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Congratulations! Great Britain did it: The EU spook finally came to an end on the island on the night of January 31 on February 1, 2020 after 47 years. The

Brexit is through! The United Kingdom (UK) celebrated like winning a World Cup. The new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that she would now "deliver" because the problems of her institution are and will remain huge and Poland, another country, threatens to leave the European Union. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises the start of a "golden age". His country is free again and can put his fortunes in his own hands without being patronized from Brussels.

All about BREXIT a political thriller - power struggle in London. A duel is raging for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (EU):

What EU friends of the globalist power elite want: Multi-cultural society, open borders, free movement of people and goods, customs union, renunciation of nationalism, eradication of cultural identity, communitarisation and centralized control of the country by the socialist EU Commission in Brussels.

What the friends of BREXITS and so-called "right-wing populist nationalists" want: renationalisation, return to the nation state, restoration of full British sovereignty including complete territorial integrity of the country, withdrawal from the socialist European Union and free development of the economy, negotiation of independent bilateral agreements of the UK with other countries.

A majority of the people in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) voted 51.89% for the withdrawal of the EU from the EU in a referendum on 23 June 2016. The then Prime Minister Theresa May of the conservative party "Torrys" now had the task of negotiating a withdrawal agreement with the EU. 2 years time was given.

Boxed through and landed a bull's eye. With the conservative Tories, Boris Johnson wins the early election of the English Parliament (lower house) on December 12, 2019 with an absolute majority: Under the campaign motto "Get Brexit Done" (Prime Minister Brexit), Prime Minister Johnson tried to get his compatriots to vote for him , so that Brexit can finally take place. weather conditions.
Parliament has repeatedly rejected the contracts that are supposed to lead to this, so that a new election was the only option with new power relations to finally get things moving. With a clever Twitter marketing strategy of a picture show and the successful placement with his dog as an election campaign mascot, Johnson took the hearts of his voters by storm. It was a short but difficult election campaign over 6 weeks in sometimes difficult



Constant rain and Atlantic weather, as his campaign manager Carrie Symonds announced. His opponent Corbyn from the Labor Party remained unusually pale, barely mentioning in the media. Everyone only spoke of Boris Johnson and his dog. These ideas became a campaign hit, in front of polling stations the conservatives brought their dogs as mascots with them and into the campaign, an absolute lucky charm as it turned out. Conservative Party 357 seats 43.6% 13,718,359 votes, Labor Party 202 seats 32.4% 10,189,012 votes, Other parties (Scotish National Party / Liberal Democrats 58 seats 15.3% 4,178,300 votes.


Theresa May failed on BREXIT and delivered with her deal a "diplomatic work of art"



The May Treaty Brexit Deal the "diplomatic work of art" (according to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel see below) fell in the English Parliament the House of Commons several times in votes and dissolved one political crisis. At the end of this, May had to declare her resignation as prime minister because she had failed due to this Brexit. The Brexit so the exit of the United Kingdom kingdom from the European Union with the exit date with or without a deal on October 31, 2019 is now completely at odds. The EU is doing poorly economically and is deeply in crisis.

Politically disputed and far from a "union". The irredeemable and therefore undemocratic commission leadership on the EU's bridge is fighting hard for its system of "European values". To defend the compulsory socialism of the countries against the so-called "right-wing populists" who want to regain the sovereignty of nation-states.

The UK is still too prey to the EU to be fired from the Union without further ado, after all, the second largest single market in Europe. After the disempowerment of Theresa May, the power puppet, she negotiated the "backstop" foot as a contractual clause, which ultimately led to a fake Brexit. It came to fierce trench warfare within their own pair of the conservative torrents, at the end Johnson emerged as the winner and new prime minister.


What does this "backstop" in the May Brexit Deal mean? This backstop means that if Ireland stays in the EU and Northern Ireland belongs to the UK, it can not agree on a common border with controls after leaving, the whole UK in the European Customs union remains. That means the EU would still be in charge in the UK and could exert political influence! The May deal leads to a fake Brexit. The UK would be bound in the EU customs union and would not conclude its own economic agreements with other countries.

BREXIT seemed to overwhelm the English Parliament. May made a name for herself as "Chaos Lady" she had no control over her own party either. Everything went haywire

Theresa May was forced to vote in favor of June 8, 2017, for Brexit, in order to gain political legitimacy. The Conservative Tory's gain was + 5.5%, but the oppositonal Labor Party was up + 9.5%. In the end, Tory 42.4% to Labor 40%.




In the background he was already warm: Boris Johnson was the energetic opponent Mays, a hardliner for the conservative Torrys, and categorically rejected the backstop clause in May's Brexit Deal. He is also a follower of the so-called "hard Brexit", which means leaving the country without a deal with the EU. "Zero problemo" as he means. The economy of the UK and the country would be prepared. Food hoarded on warships. Theresa May now fought more and more against her own party and grew weary, her power broke more and more. Johnson held back and watched May as it disassembled itself. After skilful negotiations, he finally became Prime Minister of the UK on July 24, 2019.

His first official trip went to France, to President Macron. He wanted to renegotiate the Brexit deal better. But Marcron said: NO. A stupid mistake of the EU, after all, the UK is indeed after the Brexit remain an economic partner, it was a lot of diplomatic Porzelan smashed.

Johnson, on the other hand, was successful in the United States. A new bilateral economic agreement was signed with US President Donald Trump.

Johnson and Trump are both alike. Like two colorful parrots, who like to babble, often and loud, they mix up the political landscape.


Interesting facts about Boris Johnson He was born on 19 June 1964 in New York City, USA. Johnson is said to be widely related through the maternal line to the European nobility and royal houses, even to the German Duchess Beatrix von Storch. His great-grandfather on his father's side is said to have been a Turkish Foreign Minister, who was assassinated in 1922. The former journalist is considered a colorful entertainer, who also appeared on television, his bizarre appearances are sometimes legendary in the UK.


He was also the mayor of the English capital London from 2008 to 2016. He is the father of five children with two different women, and there are rumors of another illegitimate child. Johnson likes to play Polit Kasper, a guy who is just weird. This is part of a clever tactic, you should consider him as stupid as possible. He wants to force his political opponents to mistakes.










Power trial in the English Parliament the House of Commons since 03.09.2019 Actually, Boris wanted to go on vacation. On August 28, 2019, he applied to the Queen for a forced vacation by Parliament until October 14. The monkey theater should just go to. Because he can not achieve anything more, a renegotiation of the Brexit deal is by Macron's NO on the part of the EU yes. In contrast, the opposition is storming, she wants to reach a deal quickly with the EU. Somehow they do not understand this no of the EU. Complaints and protests rained. Now the pressure on Johnson increases.

A well-paid deviant, a backbench of the torrents named Phillip Lee, passed to the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) during Johnson's speech in the House of Commons. The goal to bring political pressure on Boris Johnson Johnson?

Boris Johnson's conservative Tories had only one vote majority in the House of Commons. However, they are supported as a minority government by the Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland, whose 10 mandates could help Johnson to re-establish a stable government. He could bring her to the government at any time if he wished, the Les maneuver would not work.

Paid street pressure Elite financier George Soros pays EU Fandemo on the streets of London "Best of Britain" is meant to suggest and pretend: The whole UK is supposed to stay in the EU. Pressure on the government Johnson through a constructed demonstration. It is danced with African drums, a picture as in the colonial era of the 18th century.




Power struggle Johnson has all the trump cards in his hand: If he draws the new election card, there is definitely no time left to negotiate a new Brexit deal. Although he would need for a two-thirds majority in parliament, but the mere announcement is enough to continue causing trouble. His opponent Jeremy Corbyn from the Labor Party wants to force him to negotiate a deal by law, which he justifiably considers to be a "waste of time" since the EU no longer wants to negotiate. As I said, Johnson wanted to close Parliament because of this monkey theater. Time is crazy. His opponents have the opportunity to force him to new negotiations with the EU. The hard Brexit is likely and Johnson can no longer drive him out of the government because he still has the 10 mandates of the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party in reserve. With the announcement to throw out all his opponents at the Torrys, Johnson also consolidates his power and shows himself to be a strong leader.




The return of the "Monkey Theater" on September 4, 1919 - Prime Minister Johnson. Opposition leader Corbyn. The lower house again makes voting stupidities. The infinite story continues. It is slowly becoming clear why Johnson actually wanted a mandatory break for Parliament. Now the shift, the shift, the shift of the Brexit is decided once again, because one wants necessarily a new Brexit Deal, which is excluded nevertheless from the EU. This circumstance is apparently not clear to parliamentarians or does not matter. Parliament behaves like an unruly child. As expected, Johnson draws the new election card, which Labor rejects. So Johnson is missing a two-thirds majority - the Brexit chaos now without the lady but with boys is back.

The Queen is also biting her teeth at the Monkey Theater Parliament!

Even the Queen of England, the Queen, is finally asking for Brexit on October 31, 1919, as she left in a "government statement" on Oct. 14.

Johnson then pushed and motivated with his head through the wall to finally get through the Brexit, he hastily negotiated a new compromise Brexit deal with the EU. The clou backstop clause gone, Northern Ireland is to become part of the UK without border control to the Irish part, but must take over the EU customs tariffs and rules. There should also be a "close friendship" with Europe, whatever that means. The Northern Irish DUP, the largest Protestant and Unionist party in Northern Ireland, which participates in the English government and supports Johnson's government, is not enthusiastic about this Wischi-Waschi solution for their region and, as expected, rejected this compromise.

Everyone hoped that Johnson would finally get the Brexit with a deal through the House of Commons, but would blow puff cake. On October 22nd, 2019, the Monkey Theater Parliament came back! 308 votes for Johnson Deal, but 322 against! The Queen is not amused. There is something wrong with this Parliament, which can never say yes. Brexit postponed again. Much ado about nothing, the infinite story continues and sequel follows!

















THE BREXIT - since 2016, the UK is choking with it and never ending! How the chaos lady and political artist Theresa May ruined England and Europe as prime minister and how her "diplomatic work of art" the Brexit deal became a disaster! There is an uncontrolled exit from the United Kingdom, with dire consequences for the civilian population. Numerous English supermarkets are already hoarding food because of the exit from the European internal customs tariff and therefore higher selling prices for consumers. The English government does not seem to be aware of what its "politics" and inability to make decisions mean in reality for people on the street.







The exit negotiations of the United Kingdom and the European Union are becoming a tragedy for Shakespeare and could end with the title of a play by the world-famous writer: "Much Ado About Nothing".

It was her predecessor who brought this soup to May. Out of controversy and anger, ex-Prime Minister David Cameron initiated a referendum on England's remaining in the EU because of the non-reformable EU. To the surprise of many, England voted to leave the EU: Bye Bye Europe.






Extra sausage: This term was used to describe England as a member of the EU. The English always wanted an "extra sausage". The unpredictable British who always want something different from the core countries in negotiations and cannot agree on anything in their parliament either.

Britain and the EU has never been a love story. First they were left with the recording long in English rain, because the French simply did not want the British in there.





The Islanders did not belong to Europe, "French President Charles De Gaulle said at the time," maritime and peculiar. "The British complained about De Gaulle to US President John F. Kennedy:" The French rooster wants to crow alone on the dunghill " ,

The British were already marginalized in 1957 when the European core countries concluded the Rome Treaties and formed an economic union. The British were angry about the outreach, trying to set up their own competition, but their economic union failed.






This exclusion is the foundation on which the EU stands today: Germany and France really only wanted to be among themselves. A "mega-Europe-friendly" English prime minister then paved the way into the EU. His name Edward Heath. In 1973, England finally entered the EC and entered the European Economic Community.

No cheers about it only British coolness. A few days later, a "Fanfare for Europe" was played in the London Opera, a stink bomb flew in protest towards Queen, the Queen of England. Just one year later, England wanted to leave the EC again, the intention to remain there was said to be "days of jubilation".



As I said: Europe and UK never a real love story. Except in Ireland, where from the beginning there was a high level of support for Europe of at least 83%. People in Brussels were angry about the whims of the English and the famous "extra sausage". In London, people were annoyed by this ongoing meddling. Even the legendary English milkman wanted to ban the EU. Over the years, an increasing pressure on the island against Europe built up. Legendary English PM Magaret Thatcher wanted her money back because she disapproved of EU decisions. And the Queen herself is said to have scolded this institution.



On 23 June 2016 the bang 51.89% of voters and thus the majority voted for the UK's exit from the European Union. After a two-year negotiation period, where the modalities of the withdrawal should be clarified, it should now be valid on 29 March 2019 at 23 o'clock British time.

Prime Minister Theresa May, whose nickname "Chaos Lady" is absolutely appropriate, had to negotiate this exit for England. From the start, she had pressure from her conservative Torys party to get the most out of the UK. The EU initially wanted to see only money: 60 billion euros as a cost for the exit.

So it went into tough and tough rounds of negotiations.












Theresa May, failed with her way of negotiating the exit of Britain from the EU in her home country and has done the total disaster. Although she would be "valued" as a negotiator in Brussels, she was never able to convince her harshest critics at home. It wiped out several Brexit ministers, three in number.

Parliament has been openly rebelling against its negotiating results with Brussels for months. Even one of their Brexit ministers could not "approve" this deal "with a clear conscience". So she had "bad cards" before the final vote in parliament on her Brexit deal, which was referred to by the German Chancellor Merkel as a "diplomatic work of art", but she also "played badly" as it was commented in England.

Teresa May had negotiated the divorce deal poorly from her people's perspective.

The Prime Minister's conservative Torys faction showed signs of disintegration. A back and forth in the English Parliament. Theresa's Brexit deal came crashing through, 432 no to 202 yes votes, but two outrage votes outstripped her.

It was the clearest voting loss an English government has ever received in the House of Commons.











May's problem the conservative faction wanted the "hard Brexit Plan A Plus", so get out without staying in the European internal market, expel all EU citizens and with border including controls and armed border guards to Ireland.

May wanted a middle ground, the EU also rejected the Torys' plans as "non-negotiable".

The bone of contention has remained until today, the so-called "backstop" from the Brexit deal is to leave all of Ireland in the EU in an indefinite transition phase, so that no hard border has to be made. The EU is afraid of the resurgence of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Between 1969 and 1998, more than 3,000 people died in this religiously violent conflict, the Protestant population of Northern Ireland, who came from England and Scotland, and the Catholic population of Ireland.

English hardliners run against the whereabouts of the whole of Ireland against storm they say: Leave says Leave. So leaving would be leaving! Now threatening a no-deal, England will go out of order from the EU. Means massive uncertainty about the economic future on the island, as well as in Europe.

This Brexit will go down in history, the first country that decided to leave the EU: At the heart of this never ending story Theresa May: The Chaos Lady is a garbage maker. Although she always dresses chic, her Red Pumps Collection is legendary. But politically she made a lot of rubbish. The English chaos Lady May in the storm, who would have loved to become the second Magaret Thatcher. She missed her job, as an artist she would certainly have had great success as a painter of abstract works. The Brexit, however, led to chaos and an uncertain English possibly gloomy future!