At the same time, it is about oppression. Also here no prosecution of powerful perpetrators.

Despite clear evidence, questions to the Deep State are rarely answered, the FBI has been infiltrated and judges are blocking files because Bill Clinton, as the former Attorney General of Arkansas, has excellent contacts. This pixelated image on the right shows a child killed in the Clinton rituals whose chest was exposed to eat organs. The satanic crimes were filmed.





The Portland National Casket Company is a children's cemetery company

Dead children were appropriately buried through the Portland National Casket Company from the Podesta network. These were ecologically and "politically correct" handmade urns and child's coffins made from locally grown salvage wood or FSC-certified wood. Suitable for this in the company's own "Kill Room".




"Advisor" to the Clintons Podesta acted as "headhunter" children for the pedophile network

On May 3, 2007, the little 4-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared on vacation with her parents, an English doctor couple in Praia da Luz in Portugal. She was kidnapped from sleep. The police released a mug shot of suspects who clearly indicated the Podesta brothers (see picture above). The two were in a holiday home nearby. John and Tony Podesta. The former was none other than Hillary Clinton's former campaign leader and former President of the Clinton White House chief of staff. This trail was kept secret for years and was not followed. A Portuguese police officer was paid by the Rothschild power elite to write a false book to blame the crime on parents. The parents, on the other hand, had to file a defamation lawsuit and were awarded 600,000 euros in damages by a court.

In Julian Assange's Wikileaks revelations, the Podesta brothers appeared in the Hillary Clintons emails. These are important pieces of the puzzle about the Clintons' pedocriminal network. The Serbian "artist" Marina Abramovic invited the podestas to "Spirit Cooking" in her home (translated for "soul cooking"). Abramovic's occult rituals and "artistic performances" go in a satanic direction. One of the rituals contains e.g. the mixing of blood, urine, breast milk and semen, both of which children are involved. It is quite possible that the little Madeleine was robbed for such perverse, incomprehensible rituals.

In Julian Assange's Wikileaks revelations, the Podesta brothers appeared in the Hillary Clintons emails. These are important pieces of the puzzle about the Clintons' pedocriminal network. The Serbian "artist" Marina Abramovic invited the podestas to "Spirit Cooking" (translated for "soul cooking") at home. Abramovic's occult rituals and "artistic performances" go in a satanic direction. One of the rituals contains e.g. the mixing of blood, urine, breast milk and semen, both of which children are involved. It is quite possible that little Madeleine was robbed for such perverse, incomprehensible rituals. The latest pictures (right) show an apparently youthful Madeleine with Podesta playing cards, so she lives.


The crimes of the deep state against children

The victim Fiona Barnett recorded everything (pictures). The dirty pig was the corrupt American ex-president Richard Nixon, he preferred to have children brought in to girls, whom he then brutally raped. One of these child victims was this Australian Fiona Barnett. She dropped the bomb on November 3, 2015, and went to the police to report her dramatic life story. At the beginning of the 1970s, she was kidnapped as a 7-year-old girl under the complicity of the Australian government. This happened at the RAAF Fairbairne military airport in Canberra and then put in a box.

Then brought to President Richard Nixon on Air Force One. He was naked on the bed, in the back of the private room on the plane. He asked the little girl what it was called: she said "Candy Girl". The little girl was dressed like a Disneyland girl with a dress and bow. He asked about her age, that excited him sexually and he got a erection clearly visible. The girl then had to satisfy him orally. After that, the girl was brutally raped and deflowered by the president, everything was covered in blood. In addition, the girl was violently hit on the head, which gave the President the ultimate kick in seeing the severely injured child covered in blood and sperm.

The Kidman's dark secret

For the "JASON PROJECT by John GITTINGER and Dr. Antony KIDMAN, abducted children were abused as so-called" guinea pigs "and were subjected to rape, electric shock and torture in the Holsworthy Army Base & Lucas and the Heights nuclear reactor with the full knowledge and consent of the Australian Government Dr. Kidman (the father of actress Nicole Kidman!) Was an "eeperte" in the use of torture, unethical hypnosis and drugs.

Further cruel experiments and "tests" on children with frostbite or cannibalism.

Human trafficking into the EU through Clinton networks?

Can the WAHRRICHTEN solve a crime here? Strong suspicions, but no definitive evidence yet.

THE CASE: Karlie Lain Gusé, a then 16-year-old woman, was reported missing by her family in the US state of California on the morning of October 13, 2018. Karlie lived with her family in their residence in the White Mountain Estates in Chalfant Valley / Mono County seen in the early hours of October 13, 2018. Sometime in the early morning Karlie left this house, probably wearing gray sweatpants or jeans, a white T. - Wore shirt and shoes from Vans brand. She left her personal belongings at the residence, including her cell phone. Karlie was last seen on the morning of October 13, 2018 by witnesses walking south about 30 meters east of Highway 6 and 100 meters south of Sierra View Road.

A thorough search of the area and subsequent investigation were unsuccessful in finding Karlie and I haven't had any contact with family or friends since she went missing. The Mono County Sheriff's Office and the FBI continue to seek information that will help them find Karlie.


Does she reappear two years later as a sold sex slave on Twitter?

Is the EU part of the illegal human trafficking swamp !? An anonymous source reports of a very young 18 year old American woman kidnapped in Paris, alias: "Nicole", who is hidden in the European Union and apparently "sold" to pedophile elites for 150,000 euros or more. Is she Karlie Lain Gusé from California, who disappeared in 2018? Age and appearance would fit. The girl was abducted on Highway 6. Gusé sounds French, maybe that's the Paris connection, explained below. Further research is ongoing, no definitive evidence yet!

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Human trafficking on container ships According to rumors that have not yet been confirmed, the Clinton Foundation is said to be involved in EVERGREEN MARINE CORP, a Chinese freight shipping company based in Tawain. In the huge container ships, people are sent as "goods".

How the kidnapped Karlie could have come to Europe. Evergrenn Corp has a docking terminal in California: Address: 207 Terminal Way, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA




A "line of business" covered children killed in rituals in gold and sent them as a statue. (More coming soon!)








The dark secret of WEWELSBURG and the satanic "art" by Marina Abramovic

All threads of the satanic-pedophile children's sex Clinton network apparently lead to the Medieval Wewelsburg in North Rhine-Westphalia. The beginnings of this system date back to 1123. It is Germany's only triangular castle and the design already provides an indication of Freemasonry. Castle owner Graf von Waldeck was a personal friend of the Landgrave Friedrich II of Hessen-Kassel, whose financier was Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Between 1933 and 1945, an ideological center of the SS in the Hitler dictatorship of National Socialist Germany was to be built in Wewelsburg on the orders of Heinrich Himmler. The Niederhagen-Wewelsburg concentration camp was set up for this purpose, and the forced laborers were used to expand the facility. From 1935, visiting this castle was prohibited. Shortly before the end of the war in 1945, the SS blew up parts of the castle to cover up traces, American soldiers were just able to prevent the facility from being completely destroyed. In the crypt in the basement there are said to have been satanic crimes against children (Photo 2). COMING SOON.




The satanic "artist" Abramovic Now it comes into play. The crazy Serbian Abramovic (year of construction 1946 from Belgrade) was supposed to bring perverse practices from Freemasonry to the public as "art" in order to gradually "normalize" the mad and sick. It has been paid for by the Rothschilds for decades to show their "art" in the best museums in the world. Excerpts: You could watch her pee and poop in public. She pulled her hair out screaming for hours. She sat naked, well lit, on a bicycle saddle. Guests were supposed to pass her, where she stood naked with her boyfriend. She lay under a skeleton for days.

Her "works of art" are exhibited in the "Bundeskunsthalle" and it is funded by the German Federal Government.






In America, the biggest conspiracy of all time is currently going on against a Democratically-elected president. Donald Trump stands for the original America that "regains its power" from the elite of Washington and returns to the citizens. He openly announces that he will "dry up the swamp", meaning his opponents in the deep state. The power elite has come together in a cartel and dark secret circles and is fighting for the survival of their deep state. The state in the state, which the citizen can no longer control democratically. With a construction claiming to be Trump's presidency in the alleged "threat to national security," a telephone call to the Ukrainian president intercepted by the CIA in the White House is said to succeed in impeachment. This impeachment is based on the allegations of an alleged whistleblower who allegedly delivered "evidence" in the Amazon Washington Post, a media-controlled media body. The Impeachment is the last resort that Nancy Pelosi's V2 Destruction Rocket, which had already initiated the Mueller FBI investigation to have Trump unmask as an alleged "Russian agent", failed.










Those who have power in America also control the country's dangerous gigantic industrial-military complex created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War (1939-45) to build enough tanks, planes and warships in record time to smash Adolf Hitler, also financed by the American power elite, and his 3rd Nazi empire in Europe.




Why is Donald Trump so dangerous to the deep state? In America you always have to make the following distinction: If a presidential candidate has decided on this position himself, financed his own election campaign, as well as the presidents Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter or John F. Kennedy. Or you belong to the power elite and one of their many networks, whose funding you get guaranteed. Candidates of the power elite are also "Democratically elected, but of course have NOT been mandated to represent the interests of the people."


The power elite controlled the last President Bush senior (CIA / Skull and Bones secret society), Clinton (Bilderberg conference) Bush Junior (secret society Skull and Bones) Obama (Atlantic Bridge eV) Only Donald John Trump, the New York real estate entrepreneur, is the first free US President without a network for decades, and the speaker of the US House of Representatives is the third highest position in the US. State and according to the Continuity of Operations / Government Plan of 1962 in a crisis, the command authority, if the President and his Vice "are turned off." Pelosi probably has through this plan extended powers, because they were on 11 September 2001 in the worst terrorist attack in the History of the USA, which was also staged by the power elite by Vice-Pr President Dick Cheney put illegally into force. The president is restricted in his executive orders, which explains Trump's actions against the deep state. For example, the thousands of sealed indictments against government officials who belong to the deep state and who are said to have criminal behavior, but can still go around freely. Pelosi is briefed by the CIA, of which information collected at the National Miltary Command Center in the Pentagon (Ministry of Defense) is coordinated by all authorities, which of course makes her a dangerous opponent. But Trump has the advantage of receiving information from secret section Q of the Ministry of Justice (see below) and which are more comprehensive.


Nancy Pelosi a puppet and in the Shadow of the Bronfman US Mafia Criminal Syndicate


Illegal alcohol that brought death!

Samuel Bronfman, which means "alcohol man", was a Russian-Jewish immigrant in Canada. He makes his money with prostitution and the distillery that he sold in his own hotels. Business did well until 1918 when a law was passed banning the manufacture or import of alcohol. There was a loophole that allowed pharmacists to distribute alcohol for "medicinal" purposes. The Bronfmans then went into "mail order" and put fake labels on their whiskey to be able to send it as medicine.

Bronfman splashed the alcohol. 34,000 Americans died from poisoning. He organized himself together with the Mafia in America and founded a national crime syndicate after he officially obtained distribution rights for alcohol in the English royal family.

In order to organize the illegal sale of alcohol nationwide, America was divided into districts and various syndicates were founded for this purpose. Arnold Rothstein was a morbid gambler and became the "dealer" of the illegal Bronfman alcohol. Meyer Lansky was the best-known mafia boss in the USA, he was also called the “banker of organized crime”. He controlled the syndicate on the entire east coast. Al Capone was the famous mafia boss from Chicago. He ran the criminal syndicate from there and bought huge batches of alcohol from Bronfman. He made his money with murders, extortion and illegal gambling.

Pelosi's father in the Mafia swamp

In the Baltimore borough, Thomas D'Alessandro Jr., Nancy Pelosi's father, was a member of the Mafia Criminal Syndicate.




He was officially involved in politics in the Democratic Party. D'Alesandro was a five-term congressman for Maryland from 1938 to 1947 and a three-term mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959. The "honorable" Mister D'Alesandro was reportedly a "constant companion" of notorious gangster Benjamin Benny Trotta Magliano and other underworlds. He went to see President Kennedy to be "something in government" with him, but he turned it off. Kennedy ordered the FBI to investigate D'Alesandro in January 1961 for distrusting him, but they found no charges against him in a very superficial investigation, solely that he: "Wore Baltimore Mafia ties and hang out with weird guys "was everything the state wanted to get out.

Nancy Pelosi's husband is Paul Francis Pelosi Sr. and was born on April 15, 1940 in San Francisco. He owns and operates Financial Leasing Services Inc. (dubious "financial services" probably money laundering) and married Nancy Pelosi on September 7, 1963. How he made his money is unknown. The proximity to the Mafia makes Nancy Pelosi's rise in politics extremely suspect. In 2014, Nancy Pelosi reported assets of $ 245.4 million and a California vineyard worth $ 25 million. She's probably her own best customer there too. She has often appeared drunk in public.

Nancy Pelosi is the ultimate weapon of the power elite

The Speaker of the House in the US Congress has two powerful options to act against the President: First, the budget planning, one can turn the money on the President, so by refusing to finance the Wall Trump wall to the southern border with Mexico and on the other The impeachment of both hammers is massively abused by Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the power elite to end Trump's power and his good work for the American people. Pelosi is therefore openly committed abuse of authority and the majority will of the population for Trump does not seem to care!



The role Pelosis in the dark game of power and power elite battle against Trump is still not very clear. On the one hand, she seems to focus on the role of the speaker, her idiosyncratic interpretation of the check and balances (control) means abuse of power and obstruction of the president. On the other hand, she already seems to be considered a (secret) president, because the power elite is assuming a successful impeachment against the Trump administration. It is briefed by the CIA on the Continuity of Operations / Government Plan, which dates back to the Cuba crisis of 1962 against a Soviet nuclear strike and is unlikely to have entered into force (see Cheney 9/11). The goal of her many investigations is to gather enough information against Trump to construct a process of impeachment. The conspiracy theories are becoming wilder and wilder.

The American secret service CIA is a ridiculous player and is not on Trump's side. The fact that the CIA acts on its own authority and can pose a threat to a democratically elected president was already known to John F. Kennedy, who wanted to "break the shop to pieces and shoot the parts in the wind". At the top were some Masons. Former boss James Woolsey worked closely with the Rothschild Bank and sold intelligence to them by offering "services." Thus one can clearly state that the CIA is part of the power elite. Whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that US high-tech intelligence: CIA and NSA can electronically monitor and monitor people virtually anywhere. Filming the technology through the wall has also been possible for years. I will go into detail here on details of the electronics.

The White House is also bugged, so it's not uncommon for a CIA agent to be in it all the time. This should bring now incredible secrets and "scandalous revelations" over Trump as "Whistleblower" to the public, which prints the Amazon Washington Post "exclusively". A ridiculous contradiction in itself: A secret agent to be concealed, should now chat openly. The Gazette belongs to Jeff Bezos, who is closely intertwined with the Federal Reserve (Rothschild central bank) and thus himself part of the power elite. The newspaper is now a battlefield of the deep state. In addition fits that the mysterious "Whistleblower" does not show itself to the public, but his statements only to the controlled by the democrats and thus by Pelosi intelligence committee in the House of representatives under the leadership of the delegate Adam ship to protocol. Trump is right if he wants to initiate an arrest against this person, because they openly work on a conspiracy because of the democratically legitimated US president.





Image Source: Facebook

Pelosi as a young woman next to US President John F. Kennedy



The identity of the "whistleblower" remains secret and confirms that it comes from the complex of the continuity of operations / government plan, there are certain persons who are considered relevant to the state in certain places to be "evacuated", ie in bunkers and various military Plants are brought.

Why can not Trump resist the attacks of Pelosis?

I repeat: in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks (9/11), the president's so-called executive orders were transferred to a secret government department. According to this plan, a government should continue to function in the event of a crisis in an attack on the territory, if key figures of the state are missing. Taking this plan literally, there must even have been a nuclear explosion at 9/11 in New York. (!) The plan was changed by Vice President Dick Cheney to make it possible for the President to pass on a far-reaching transfer of power to an unknown power. Thus, the president was disempowered, who actually as Commander in Chief (Commander in Chief) would have the command and the power elite could work in the underground with new powers. Proof of this thesis that the Bush administration was in the bunker below the White House at 9/11 as prescribed in this order. George Bush Junor was from then on only a puppet, his successor Barack Obama as well. Trump gradually took back the possibility of the executive orders, or he is present with information and assistance from secret section Q of the Ministry of Justice.


The power elite have been going crazy since John F. Kennedy Jr.'s twin reappeared




On July 16, 1999, the son of power elite-killed former US President John F. Kennedy is said to have died in a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard Island in Massachusetts. In October 2018, he suddenly reappeared in a Trump Rally. JFK Junior awakened from the dead !? The man is said to be Vincent Fuska and has had a Twitter account since December 2019.

At about the same time, an ominous Q Anon opened a site on the Internet to release secrets in nebulous codes from the American state. Q is well informed and seems to be able to move in the immediate vicinity of Trump, there is a picture from the Air Force One of the presidential machine. Since then, there is panic within the power elite, where is the leak who is QAnon?

There is a rumor that Kennedy Jr. hid with his wife for years on a Trump Island and worked purposefully to make Donald Trump the president, whom he regarded as his first father because of his character similarity to John F. Kennedy. On the ominous Trump Rally he held up a sign with "Ruby", that was his dog's name. Bennant after the man who shot his father's alleged murderer, Jack Ruby.





The power elite that strives for world communism and a global government and the dark secrets. Why are these people so dangerous to the world?

The phenomenon "power elite" has accompanied the United States for some time. But it was not until 1913 that things got dramatic. At that time, the state financial system was "privatized" and transferred to two banker families. The Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties, the so-called "banksters" as well as gangsters. The Federal Bank's (Federal) Fed (Fed) based banknote resembles a Nazi-era building we stand on a private estate. The bank has the ultimate license to print money from state-owned banknotes to the dollar, no matter how much, and equips 25 investment banks like JP Morgan Chase & Co., Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and co with unlimited play money from nowhere Those who receive so much and infinite money without return and effort comes to stupid thoughts (see below)!

Appropriately, the Rothschild bank pyramid is shown on the back of the dollar bill. The model for this is the pyramid on the market square in the southern German city of Karlsruhe. Big Brother is watching you! Since the state also receives unlimited money from the Federal Reserve, it comes up with "stupid thoughts". Administrative waste, wars, social programs.

The state is piling up a huge mountain of debt, which due to the Rothschild interest (a specialty and invention of the founder Meyer Amschel Rothschild) also continues to rise without any restrictions.

For this, the citizens go, the ordinary little people who do not get stupid thoughts work hard every day pay taxes and bear the extremely high interest burden due to the money wasted by the state through ever higher living costs (at the petrol pump or in the supermarket). As a thank you they experience inflation (the devaluation of money) you have less and less value for the paper play money in your pocket.






The secret circle of the power elite and their perverted satanic rituals.



Above (the small pyramid above the eye of the state) was formed from sheer weariness of the ultimate money power, the Machetlite a dark cartel (junction) of senior politicians, representatives of the state (judges / prosecutors) high economic leaders who depend on the Fed, investment bankers and Members of the big banking families.

They form a circle of power that gathers in secret societies and Masonic lodges to occult rituals. One wants to be "special" and separate oneself from the "primitive working mob". The rituals in the power elite are highly perverted and satanic. They wear Venetian masks and sing Latin songs, reminiscent of the churches Vatican in Rome. These rituals should make the power elite "strong" and cold-blooded to use their power mercilessly and to rule.




It's about sex, power and dominance. Who kills children in these rituals gains a higher rank in the lodge. In the American play film "Eyes wide shut" explicitly representations of Freemasonry are shown the sex orgies. A passage with children was cut out.

The women are made docile with drugs and are subject to the "love code of Freimauerei". A way to make them incapable. With brainwashing means of the CIA secret service, they are often reminded of the events.

The power elite unhindered to let go of the sow due to the fact that the highest-ranking representatives of the state "control" and by their political offices have a punitive immunity. The feeling of superiority makes her always more perverted. They are the pyramid over the eye of the state where no police can get there.






In the highly perverse and sometimes satanic rituals that take place there, many children are produced in excessive sex orgies. These children of the power elite, in turn, are like "goods traded" in child porn rings. There is $ 20,000 per child, they are shipped in moving boxes and sometimes suffer agonizing asphyxiation.

Julian Assange's disclosure platform Wikileaks revealed: Clintons Bill and Hillary operate their own ring.

Children also serve as a so-called reservoir of fresh "illuminant blood". The children die in rituals and their fresh blood is supposed to make the elite look young by getting their blood through transfusions (see adrenochrome article above). Many members of the power elite are pedophile and do it with their own children. The court of the many women and children is expensive, the power elite is always hungry for fresh money to finance new orgies. This explains fantasy taxes such as the CO2 tax, which of course does not go into building roads and financing school or social maintenance.

Trump is aware of the dark criminal and satanic machinations of the secret elite of the power elite with child trafficking on the southern border, so he builds his Trump Wall (see below).




Trump gets information from Secret Section Q of the Ministry of Justice created by Robert Kennedy


When US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the power elite on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 pm in Dallas, Dealey Plaza, on a sunny fall day, she was about to be disarmed. Kennedy announced this project in a radio speech on June 11, 1963.

The decision to have the Kennedy assassination executed by the CIA Chief Bush Senior (German Nazi secret agent Georg Scherff and Freemason of the Skull secret society on Bones) was plausible. Kennedy, like Trump, was a peace president, but the military-industrial complex was thirsting for new wars. Thus, 45 minutes after Kennedy's death, Masons and power elite puppet Lyndon B. Johnson were sworn in on the plane to the new president. The CIA hired and paid ex-Communist Lee Harvey Oswald to "commit the perpetrators" of the murder for the public. The so-called "Warren Report", which provided the state conspiracy theory for the mass to "clarify" the assassination has hushed up the actual crime of the deep state until today! Decisive pages remain blackened and are not accessible to the public. One can not confidently admit a culprit of the secret service. Robert Kennedy, brother of the killed President and Minister of Justice, avenged the murder of his brother and the appointment of Lyndon B. Johnson as his successor. This required an organization in an organization similar to the Deep State model of the power elite. From this, the secret section, possibly of the English: Qualified what Confidential means and particularly secret documents features created in the Ministry of Justice. However, the grave of John F. Kennedy at the Heroes Cemetery in Arlington also has the shape of a Q.

Section Q seizes all legal decisions and documents of all authorities, WhiteHouse FBI / CIA / NSA. So this secret section is well informed about the mischief that drives the deep state so. Q was quiet for several decades and did not reappear until Trump's presidency as Q Anon, and has since spread confidential information on its own website. Since Q and his "storm", as it says on the internet hell is going on in America. The fight Good Against Evil is in full swing, with each side deciding for itself which group it feels to belong. In my opinion, the deep seed is 100% evil side and Trump the fighter for the good!










US President Trump defends the free world before the UN and thwarts World Communist Plans of the NWO. In response, the Democrats want to exempt him on behalf of the Office. Anger and hatred of Trump's success at the United Nations.

The NWO power elite, the so-called "globalists" had everything up: mass demos on the road for "climate protection", secretary Merkel and her "climate cabinet", Soros funded mass media deliver the end of the world in a continuous loop.

A bad kid for evil purposes: "I want you to panic" Greta's hysteria before the end of the world at the UNO is supposed to usher in a new world order

Greta called "tuna" because something stinks stinking behind her sudden appearance on the world stage delivered an Oscar-ready acting performance. With hysteria and fear of the end of the world make mood for the new world order. World communism already seemed within reach and should be initiated as dramatically and pompously as possible. A people, an opinion and now a world leadership, that's what the NWO thought. Because the climate must of course be "global" regulated and there disturb nations, nations with their many annoying "small" democratic governments yes only. CO2 emissions worldwide are to be controlled by a small group of people and thus the entire global economy. The coffers should ring for the elite, we finally have "no more time".



But then came the 24th of September 2019 and the "old" free world struck back: at the UN at the 74th General Assembly in New York, on behalf of US President Donald Trump


who showed himself as a defender of the liberal world, with its many different ones Nations and peoples. "The future is not in totalitarianism and not communism, but in patriotism," said Trump. Communism has already caused over 100 million deaths and has failed systematically. The world climate plans of the NWO, which are to usher in a new communism, are thwarted for the time being when America says NO.

The globalists NWO in panic and anger and therefore incites her secretary, according to the daily news "President" in the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Trump. The bank Rothschild / Bronfman, deciding part of the NWO has lost a lot of money with dubious investments in Malaysia. With CO2 emissions trading, which makes life unnecessarily expensive for citizens, this should be brought back. TRUMP MUST GO: Democracy shit of all, as soon as possible and therefore should initiate Pelosi, the fourth (!) Impeachment, apparently feared that the election 2020 in the US can not win democratically against Trump. Joe Biden not so "great" as everyone says?

Trump's implied bow to the UN world community









Nancy Pelosi and the Isigne of the power of her clients of the NWO








According to Pelosi, Trump would be a "threat to national security", which means NWO's national security. Because Trump is mostly supported by the citizens of America (!) From what are the Democrats based in order to get through an impeachment process? An anonymous informer would have put the Washington Post newspaper that Trump would allegedly offer the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj for the $ 400 million in tax money, if the presidential election "something would attach" Joe Biden and his son.

Did not the democrats learn anything from the unsuccessful Mueller FBI investigation? At that time, in a conspiracy theory on the part of the Democrats was repeatedly claimed that Russian President Putin had funded Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016, and thus intervened manipulatively in the election. So why should Trump do something in this direction now, and why do the Democrats now know that Biden will surely be their candidate while the pre-election process is still running? Logic and the Democrats a difficult fishing affair. Trump rightfully speaks of a new witch hunt against him and wants to publish the phone call that he led with the Ukrainian president.

If the Republicans, as expected, believe that behind their president, Trump, impeachment will not go through the Senate, but Pelosi does not seem to care about that; She likes to wear the insignia of the NWO publicly. Trump's approval ratings continue to rise and are already at 53%, the Americans see through more and more the evil tricks of the NWO against their Democratically Legitimate President.




Incidentally, there is actually a Ukraine collusion of an American president. But initiated by predecessor Obama not by Trump (see section: Obama) Is in the Mueller FBI report, whose investigation initiated the Democrats themselves, so boast Joe Biden, the Obama Vice President was public, a Ukrainian prosecutor he called "son of a bitch" dismiss.



And what is Greta doing? She laments because one badly violates her "children's rights" because of "inactivity" in the climate. Interestingly enough, she is represented by the same law firm that also works in the VW diesel scandal. It's good that children in wartime are not as bad as you.





Obviously, the Democrats still have not come to terms with the election of Donald Trump as US President. Now 80 people are to reveal how Donald Trump did business as an entrepreneur. This is just to put him, so he 2020 will not be re-elected. Pelosi abuses her power as a speaker, for an investigation that represents nothing but a political instrument for the Democratic Party. "Look, we are more powerful than the president," Pelosi also showed in the New York Times. Of course, the House of Representatives can initiate investigations and of course the President should also be controlled. In the light of the Russia investigation and Cohen interrogation, which all went for Trump, or statement against statement, the neutral observer slowly wonders if it is not even good. You do not play fair against Trump. Media fires and constant investigations should destroy the president. However, Trump is elected by 2020 and there are no proofs and necessary majorities for impeachment. If you are going to put a killer on him until then, with 72 you might even get a heart attack !? However, Pelosi is also not very far from Trump, at least in terms of age.