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As a NEW news magazine, the WAHRRICHTEN EXPRESSLY support the great work of the doctors for education. An association of independent German doctors who use scientific facts to defend themselves against unfounded encroachments on fundamental rights by the federal government.


DRAMATICALLY WAHRRICHTEN REPORTS ON DANGEROUS SINCE JANUARY 24, 2020 EARLY! Current topic - article will change continuously!

Alert Red A new virus came from China (the SARS Covid-19 pathogen), the bacillus developed in a secret laboratory in Wuhan was a combination of SARS, foot-and-mouth disease and Ebola, which was supposed to weaken the immune system of people in a targeted manner so that the new virus could be affected very high electromagnetic radiation for high-speed cordless internet by Tesla Space X satellites dies. The aim of the Rothschild Agenda was to implement the reduction of the world population in a devilish manner. The German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) considers the pathogen to be ten times more deadly than the flu. According to the World Health Authority WHO, a global pandemic has broken out since March 11, 2020 and so far there is no vaccine in sight that is most likely not needed. However, the peak has been reached since April 1, 2020, since then the SARS Covid-19 no longer works in many parts of the world, therefore officially normality again in China in August 2020. Nevertheless, in many other countries of the world the "lookdown", the closure of the economy and massive restrictions on public life and the requirement to wear a mask, although this does not help against electromagnetic radiation. The political agenda is slow transformation of the liberal-democratic states into totalitarian communist regimes, in which a new "order" applies to everyone that has nothing to do with the previous way of life.

"COVID-19" stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019 and that should mean: All of humanity will be vaccinated because of Corona and the data will be collected like in a kind of census.



Spread of the coronavirus: very quickly from person to person, due to electromagnetic radiation. The pathogens represented as "viruses" multiply in the pharynx before they reach the lungs and are probably entrained through the air. But they can also affect any other part of the body. A very good immune system allows the body to withstand and "survive" the "blobs" of the electromagnetic field on the body.

One has to assume that up to 100% EVERYONE in the population of any society in any state can "become infected"! Sars-Covid-19 only get a few, but EVERYONE is infected with radiation. Detectors should be able to measure the multi-field radiation everywhere at neuralgic points in public space to specifically localize radiation fields, instead of unnecessarily and unnecessarily blocking public space and restricting it for all people. PCR tests do not measure radiation, only viruses that are already in the body.

Exact numbers of the spread of the coronavirus / SARS Covid-19 pathogen within a homogeneous society from Switzerland. In a complete Swiss canton, on July 15th, 2020, all residents living there were specifically and thoroughly tested for the SARS-Covid-19 pathogen Made in China: 700,326 people. Only 39,711 people were actually infected with the corona virus, that is 6% of the population Population. 660,615 people were negative, the majority 94%. Nevertheless in Europe "lockdown" complete standstill of the economy and public life.

The secret of the "coronavirus" - triggered by electromagnetic radiation: The "virus" is actually not an exosome at all. These are there to regenerate broken cells in the human body and to transport corresponding messenger substances. Strong electromagnetic radiation, such as the high-frequency 5G cell phone network, transports a particularly large number of exosomes, as many cells are destroyed by the radiation. We perceive this irritation of the "repair processes" in the body as "coronavirus".



The "coronavirus" outbreak is particularly strong in countries with extreme cell phone networks in China / Wuhan, northern Italy or the USA. In 1918 the outbreak of the "Spanish flu" is said to have been due to the installation of worldwide radio radio systems.

Dissemination of very high levels of electromagnetic radiation from Tesla Space-X satellites

The connection between the Tesla Space X Starlink satellite project since the beginning of 2020 and the associated strong increase in electromagnetic radiation fields, which is perceived as the "coronavirus" in humans, should slowly become clear to everyone. The Falcon 9 launcher launched 58 satellites into space on August 18, 2020, and reports in Germany have already been made: "Corona cases have risen".



In total, there are limited approvals for the launch of a maximum of 11,927 satellites until 2027, as well as applications from SpaceX for a further 30,000 satellites. Tesla / Space X's Starlink satellites will be just 210 to 750 miles (337-1207 km) above the ground, lower than ever. They are supposed to make internet speeds of 1000 Mbit / second possible, but that still doesn't come close to the 5G (1400 Mbit / second). Still, 500 satellites connected in series create download rates of 100 Mbit per second. Starlink is used for self-driving e-cars and will initially be used "only" for cellular networks and fast wireless internet.

The theories of the propagation of electromagnetic waves by satellites penetrating the planet's ionosphere originated in the 19th century by James Clerk Maxwell. Later experimentally proven in Germany by the physicist Heinrich Hertz.

Image Source: Ross Bernards


A mysterious work of art for the age of rays - the silver monolith from Utah

Anyone who considers the metal monolith found on November 18, 2020 in Glen Canyon Wüse in Utah to be a "conspiracy theory" of "aliens" should know the following: The Bureau of Land Management is now officially investigating the case on behalf of the sheriff of the San Juan district "Ask". Here, too, connections to the Rothschild family of the "artists" of this object are called David Zwirner and have a gallery in New York.

Interesting for the WAHRRICHTEN readers. The monolith was erected in the desert at the same time as the Rothschild corona project began in China: August 2015.




* Doubts about the high death rate! The TRUE ones doubt the dead numbers for the coronavirus / SARS Covid 19 pathogen and from now on will NOT take over any more numbers from the Worldometer (picture). Your own research produces inconsistencies. All figures that are published here are therefore published with an asterisk as being without guarantee. Obviously, this is a multiplier system to stir up fear in the population so that one accepts the dismantling of democracy.





Sentinel samples raise doubts about the state's PCR test. Fake viruses are classified as "Corona Virus" in Germany: The alleged evidence of the Coronavirus (SARS -CoV-2) runs through swabs from the mouth, nose or throat. According to the state Robert Koch Institute, a swab tube or monovette is used for this. These problems are to be assigned as "Biological Substance, Category B" of UN No. 3373. The "Packing instruction P650" should be observed. If possible, the shipment should be refrigerated at 4 Crad. All samples should reach the laboratory as soon as possible after they have been taken.

NOTE: In a PCR test, in addition to corona, about 30 other virus strains can be detected in the body. Example results of the so-called "Sentinel samples". These are obviously NOT broken down separately in Germany, but ALL assigned to the corona virus for political reasons! That explains the high number of cases. In fact, the rhinoviruses are high at the moment (cold virus / see brown bar graphic above). In PCR tests to allegedly detect the corona virus in humans, the RKI refers to an institute in Singapore that was only officially opened on September 7, 2019 and obviously belongs to the Rothschild network and was specially planned for it. No previous experience and that should be credible for the people in Germany !?

There are legitimate doubts to be reported, which is why there is already an alliance of scientists and doctors in Switzerland who criticize the Corona Virus tests and the work of the RKI, quote: "The PCR / NAT test does not detect virus, disease or cause of death few positive cases can all be wrong "!

The Corona dictatorship is a war against being human! The Q movement is fighting against this

The Rothschild states decree: general mask requirement, mask requirement in hot classrooms for school children, mask requirement in buses and trains, high fines, prohibition of demonstrations, social distance in old people's homes, separation of children, forced vaccination, restriction of public life, ban on events, cancellation of the Christmas market, Sex purchase ban.

Rothschild have had the patent on the PCR test since October 13, 2015, the only way to detect the Covid-19 pathogen.


Corona virus a secret project of the global elite? What we can prove so far!

Doctrine of the Global Elite alleged overpopulation of the planet For the Doctrine of the Global Elite, the earth is always overpopulated, this has been communicated publicly over and over again for decades. A virus would have the advantage of decimating the population. However, a conscious involvement of the global elite in the corona virus cannot (yet) be demonstrated. But what we do know!

Rothschild Bank network for the development of the corona virus extends to China: the combination of foot-and-mouth disease and Ebola!

On July 14, 2015, the English "entrepreneur" Lord Jacob Rothschild announced as "financier" announced a "strategic partnership" with the People's Republic of China. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said: "Relations between China and Great Britain have entered a new phase of rapid and comprehensive development". This Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming now only wants to allow research on the coronavirus in China through the WHO (World Health Agency), which is also controlled by Rothschild.





Rothschild controls the English health fund "THE MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION" and is involved through the financial investor network RIT Capital Partners PLC and the company ECO Animal Health Group at the Pirbright Institute (see below). This is the connection to let the corona virus develop in China from the findings of foot and mouth disease!

Virus escapes from a Rothschild Laboratory the "Experiment Part I: The foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) escaped in 2007 from the English laboratory Pirbright Institute in the county of Surrey, 50 kilometers south-west of London.

The foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious viral disease in cattle and pigs and is a notifiable animal disease. Other ungulates such as deer, goats and sheep, but also elephants, rats and hedgehogs can also become infected. This is a combination of foot and mouth disease with the new corona virus, which can also infect animals. Dogs are also affected by the corona virus.

According to a state investigation report, sewage pipes in the Pirright Institute were then leaky and the controls of people and vehicles were inadequate. This way the FMD virus "escaped" from the laboratory. In addition to the state institute, the Merial private laboratory, which is owned by the US pharmaceutical company Merck and the French company Sanofi-Aventis, is located on the site in the Surrey region.

The Pirbright Institute is a leading global center of excellence for researching and monitoring viral diseases in farm animals and viruses that spread from animals to humans. The main financier is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B & MGF).

The Pirbright Institute (pictured) has had a chic new building worth £ 135m since 2016. The institute was exempt from VAT on construction costs. Owner and owner: The British Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BMGF).

The English "Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council" welcomed one of its donors, Bill Gates (picture arrow). The BMGF Grand Challenges conference took place in London in late October 2016. The "scientific meeting" included sessions on vaccines and innovations in the pharmaceutical sector.

The Pirbright Institute also attended several conferences along with some representatives from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.





Rothschild Networks: "Ebola Expert" helps with the development - The Experiment Part II Germany's largest "expert" for the corona virus "Professor Dr. med" Marylyn Addo is a politically correct (father from Ghana, mother German) global elite doctor in Meghan style and she also learned at Bill Gates Pirbright Institute. Something like that, and of course purely by chance, she gave a lecture with guests from the Wuhan Institute of Virology at the "2nd Joint Sino German Symposium" at the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology in Hamburg on 03.-05.09.2018 about: Vaccines against emerging viruses - on development of MERS-CoV vaccines. So exactly what humanity needs now in the fight against the corona virus. Quotes from the lady from the Tagesschau: "It does not hit us unprepared. We hope that the movement behavior of people results in less tightness. We have a complex situation that we have not yet understood. We had a wide range of tests".






Rothschild Networks Dr. Fauci: "US Expert" - Immunologist Anthony Fauci (picture) deliberately misguided President Donald Trump throughout the corona crisis to keep infection rates high in America. He expects "100,000 to 200,000 corona deaths in the USA". But it can be paid for scaremongering. He was with his predecessor Obama in the secret laboratory in Wuhan in 2015. Dr. Fauci faces further trouble. Judicial Watch (a conservative foundation in Washington, D.C.) is suing to release communications with the World Health Agency. Fauci provided horror scenarios for the corona virus that led to the shutdown. He pushed the expensive drug Remdesivir and tore down the cheapest hydroxychloroquine. Connections Dr. Fauci former director of the NIH (US Department of Health Care and Social Services) - Salk Institute, Dr. Marcus Rothschild, the polio vaccine developed there, helps against the corona virus and strengthens the immune system.

Rothschild Networks: Singer Madonna announced the Corona Virus at the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) 2019! The beginning of their show made a dark Masonic ritual. The symbol was a warning of a biological weapon, the symbol is clearly recognizable. Her lines of text of the song: "Not everyone comes into the future, not everyone learns from the past." While she is pointing her finger at the audience, while she is wearing a crown (corona in Greek is crown), while the dancers around her are wearing gas masks and massive fires and burned buildings are shown on the screen behind her, a COVID-19 is depicted -Pandemic.

After massive fires in Australia and in the Amazon rainforest in reality, these should still be conspiracy theories!?






Madonna pays for a Rothschild puppet like a media whore. Here she counts her Judas wages for third-class manipulation and puts the dirty dollars in her dress. It seems to be urgently needed. The English Tavistock Institute and the Rothschild School had been planning to buy them since the 1980s: their task was manipulation for the masses.




Rothschild collects billions of dollars with the corona virus and the death of people after their controlled states decree "Home quarantine" and attacks the gold of Christianity.

The Rothschildbank dynasty has been back at its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main since 1989. They control Deutsche Bank through "private wealth transactions". On April 27, 2020, they "suddenly" report revenues of 6.4 billion euros in the middle of a world crisis.

After they were on the verge of bankruptcy and were in numerous scandals and criminal money laundering swamps. The fresh coal was stunned with online payment systems, which all people in home quarantines are now forced to use. At the same time, the gold price collapses and falls by 9.5 percent. Gold is part of Christian symbolism. God tests man like gold in the oven. Book of Wisdom 3, 6. Sirach 2, 5.

Chancellor Merkel is deep in corruption. In the corona crisis, Wirecard (online payment service) has cashed in massive profits of +24 percent through the federal government's shutdown policy. Now 1.9 billion euros have "disappeared" from Rothschild Bank accounts, Merkel works for her backers.






Rothschild protects its mother countries Israel and Germany the "safest countries".


Pre-Q The son of John F. Kennedy John Junior announced in his lifestyle magazine GEORGE that coronavirus as a lung disease was the worst possible scenario in the 1990s. This is an ideal way to decimate the world population and in this context the name of a certain Bill Gates appears.






Bill Gates a small but rich Rothschild puppet and his vaccine network:

Bill Gates, once the richest man in the world and founder of the computer company Microsoft, is a globalist, Freemason, Imager conference participant and a follower of the "new world order". He finances an English laboratory from which a virus also escaped. His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is in the vaccine business.

German tax money for Bill Gates "Gesundheits" Sparkasse

WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus thanked her "excellence" at a CDU event on May 8, 2019 "Strengthening global health" for her financial support of the Global Fund. The "Global Fund", based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a private "health" savings bank owned by Bill Gates. This then pays for dirty drugs that kill more people than save.

This was the first time it became known that Merkel was shifting German tax money directly to an organization of the Gates Foundation without the knowledge of the population and listing in the federal budget.

Merkel government involved early on in implementing, controlling and recording the coronavirus. Virologist Drosten was already present there as a "star speaker"!

Quote from Wikipedia: Since the Global Fund was founded in 2002, Germany has provided it with more than three billion euros (as of March 2020). With a total contribution of one billion euros for the years 2020 to 2022, Germany is the fourth largest state donor to the fund.

You can buy shares in this "Global Fund" from Geneva / Switzerland. Brokered by Black Rock, a US financial services provider whose head of the CDU politician Friedrich Merz was.

Quote from Bill Gates 2010: "... The world has 6.8 billion people today, soon it will be around 9 billion. If we do a really good job with new vaccines, in healthcare and in reproductive health, we could do it by maybe Lower 10 or 15% ".

So vaccines are toxins to kill people !?




The Rothschild Bankhaus Pharmanetzwerk (picture left) + hidden funding from the federal government for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation via the "Global Funds" 525 million euros. State contracts for corona vaccines that have already been concluded without legitimation from the citizens - the state pharmaceutical network of the Rothschilds: Pfizer-Biontech (Edmond de Rothschild Foundation) with Merkel Germany, Astrazenca (Rothschild Fund), Sanofi-GSK, (Rothschild Investment Corp) Johnson & Johnson (Rothschild Capital Partners, LLC) with von der Leyen / EU.









Human collateral damage with the mask requirement in the health sector

Vaccination doesn't make you free! The raid-like nationwide establishment of corona vaccination centers throughout Germany in EVERY district from December 2020 causes fear and reminds us of the darkest hours in German history. This Madness is most advanced with large centers in the state of Baden-Württemberg in the exhibition halls (!), Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Offenburrg, as well as at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart.

It is about a "vaccination" on a "voluntary basis" for whole sections of the population 70-80%, for a pathogen that no longer works because the body's own immune system can process SARS viruses. 1400 people per hour, like on an assembly line & millions of vaccine doses against the coronavirus are ordered with "emergency approval", which means that immature, dangerous pharmaceutical substances are tried out on people. In the forefront of Pharma Rothschild company Biontec. This is also reminiscent of the darkest hours in German history. The EU is already ordering software based on artificial intelligence to document drug damage. In Brazil, a person died on October 22nd, 2020 from a "corona vaccination" from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.


Why do you need vaccination centers: “According to German Federal Health Minister Spahn, that would be due to the nature of the substances to be expected. The vaccines will probably have to be transported and stored at sub-zero temperatures - not -2, but rather -20 to -70 degrees. They will likely come in larger containers. This could mean the new types of "** mRNA ** - based vaccines" for which the manufacturers are currently still carrying out stability studies. Spahn named December, January, February, March as a possible period for the start of vaccinations. "HEALTH HAZARD Vaccines that use the spike protein, as observed in Mers and Sars studies, could lead to the body's own production of infection-enhancing antibodies and immune pathogenesis That means symptoms of the coronavirus pathogen could appear even more intensely after vaccination!





That means symptoms of the coronavirus pathogen could appear even more severe after vaccination! Albert Bouria CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer explains about the corona vaccination: "Not to be responsible for side effects". With Pfizer products, facial nerve palsy (facial paralysis) with pain and taste disturbance may occur after vaccination. Likewise a fit of weakness


According to Dr. Wodarg: Women can no longer get pregnant after vaccination. The protein syncytin is split off at the spikes, which means that PLACENTA CANNOT FORMORE IN THE WOMAN'S UTERUS! So no Embyro, which later grows into a child.

The madness continues abroad: Spain wants to build 13,000 vaccination centers according to the instructions of Prime Minister Sanchez. He wants to force vaccinate 35 million people in 6 months, that is the spread of the Corona regime!



The madness continues abroad: Spain wants to build 13,000 vaccination centers according to the instructions of Prime Minister Sanchez. He wants to force vaccinate 35 million people in 6 months, that is the spread of the Corona regime!

There is an IMPLICATION through the back door! The state will tell the unvaccinated person that he is a "threat" and will therefore be excluded from public life, from attending sports and cultural events and from training and employment. This will create pressure for everyone to get vaccinated!

The prices for the vaccine trash of the health damage caused food would be more important: Astrazeneca 1.78 euros, Sanofi 7.46 euros, Curevac 10 euros, Pfizer 12 euros, Johnson & Johnson 8.50 euros, Moderna 14.70 euros.

The alleged vaccine "heroes" of the SovietEUnion

Biontech founder of the Turk Sahin is celebrated with his wife like a "hero" and reminds of the Soviet leaders with images in the news magazine Spiegel. He holds a patent on the corona vaccine "BNT162b2" and is now one of the richest Germans with a fortune of 5 billion US dollars. His pharmaceutical company, founded in 2008, is the preferred choice of the German federal government. The Strüngmann brothers acted as investors for his company with 180 million dollars, the pharmaceutical company. Her tablet company Hexal had already worked with criminal structures. In 2014 they had studies in India at GVK Biosciences forged in order to sell their tablets better. In 2015, Deutsche Bank informed the Bavarian tax authorities that they were moving money abroad on a large scale. The Sal Oppenheimer Bank in Luxembourg was called a "business partner".



BioNTech was actually very badly bankrupt and delayed bankruptcy. According to the law, the company should have filed for bankruptcy, but German Merkel State helped. The annual reports for the past three years showed huge losses. In 2017 the company made dept of 96.61 million euros, in 2018 made a dept of 56.65 million euros and in 2019 even an incredible 200.41 million euros. In addition, another 352 million euros came in the nine months of 2020. The company had to be artificially "ventilated" with federal grants from the Merkel state of 375 million. It is hoped to be able to sell 570 million vaccine doses at a price of 12 euros. Planned economy 2021!

The company was protected by the state for years, as it was classified as "systemically relevant".

In June 2020 the company "suddenly" had a new major shareholder with shares worth 250 million US dollars: Temasek Holdings, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund, which is already involved in the British Rothschild pharmaceutical company Orchard Therapeutics.

A Corona fairy tale story: Sahin personally developed the vaccine on January 25, 2020 within a few hours when he got inside knowledge from whoever on the network how the coronavirus works. The TRUE TRUTH continue to research the background to BioNTech.



Coronavirus - It started in China, spread of the SARS Covid-19 pathogen: very quickly from person to person. The viruses multiply in the pharynx before they reach the lungs and are probably entrained through the air. In China, a particularly large number of men in the age group 35-59 years were among the dead, as well as older people with previous illnesses in the age group over 70 years. The region around Wuhan reported the all-clear again in August 2018 and celebrated a big beach party.

LATEST FINDINGS in a "study" by HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Rothschild network) Spread of the coronavirus (red dots) in hospitals in the Wuhan region was already reported on the US broadcaster FOX in August 2019.

For a long time, the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory of the Chinese Communist government (see below)! The first time for the publichis virus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan on December 31, 2019 in the "HuaNan Seafood Market" (picture). Wild animals such as peacocks, deer, crocodiles and foxes are sold for food use in this market. Virologists examined this case and came to the conclusion that Snakes as one of the animals sold on the market are very likely to transmit the virus directly to humans, and the snakes served as hosts for the bats, which are also the "creators of the virus" Virus the jump on humans.

The new corona virus (picture under a microscope from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is an American research center) is a mutation and resembles the SARS virus, which started in November 2002 as a severe acute respiratory syndrome. Starting from southern China, it spread across almost every continent within a few weeks and claimed 774 lives within six months. Chinese doctors say that coronavirus reinfection is even more fatal. Instead of creating immunity, the virus can reinfect a human and quickly cause a fatal heart attack.

Training meeting for "Management and Technology of Biosafety Laboratories" in November 2019 in Wuhan. EU had early knowledge of the corona virus!

One wants to prepare optimally in the "case of using a biological weapon". The Wuhan Institute of Virology invited from 3.-9. November 2019 international representatives attend a "training course" at their Chinese location.

Strikingly invited only Asian, Arab and African people, apparently representatives of their governments. Also with Daniel Feakes Greek-born Swiss citizen, head of the agency to support the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Weapons with an office in Geneva and representative for an "EU Council decision".

FACT! EU therefore had early knowledge of the development of a corona virus in Wuhan. A satanic comic, paid for by the European Union in 2012 (!), Is about a fictional killer virus that kills millions and triggers a worldwide pandemic. You can find it here on the official site.

The corona virus developed in the secret laboratory According to the Washington Times and the Epoch Times of Germany, as well as a daily news report, which rely on an alleged "Israeli secret agent", there has been a "secret section" in a laboratory in China since 2015. A secret laboratory for the development of biological weapons is located in this Wuhan Institute of Virology or in the facility (below).









the Wuhan Institute of Virology. According to the "normal" Chinese state sources, the tasks of the institute are divided into three research departments: Center of the Department of Molecular Virology, Department of Biocontrol, Department of Analytical Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Center for Virus Resources and Bioinformatics in China. EU paid Wuhan Institute of Virology 11,602,749 euros, according to a database in 2019


The Chinese Communist Party admits the use of a biological weapon that comes from a protection level 4 (P4) laboratory near Wuhan (Picture), the corona virus is a biological weapon! Transmission of the corona virus from snakes or bats is a conspiracy theory to calm people down.

How the weapon came from the laboratory is still unknown! The immense pressure of 60 million "imprisoned" people under quarantine seems to have worked.




Image Source: The Guardian/ Taiwan News


This secret laboratory is approximately 32 miles from Wuhan and was originally intended to cure the SARS virus for good. Construction time was 10 years, it went into operation in 2018. The World Health Authority (WHO) is aware of this. An accident is likely! The so-called protection level 4, within this "high security facility" authorized persons are allowed to work with biological substances of the highest risk group. This would explain the emergence of this mysterious "docking protein" that made it possible for the virus to jump onto humans and that this could have been developed in this laboratory. The unanswered question is only was it intentional or an accident that snakes prepared with this protein and the virus came to the "HuaNan Seafood Market"?

Image Source: Sky News

Construction and planning of the Wuhan laboratory with the help of the French government Hidden in subsidies in trade agreements with France, this laboratory was built in China over decades. Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jingping visited this laboratory. Since the original secret project "Coronavirus" became known, 15,000 experimental files have "disappeared" from the laboratory.

Image Source: Global Times

The dubious role of a virologist Barely illuminated by the mass media, or glorified as "Bat Woman". The virologist from Wuhan. Shi Zhengli tested the transmission of the Covid-19 pathogen to bats. She is urgently suspected of having created or intensified the Covid-19 pathogen and should be summoned to the International Criminal Court to clarify the coronavirus.





Wuhan ghost town - the epicenter of the corona virus: China is killing its people Pictures from 03/10/2020 There is no one on the streets anymore. You give up! At the order of the communist central government, all provisional hospitals in Wuhan are now closed and sick patients refused treatment - probably thousands more dead to be feared!




In Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus epidemic, people are collapsing on the open streets (image). On January 17 to 19, 2020, there was a massive outbreak of infections from 50 to over 200 newly infected people. The necessary urgent quarantine over the entire city of Wuhan was only decreed by the state on the night of January 22, 2020.




From then on, the access routes to the millions of cities were blocked (picture). People are under quarantine and are prisoners. The Chinese government irresponsibly delayed the urgently needed actions and underestimated the extent and danger of the virus. So the virus could probably spread quickly and now endanger the entire world through the open borders of globalization.






The virus continued to spread unhindered. China travelers are now introducing the virus to their home countries: disinfectants have been sprayed over large areas in residential areas and sold to people as "decontamination" (picture1 ).

"Isolation tents" were set up (picture 2). Although the virus has also reached us, "Germany is well protected against the new corona virus in Berlin, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)". Nevertheless, arriving passengers at European airports are already being checked for this virus using a so-called "PCR test". Suitable sample material for this: - sputum (if produced, but no saliva) - bronchial lavage, nasopharynx aspirate, throat rinsing water, nose / throat swab. According to experts, it will be a long battle against the corona virus and it could far outweigh the consequences of SARS.

Starbucks and WeWork closed their locations in China. Disastrous conditions in the overcrowded hospitals, there are clashes between the patients and the doctors. Doctors lie exhausted on the floor due to the continuous use in their protective suits (picture 3).


During the corona pandemic, one of the areas particularly affected by Corona lands at Frankfurt Airport, see Air China. Seen on March 15th, 2020 towards evening.









The current death toll of the coronavirus is 3,331*, the number of infected people in China rises to over 81,708*. According to the government, 75,438 people are already considered healthy! * (* Nevertheless, see the message with caution, there is still no vaccine).

That is almost half of the Chinese population to continue to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus. Many Chinese are trying to flee to the Hong Kong enclave. Around 60% more people came to the island in one night than usual (picture).

State of emergency in China: In Wuzu City, Huangmei County in Hubei Province, a woman is said to have been shot by the police after trying to break a blockade (picture). This incident probably occurred on January 26, 2020. Mongolia closes the border on January 27, 2020 and plans to keep Parliament closed until March 02. The car manufacturer Hyundai will stop production in South Korea because the corona virus in China has disrupted the supply of auto parts.

China meanwhile celebrates its first hero: Dr. Liang Wudong, who treated coronavirus patients in Wuhan, became the first doctor to die of the new coronavirus. He will be remembered for his service to mankind (picture).

The Chinese government announces that 105 people have died in one day alone. Streets full of corpses under sacks.

"Medical staff" with semi-automatic rifles in the quarantine zone in Wuhan, China are to ensure law and order. Or shoot infected people right away!? (Image).

Disinfectants are sprayed with trucks (picture) in the city of Yichang. There are more than 400 confirmed cases registered. The city is 400 kilometers away from Wuhan.

Because the virus can also affect animals, cats are already protected in China.

In the virus hotspot Wuhan, where the corona virus first appeared, two new hospitals are already being built in no time in order to cope with the army of the many newly infected people. For this purpose, over 100 excavators started up (picture).

The Chinese communist regime (picture) simply invites citizens suspected of having the corona virus into vans. I don't know what happens to people afterwards.

This photo, a kind of cartoon, says a lot about the current Corona crisis. It is meant to show people's despair at the catastrophic conditions in China. You want to escape hell!








Living with the corona virus in China: People work in offices under protective films for fear of infection.





The cruise ship Diamond Princess sailed in the Japanese sea with over 3000 passengers. Meanwhile 705 cases of coronavirus - occurred and 4 dead. The entire ship was under quarantine and was only allowed to call the Japanese port of Yokohama on February 16, 2020. The German government wants to fly its citizens out of board.


A mother infected with the corona virus gave birth to a healthy baby in the 6th People's Hospital in Harbin, northeast China. The newborn tested negative for the virus and the mother and baby are in stable condition.



A building in an unknown Chinese city is closed by welding. What to do if food is scarce, what to do if someone gets seriously ill? It's like a death sentence.



This weekend April 3-4, 2020, the quarantine in China was finally lifted for millions of people, but crowded in nature conservation parks, the next wave of contagion threatens again




Chinese whistleblower troubles government: Dr. Li Wenliang (photo) warned of the corona virus early on and was gunned by her own government for "disturbing public peace" in China.

The ophthalmologist noted on December 30, 2019 that people had symptoms similar to the Sars virus after eating wildlife from the Huan market. On January 3, 2020, Dr. Li subpoenaed by the police, the government's charge: "Disruption of social peace"! Under pressure from the police officers, the Dr. Li promised in a statement that no further statements about the mysterious virus will be released. With his signature, he also had to confirm that he had spread "lies" about the virus. Dr. Li infected himself with the corona virus and is said to have died of it on February 7, 2020. Dr. Li is celebrated as a hero and martyr in China and continues to trouble the government. This Grafiti on the street (picture 2) means: "There are no born heroes in this world; only normal people who stand up and step forward".




China makes important doctor "disappear"

The exact way of spreading the coronavirus is still in the dark. Dr. Ai Fen (pictured) did research at the Wuhan Central Hospital directly with patients infected with the coronavirus and shared certain information that the communist central government did not like. Even a sharp reprimand didn't help. Dr. Fen went on anyway and has been missing since late March 2020 after sharing her information with a whistleblower. This means: certain details about the virus are still considered "top secret" and people should not be helped!




WHO prescribes corona pandemic for the Rothschild state system: The World Health Agency (WHO) declared international emergency on January 30th, 2020 and an emergency meeting on February 24th, 2020, asking the countries of the world to take "precautions". Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Director General of WHO (pictured) - World Health Organization in a statement dated February 24, 2020. Next week, for the first time in history, warning of a global pandemic: the Secretary General of the WHO warned that the window to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus would narrow.

WHO plays double game was involved in the "project" coronavirus in Wuhan. The Chinese government's secret laboratory (see below) was under the supervision of the World Health Agency, and the SARS virus has been researched to make a "weapon". The director of the WHO travels in February 2020 to China for a crisis meeting and considers the risk situation to be "high". The second German television (ZDF) writes: "Still no cause for concern, experts say".
















The man who knew too much? In Baden, Switzerland, the virologist and medical doctor Dr. med Thomas Binder forcibly pulled out of his practice by a special task force of the Argau police on the evening of April 12th, 2020, for some unexplained reasons. Binder is known for particularly truthful publications from the medical field. He also dealt with the corona virus.


Alleged main culprit and developer of the coronavirus Pathogen : Professor Di Liu from Wuhan Institute of Virology Chinese Academy of Sciences informed the Leibnitz Institute in Hamburg/Germany in advance about the coronavirus in September 2018.

Entry from My research interests include the genomics and evolution of pathogens. It is my aim to identify the origin, development and development of the pathogens of diseases. Using sequencing techniques, single cell methods and bioinformatic approaches, I work on pathogens such as influenza virus, Ebola virus, African swine fever virus, Nipah virus, dengue virus, PRRSV virus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Listeria monocytogenes. I am also interested in the metagenomics of gut microbiota and the discovery of unknown pathogens.






The hunt for the guilty and perpetrators of the corona virus begins! The United States arrested Harvard University lecturer Dr. Charles Lieber (picture). As a professor, he was head of the faculty of chemistry and is said to have illegally transferred scientific know-how from the United States to China through a talent recruitment program for young students. These then went to the Chinese Wuhan University of Technology. We speak of confidential research files and patents based on US research results that may have helped China to develop the corona virus.


The liaison woman was Chinese student Ye Yanqing, disguised as a student, who, according to the prosecutor, was a lieutenant in the People's Liberation Army and lied about her military service to get to the United States. As a Chinese spy, she had researched US military projects and gathered information about two US scientists for the Chinese military. The FBI is looking for her in brief, offering a reward. Ye is submerged in China.






US Department of Justice investigates pharmaceutical company of the German health fund from Wuhan for the corona virus Probably we were all involved in the financing of the coronavirus without compulsory contributions from the health insurance companies (health funds). Affected Company Address: 9W Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd No.156, Xiongchu Avenue, Room 2002, Unit 1, Block1, Hongfu Hometown, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, 430079 Wuhan CHINA. What kind of swamp is the German Merkel government in?

Warning the coronavirus could be triggered by vaccines. Pfizer, Abbott, Merck, GSK, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnsons & Johnsons supplied the company classified as dangerous. Whose products AVOID DANGER TO LIFE!

BELIEVING FACT: MERKEL and state elite members of the Global Elite probably have the vaccine and are protected against the corona virus! He also gets a good picture, quote Merkel: "60% of the population are affected".

Current situation in Germany Approx. 118,235 cases of coronavirus (COVID19) infected people confirmed 2607 * (2807* dead unofficially because of doubts about the German Medical Gazette!) Chancellor Merkel has been in quarantine since 22.03.2020.

There are now 33,015 infected people in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg 24,517 infected people, Hesse 6114 infected people, Lower Saxony 7723 infected people, North Rhine-Westphalia 24,843 infected people, Hamburg 2214 infected people, Bremen 297 infected people, Schleswig-Holstein 1053 infected people, Berlin 2581 infected people, Brandenburg 894 infected people, Rhineland-Palatinate 4810 infected, Thuringia 761 infected, Saxony 1930 infected, Saarland 800 infected, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania 366 infected, Saxony-Anhalt 682 infected. 920 people are said to have recovered, this message is being cautious.

Minister of Health Spahn: "It is not necessary to cordon off entire cities or areas" The coronavirus patient in Erkelenz (North Rhine-Westphalia, mid-40s) is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit. First case of an infected person in Baden-Württemberg. Young man from the Göppingen district came from a vacation in Northern Italy. Four patients in Germany all work for the Chinese automotive supplier Webasto based in the Upper Bavarian district of Starnberg. Hamster purchases cause empty shelves in discounters, in some places in Germany there is already a lack of food supplies.


Hamburg Central Station on a Saturday evening in the middle of the corona world crisis (picture).








The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is said to have bought 1 million protective masks. This message can also be campaign advertising for CDU party candidate Laschet.

Vaccination compulsory law to "protect the population" whipped by parliament.






The black and yellow state government in North Rhine-Westphalia releases prisoners who have been serving sentences of no longer than 18 months because they allegedly want to minimize the risk of infection with the corona virus. Completely irrelevant that the virus has so far not been found in prison inmates or guards. According to internal estimates, the measure taken by the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach affects around 1,000 of the approximately 16,000 detainees and custody in the detention centers.


The world famous square at Cologne Cathedral empty of people.

!! Germany on the way to a police and surveillance state because of the corona virus !!

The German state of Baden-Württemberg will become the worst police and surveillance state in the corona crisis in Germany from Tuesday (5.5. 2020). Data from the health authorities are linked for the police authorities. Motion profiles created. Data protection and fundamental rights bye bye! Interior Minister thinks he can bury the freedom with this statement: "Knowing that someone has Corona is the best protection against infection"

Law enforcement for Corona! German police are consistently taking action against their own citizens. Anyone who demonstrates against state restrictions no longer has fundamental rights and is a criminal. There is no speech and freedom of expression, showing the Basic Law is a "political message" and is prohibited by the police. A Berlin police officer said: "The leader (Merkel) no longer wants a constitution".

The Vice President of the Constitutional Court of the State of Berlin Seegmüller and the Constitutional Judge Prof. Dr. Schönrock consider the numerous complaints against the coronavirus restrictions to be largely admissible and in part clearly justified. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe wants "Way trough all Courts" - the corona virus is in the House of German History by then!




Corona virus causes economic crisis in Germany: 40 billion stock market value gone: Corona crisis infects the German economy Lufthansa is canceling half of its flights, the tourism industry is down. The German share index Dax loses 12%. Deutsche Bank falls 18.4% and Commerzbank falls 20.4%. The major banks are breaking the lines that make a grading in the credit rating practically inevitable. The bank disaster is on its way.


As of March 15, 2020 borders are still open, but the German government makes "travel recommendations" in the south. Allegedly from Monday border controls.




Commentary on the previous crisis management by the German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, according to Chancellor Merkel he is doing a "great job".

No protective masks, no respirators in hospitals and hardly any preparation in Germany. Most likely fake news with the help of "SPIEGEL": Allegedly six million respirators for Germany have allegedly disappeared in Kenya, which should have actually been delivered to Germany. Spain gets tons of masks, goggles and suits. Embarrassing and ridiculous that poor Spain can do more than rich Germany.

Car maker Volkswagen (VW) received 400,000 respirators from China on March 28, 2020. Volkswagen had ordered this first load. The group claims to procure and donate medical goods for a total of 40 million euros.






Germany is equipping Palestinian areas and hospitals are begging for protective clothing in their own country

Small Catalonia gets what industrial giant Germany can't do

Since February 31, 2020 the local council of the Republic of Terrassa in Catalonia has been producing and distributing 300 so-called "bats" protective clothing for hospitals every day. 140 volunteers cut, sew, pack and transport the material.

France literally locks up its people

President Macron opts for an ultra-long curfew until May 11, 2020 despite the country's massive economic problems and the economy cannot cope with it. The previous home quarantine has not brought much, the infection numbers are very high in France. Macron follows the call of the Rothschild Elite money and implements its program: "Social Distance" mercilessly.


Current situation other countries EU: France 12,210* deaths, 117,749* infections, Spain: 15,447* deaths, 153,222* infections, Italy: 18,279* deaths 143,626* infections.

In Germany, school will start again in May 2020. A big break in Bavaria looks so strange. Mask requirement and distance requirement of at least 1.50m.

What is the EU doing?

EU is tight! 30 days immigration and closed borders announced on March 16, 2020 by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen the "most powerful woman in Europe" in front of many empty seats and exactly 3 system journalists and a camera operator. The first time in history.



To govern the EU in the Corona crisis means to be afraid. President of the Commission von der Leyen has to lock herself in her office. When the cleaning man rings twice !?




Tinkering with the world government with a "donor conference": Under the patronage of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, 7.5 billion euros from all countries worldwide should come together for an "affordable vaccine" that mankind probably does not need.

Like a kind of "A Heart for Children" donation marathon moderated by der Leyen with toothpaste smiles in front of strange looking heads of state on the screen via digital channels. Economically clammy Germany currently only brings together 525 million euros for it in the corona crisis.




Red alarm! - The start of a worldwide pandemic: The Corona virus with the technical term Covid-19 reaches 203 countries from China. Italy and USA particularly affected. Hotspots are the cities / regions most at risk in the province of Hubei / China, in Iran, in the South Korean cities of Daegu or Cheongdo in South Korea or the 11 cities in Northern Italy Codogno, Castiglione d'Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini , Castelgerundo, San Fiorano and Vo 'Euganeo.


Russian President Putin wants to save Italy from Corona!

President Putin sent "heart" on behalf of the Russian Federation to send 15 cargo planes to Italy with aid and specialist staff. The specialists bring along the equipment necessary for diagnostics and disinfection, as well as special devices that help corona patients with serious symptoms. 22 special trucks and buses, which, starting from Orio al Serio airport five kilometers from Bergamo, want to provide medical care to the whole country, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus.

The heavy transport aircraft of type Il-76 landed on March 25, 2020 at the Italian air force base Pratica di Mare near Rome. From there yesterday, a Russian aid convoy made its way to Bergamo in Lombardy, which suffered the worst from the virus. He reached the city last night.



SUPER CRISIS IN USA- because of Corona HORROR number of deaths most worldwide!

US President Trump fights as Commander in Chief with the full commitment of the military





Russian President Putin is helping the US in the crisis with emergency flights with emergency medical equipment. The Il-76 transport aircraft landed on March 31, 2020 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on board 60 tons of equipment such as ventilators, protective and respiratory masks.

Critique of it inappropriate This is not a political matter, it is about saving lives!



America is caught surprisingly violently by the corona virus. Already 468,895 infected, most in one country and over 16,697 dead. Apparently, the virus was brought in by tourists during carnival celebrations in New Orleans. US President Donald Trump sees himself in one: "War against an invisible enemy". How good that he has not started unnecessary wars, he can now use all military resources for civil and homeland security for his people. Here he sends a US Navy hospital ship with command from the naval port in Norfolk to New York. It is a "70,000 ton message of hope and solidarity," as Trump said. He also reactivated a law from the Korean War in order to intervene in the economy and now obliges the car manufacturer General Motors to manufacture a lot of respirators on an industrial scale.


Trump's rescue ship "Arche Noah 2.0" reaches New York "WAR" on March 30, 2020 against the virus
(Trump's "Noah's Ark 2.0" hospital ship in New York)

"These are very terrible times," as he says himself and what US President Donald Trump is now offering America in the fight against the corona virus: 80 tons of medical equipment. 130,095 gas masks, 10.1 million face masks and 10.3 million gloves. 19 different flights New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump, the army commander-in-chief, is now sending a thousand military doctors and nurses to the particularly hard-hit city of New York. The metropolis is becoming the world's crisis center.




30% of all deaths in the United States are in New York (as of April 5, 2020). That is THE democratic ruled New York, where the head of health Oxiris Barbot asked on February 2, 2020 to continue normal life and to look forward to the parade next Sunday. New York subway with empty runs (picture).

Judicial Watch (a conservative foundation in Washington, D.C.) is suing to release communications with the World Health Agency. Fauci provided horror scenarios for the corona virus that led to the shutdown. He pushed the expensive drug Remdesivir and tore down the cheapest hydroxychloroquine.

Trump promises to send $ 100 million worth of medical supplies to Italy.


(Empty New York subway)




Curfew in several states such as California and New York as well as Ohio, Louisiana New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois. For 60 million residents, all unnecessary shops are closed and residents are asked to leave their homes as little as possible. 100 million Americans affected by exit restrictions.


LOCATION IN NEW YORK CRITICAL: Approximately 100,000 infected and the hospitals at the ready. Scenes like a man in China collapse on the street.


The world famous Times Square in New York on normal days a tourist magnet now almost extinct (picture). On Sunday, April 5th, 2020, the city is expecting the "D-Day" then the peak of the corona wave should be reached. The Statue of Liberty is currently on fire as shown in this cartoon. In New Orleans, the number of infected is just under 1,000 with 46 dead.




Toilet paper is bought empty in the supermarkets. The cities in America are like from another world, almost empty in New York or Los Angeles. Panic reactions on the stock exchange - Dow Jones loses 13%. The area codes in the US are affected and canceled in Ohio. New York closed all bars and restaurants on March 16, 2020. After being given notice without notice, this means, in my opinion, that almost all of the 300,000 workers are now without income. In line with this, the number of unemployment benefit recipients in the USA has now climbed to a high of over 3.2 million people. Even in the global financial market crisis of 2009 or the severe recession of 1980-82, there weren't that many.In the meantime, more than 8.5 million applications for unemployment benefits are said to have been made: as of 3.04.2020

Trump is fighting! Its measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus in America

The next 14 days are a fight for "life and death" as US President Trump said at his Tuesday press conference at the White House on March 31, 2020. He met the representatives of the leading communication companies in order not to let the Internet and telephone break down. This is now more important than ever, as people all have to work from home. Trump is outstanding as president, he has to organize gigantic logistics and transforms his country into a huge hospital to save lives.

Weeks ago, American fake news channels like CBS tried to match the desolate conditions in Milan to a New York hospital to portray Trump as a bad crisis manager. In reality, the hospitals are very well equipped (see picture below right).




The fate of American tourists on the Zandaam cruise ship is uncertain

Four passengers have already died on the Zaandam. Now the ship can finally sail through the Panama Canal. US President Donald Trump stepped in to find a solution to the fate of several thousand people on board the cruise ship. He would speak to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whether the ship could call a Florida port. The Holland-America Line ship, which entered service in 2000, sailed the Caribbean and has 2500 passengers, including 80 Germans.



Rescue (!?) Wait until the end of the year: US President Donald Trump wants to have vaccine against the corona virus developed. As always, the United States is a leader in medicine, which can be a salvation for the WHOLE world.



Press release dated March 03, 2020: Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: INO) today announced an accelerated schedule for the development of its INO-4800 DNA vaccine to combat COVID-19 (coronavirus), the respiratory infection of world health Organization (WHO) has identified a top-level public health emergency of international importance.

Dr. J. Joseph Kim, President & CEO of Inovio, announced this accelerated schedule at the U.S. Coronavirus Task Force meeting on March 2 at the White House. Dr. Kim said: "Inovio is a leader in the development of coronavirus vaccines and the only company with a phase 2 vaccine against a related coronavirus that causes the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Using our modern DNA drug platform, we developed our INO-4800 DNA vaccine within three hours of the release of the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID -19. "Dr. Kim continued:" We immediately started preclinical testing and small-scale manufacturing and already shared robust preclinical data with our public and private partners. We plan to begin human clinical trials in April in the United States and soon after in China and South Korea. We plan to deliver one million doses with available resources and capacity by the end of the year. However, we need additional resources to get enough doses to protect Americans from COVID-19 and to guide global efforts to contain this virus."

That should be one of those reference patients that Dr. Joseph Kim on behalf of Donald Trump needs. This man was one of the first to be infected and was taken to a special hospital in Huizhou.

Huizhou is about 800 km from Wuhan, where the virus broke out first. A whole province of Jiangxi / Hunan is located between these two locations in China.


Healing or relief from UV light? US President Trump put it into play at a white house press conference. UV light neutralizes the corona virus and is said to promise healing! Here a bus is disinfected with the ultraviolet rays.





Criminals are trying to do big business with the corona crisis in the United States.

More than 11 kilos of marijuana worth $ 13.2 million were found in healthy-meal cans from California, United States. Customs agents confiscated the shipments in Clark's port. Drugs are supposed to promise the alleged "cure" to people infected with the coronavirus, but it doesn't.





Social distance or jail The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot of the "Democratic" party threatens everyone to the prison that violates the corona restrictions. Quote: "If they're the good guys, I don't want to hit the bad guys".




Curfews and house quarantine

The states react in part with radical measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. People have to stay at home. Approx. It affects 1 billion people worldwide.

Israel: The police in Tel Aviv are in the middle of an arrest of someone who is currently violating the COVID19 quarantine. The so-called "Mischteret" acts consistently against those who violate the curfew.




Emergency declared in Spain: Citizens are only allowed to leave the house to go to work or to run essential errands.

In a hotel pool on the holiday island of Tenerife, however, a vacationer thought she could swim; the police took her out and took her away.



Italy: Because the ports are closed due to the corona virus, the dolphins venture back to the south of Sardinia.




Genoa/Italy: People make the best of their situation in Italy. Here from Genoa: wonderful Italians stick together in the crisis. Singing the national anthem gives people strength and hope and unites them into a large family. Bella fantastico. Humanity is not lost.



Tel Aviv / Israel A beautiful moment in Tel Aviv under the restrictions of the corona virus. A small wedding took place in a local apartment when people gathered on their balconies to congratulate the newlyweds.



In Bergamo, Italy, the coffins of 70 dead are driven out of the city by military convoy because the crematoriums are overcrowded. Survivors cannot say goodbye.

This photo is an incision, the dead cannot be buried normally, the situation is serious. In one day alone, 100 people died in this place.



Spain: Police forces cheer up the residents of a small village nest in Andalusia with guitar music, who are no longer allowed to leave their homes.




In Madrid, the first patients arrived at the emergency hospital at the exhibition center and it looks like a dystopian film.






Venue Italy - massive outbreak of the plague wave virus quarantine in the north curfew across the country!


Surprisingly strong outbreak in the southern European country, the Corona Virus infects the country and puts people at risk! The provinces of Bergamo and Prescia in north-eastern Lombardy were particularly affected, with a particularly large number of people with previous illnesses having been vaccinated there recently on January 18, 2020 because of an meningitis (meningitis). The free vaccinations were carried out on 34,000 citizens, including 1,680 students in their schools and 2,414 workers in their companies. Perhaps a reason for the high number of deaths in Italy!

Cremona hospital converts emergency room in Corona intensive care unit to 50 people in one ward designed for 8. There are too many a whole "flood of people" one should actually treat over a hundred.




How did the corona virus come to Italy: An Italian doctor who was at a conference in Athens is said to have carried the corona virus into the country. The number of infected people in the Veneto region has risen to 58. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Lombardy has risen to 259.


Situation in Venice the tourist magnet particularly dramatic - 7 minors infected within an hour!




Due to the spread of the corona virus, all sporting events in Italy will initially take place without an audience. This is intended to avoid further contagions, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Prison revolts in 27 detention centers. At least 8 inmates are said to have died in Modena.

Italy sets up restricted areas in the north, carnival in some cities canceled in February 2020! These include ten municipalities in the province of Lodi in Lombardy around 60 kilometers southeast of the metropolis of Milan: Codogno, Castiglione d'Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castelgerundo and San Fiorano. The eleventh municipality is the city of Vo in the province of Padua in Veneto. In Milan, shelves are bought empty in the supermarket (picture).


Two elderly people who were infected with the virus died - one in Lombardy and one in Veneto. On Saturday evening, the Italian government ordered quarantine measures for eleven cities in northern Italy. According to the authorities, the number of registered cases according to the authorities is 132 cases. Italy is the country with the most infections in Europe. Austria stops all train traffic to Italy. A whole train was stopped at the Brenner, a Eurocity that started in Venice and had Munich as its destination. Several 100,000 people are still to be tested in northern Italy. First case of the corona virus in South Tyrol, almost on the border with Austria.


Vatican close: St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome are closed to tourists until April 3 inclusive.





Pope's Blessing for the World? A Spooky Solo Masonic Show by Pope Francis in Rome on March 27th, 2020 in front of an empty Peterplatz should calm everyone down in the Corona world crisis. His blessing "Urbi et Orbi", which is actually only ever given on Easter Sunday, looked like the apocalypse planned on the drawing board.




Red alarm! Situation abroad Over 1,100,000 infected worldwide: Very good figures from South Korea, although China is not exactly white, so far only 177 dead and 10,156 infected out of a total population of 50 million.

Situation in Africa Entire continent 5,413* infected 172* dead.

infections by country: Algeria 454, Egypt 576, Libya 3, Morocco 402, Tunisia 278, Benin 6, Burkina Faso 207, Cape Verde 5, Gambia 3, Ghana 132, Guinea 8, Guinea-Bissau 2, Ivory Coast 140, Liberia 3, Mauritania 3, Mali 18, Nigeria 97, Niger 10, Senegal 130, Togo 28, Kamrun 99, Central African Republic 6, Chad 5, Congo-Brazzaville 19, Democratic Republic of the Congo 65, Equatorial Guinea 13, Gabon 7, Angola 3, Eswatini 8, Madagascar 28, Mozambique 8, Namibia 6, South Africa 1,170, Zambia 28, Zimbabwe 7, Djibouti 15, Eritrea 6, Ethiopia 16 Kenya 38, Mauritius 102, Rwanda 60, Seychelles 8, Somalia 3, Sudan 5, Tanzania 13, Uganda 30


English Queen (picture) fled Buckingham Palace in London and fled to Windsor. (Picture) runs away from Buckingham Palace in London and flees to Windsor. Prince Charles infected! 47,806 infected and 4,934 dead in England and issues travel warning.Premier Johnson announces a three-week curfew for all Britons on March 23, 2020.


English Prime Minister Boris Johnson Infected!

He developed only mild symptoms and would be in home quarantine. One should not worry about him, he is doing well as he told his compatriots on Twitter. All are supposed to work from home like him and prevent the spread of the virus. He now holds his cabinet meetings via internet video. Johnson's health is said to have deteriorated. Since April 6, 2020, he has "ruled" from a clinic.

Situation abroad: as of 5.04.2020 in Switzerland (picture) 822 new coronavirus cases within one day

Four suspected cases in Salzburg / Austria - 12 people in Tyrol / Austria under quarantine fear of looting. In Austria from April 2nd 2020 Mask requirement in supermarkets. Police are now monitoring them too. 31 dead and 2055 infected so far in Poland - first case in São Paulo Brazil - first case in Nigeria - 8413 infected and 84 dead people in South Korea - 260 people have now been quarantined in Chile - Australia has banned travelers from entering due to the coronavirus outbreak China imposes & sends all Australians who come from China in quarantine for 2 weeks. 9 deaths in Latin American countries - First cases: 147 people in Russia infected with the virus since March 18, 2020 - Turkey 190 people Infected 2 deaths so far, but high number of unreported cases - The Australian government has prohibited its citizens from traveling abroad because of the coronavirus pandemic . It is the first time that this has happened in the history of Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. 2 dead in South Africa in the Western Cape province and over 1000 infected.













Slovak Prime Minister Pellegrini fell ill with the corona virus. He was recently at the EU special summit of the 27 European leaders where Chancellor Merkel took part.





General flight ban to Thailand The Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has signed an order to ban flights to Thailand until Saturday, April 18, 11:59 p.m.





Situation in Iran: Mullah regime abuses corona virus against opposition


Sayyid Ali Khamenei, a spiritual leader, sees a "foreign" conspiracy from the United States as the main culprit for the massive outbreak of the virus in his country. Opposition people write on Twitter that they only suffer from a Khamenei virus and "we can not get rid of it".

Khamenei orders: "All sectors of the country must cooperate fully with the Ministry of Health. The armed forces would be mobilized."

The opposition says it will be ruthless against them. Regime-critical doctors even put in jail. Here are the pictures of the imprisoned doctors.

Khamenei orders: "All sectors of the country must fully cooperate with the Ministry of Health. The armed forces would be mobilized." The opposition says it will be ruthless against them. Regime-critical doctors even put in jail. Dead people gathered in mass graves. The regime would even hinder the treatment of infected people and refrain from aid measures.

480 more are killed in Iran because they drank methanol. These people thought that industrial alcohol would protect them from the corona virus.


Already 3,160 dead in 74 cities across the country. In addition, 50,468 infected, including 7 government employees affected. At least 400 people have died in the city of Qom, known as Iran's COVID-19 epicenter. 209 dead in Tehran in Isfahan 61 and in Gilan 92. A dead man on the open street in the city of Mashhad (Photo 1). In the province of Gilan, cold stores where slaughter cattle are supposed to hang are now used as mortuary (Fig. 2). Mass graves are obviously no longer enough, or the dead come too quickly. Over 1000 dead within 3 days! Wonderful dear little angels from Iran are fighting for their survival in hospitals. God's blessing! (Picture 3).






Iran already has more information about the deadly corona virus. The government's corona officer is sweating extremely.


Turkish Airlines plane is quarantined. Flight TK0879 from Tehran, the capital of Iran, should have landed in Istanbul, but was diverted to Ankara. 12 passengers contracted the coronavirus.



Using religious means to fight the virus:

Clerics in Iran hung a Koran high on power lines to block and prevent the entry of coronavirus into the area.




In Pakistan, doctors are arrested by the government who simply want to help.




Already a memorial for the disease year 2020 Latvia prescribes fear and honor. This world's first monument to the corona virus is supposed to glorify the wearing of protective masks.